I think I'm starting a series of one shots and drabbles. …This was /supposed/ to be a drabble but it uh… got a little long. I hope you enjoy it anyways. These will be all the shitennou/senshi pairings but most will be Minako/Kunzite, I'm sure.

The distance between them was too little and too much at the same time. She should want there to be more; the mere feet from where he stood leaning against her counter and where she stood leaning against her table shouldn't be nearly enough when faced with a man that had twice been her enemy. At the same time, and just like always before, since he wasn't in arms length, she felt as though he couldn't be farther away.

Her hands gripped the table, more to keep herself from going to him. Her head was down, the golden blonde hair making a curtain around her face, hiding the tears that were fighting to escape her blue eyes. One won the fight, falling to the floor, she heard him shuffle in his place. Sure that he'd seen the tear anyways, she looked up.

His grey eyes faced the floor, avoiding her tearful gaze. She'd felt him staring at her since he entered the small apartment, but now he refused to look into her eyes. Her hand twitched, itching to push back the silver strand that fell across his face. She fought it, staring at him now that he felt as if he were on the spot.

Six years after his defeat, and he suddenly shows up here. She didn't even know he was back. She opened her door and lost all train of sensible thought.

'Can I come in?'

A nod.

Artemis would be furious if he were there. If he were to come back while the towering soldier stood in the kitchen and the much smaller soldier stood across from him, neither acting as a soldier would. She longed for his eyes to meet hers now. Had they made eye contact since she opened the door? Probably not. Only a handful of words had been passed.

Finally, he looked up. His gaze met her and her breath hitched, a few more tears falling from her eyes. His eyes said nothing good. She saw it coming before it was said.

"I was never meant to fall in love with you," his voice soft, as if he were trying to make it easy. For which one, she didn't know.

"In which life?" her gaze never faltered, but she could feel more tears falling in them.

"Any of them," he answered, and finally made the move to cross the space between them.

She welcomed his advance. He couldn't cause her anymore harm at this point. If he was up to any evil, he had won. Her heart was both broken and expectant at the same time. She waited for him to reach her, his warm hand cupping her cheek gently.

He didn't say anything. He didn't kiss her like she'd hoped. He just stood there, cradling her tear-stained face and staring at her puffy eyes. Finally, after the longest minute she'd ever known, he let go and took a step back.

"Kun…" she started as he turned away.

"Don't," he interrupted her.

She nodded again. She understood. A name would make it too real. Both declarations would be set in stone. She watched as he walked out of her apartment. She heard the door click and finally gave up, collapsing into the closet chair and allowing herself to actually cry.

"Kunzite." She whispered, almost hoping he'd hear and come back.