"He was so young!"

"Sparrowflight, calm down. It's okay. Calm down. I love you Sparrowflight, I really do, but please stop."

"I can't lose him! He was just so young! My kit, my kit, MY KIT! Why StarClan?"

Blinking my eyes sleepily, I looked around at what they were talking, screaming about. My eyes rested on the limp brown body, though I could barely actually see it because it was nightfall. No, he's just sleeping! He's always playing that game. I laughed and prodded him softly. I didn't see him grin. He was always good at that too! I chuckled and tried to drown out my parents' fighting, but it was impossible.

"Sparrowflight, honey, calm down," Daddy was crying. He never cried. His wiry body was trembling. He never did that either! What was wrong? Couldn't they see that Oakkit was just faking it? Why couldn't they see that?

"Oakkit! My Oakkit! Oakkit, my kit is dead! My kit is dead! My only son is dead!" Her cries where echoing around the nursery, the other mommies were starting to rustle and hiss slightly. Why were they hissing?

I looked back at him. I prodded him again, harder this time. "Wake up! Oakkit, it isn't funny! Your scaring Mommy and Daddy!" Oakkit did nothing, except lay there.

"Will you please?" The question sharply came from around the back, where old Nightprickle was.

"Will you please what?" Daddy whispered fiercely. He always does that when he's super mad. "Nightprickle, I am not kidding! Oakkit, our son, is-is..."

"No, it's just like last time!" she hissed, I could see the thin outline come closer. She was so scary. Mommy was in the nest, crying, yowling, screaming.

"My kit, my kit! My kit!"

Last time, I remember hearing Nightprickle's comment, was when Oakkit and I thought it was a great idea to act like we were asleep. Mommy started screaming and stuff, telling us to wake up. Almost every cat in the Clan came to see what was the matter. We were in so much trouble. We had to say sorry a lot. Daddy especially got angry at us, but when he realized it was just a game, he was okay, and he forgave.

"Oakkit, you can't do this. You can't play!" I whispered in his ear. Heat was coming off him in waves, making me hot. I pushed him, and all he did was roll over. "OAKKIT!" I screeched in his ear, but he didn't hiss at me to be quiet which he usually did or anything, he just laid limp.

That's where everything turned slow motion.

I heard thunder in the distance. I heard the cats paws thunder toward us, sounding like giants. I heard Daddy cooing Mommy as if she were a kit. I heard Nightprickle hissing at us. I heard the other kits cry.

I smelled herbs from the medicine cat's den. I heard the pebbles at the top of the leader's den rattle as Gorgestar, our leader, walked down them.

I saw cats' mouths moving slowly. I saw Mommy looking down at Oakkit, being still. I saw some of the other kits' eyes widen with fear. I saw the medicine cat thunder into the den. I saw my brother, looking so peaceful in this scene of horror.

Cold drops landed on my fluffy, gray kit-fur. Was there a hole in the roof?

"Oakkit, my kit. My first kit..." Mommy's cries caught in her throat. More drops started build on my chest. "Oh Blackkit, don't cry, little one."

"Mommy!" I yowled, wanting to be cuddled in her warm spotted fur. I heard cats outside hissing and complaining. Many cats tried to push into the den. The medicine cat finally was struggled in and he started looking at Oakkit. I was frozen to my spot. "Oakkit! Mommy!"

Mommy's beautiful fur was hard to see. She become fuzzier. Was I really crying? Was I feeling pain? Was I sad?

"Sparrowflight, calm down. I love you. I love you. I love you sooooooo much," Daddy said, escaping from the verbal tousle with Nightprickle to grooming Mommy. I watched them for a second, only a second. Then screamed. My fur that Mommy said was so lovely, was being dripped by large tears. My blue kit eyes that I hoped would turn into my Daddy's large, beautiful dark orange eyes, were blurred with thick, salty tears. My paws, were revealing sharp claws that I hoped would be used for defending RockClan, my Clan, were shaking, as if they were giving up. My nose, that I hoped I would use to become the best tracker, was stopped up. My long legs, that I hoped would help me run the most fastest you've ever seen, were trembling with an emotion I though wasn't real. My ears, the pair of them I though would help hear prey from the other side of our territory, were twitching, taking in every sound like it was a monster.

"My kit, my son! Why did it have to be him? Why couldn't have been me? Ashcry! Our son! Why? My only son, my son, my kit. Oakkit! Will he be okay, he's just faking it? Right? Oh Oakkit!"

The medicine cat was too afraid to speak to Sparrowflight, so he just nodded and left. I saw a few tears slip down his crystal white fur, which was easy to see in the dim, dark light of the nursery. Gasps were heard outside. I watched Oakkit, his striking lean body, brown with patches of black and white, his blue eyes with hope and sacrifice to help anyone, anything. I waited for just something to happen, like his tail twitch. He was cold, cold with death. Tears were still streaming down my face, for he was my only brother, only friend. Daddy always said Oakkit carried his mother's spirit. So free, so alive. I always agreed.

I reached forward, trying to contain my millions of emotions bundling up,and whispered in his ear, "I love you."