The Intervention

Part 7


"So, you're saying they're really doing the nasty over there?" Derek pointed the direction of Hotch's room.

"I…I…overheard them. And I don't think they are play-acting this time." Garcia explained.

"But what about this afternoon? Her suspension?" Reid asked.

Dave turned to Garcia, "Did you find out anything?"

She shook her head.

"So, the million dollar question…what's next?" JJ asked.

No one answered; they were all looking around blankly.

Finally Reid spoke, "Why don't we ask them?"

"Because, genius, they are not going to answer to us at all." Derek pointed.

"Why not?" Reid asked again.

"What they do on their own time is not our concern."

JJ glanced over to Dave, who was sitting on the other bed; she spoke, "What about the Frat rules?"

Dave saw her glances, "Hey! That was many years ago."

JJ arched her brows, "You caused it. You're the one who started it all."

"Yeah, and I'm Santa Claus."

Reid studied JJ closely and opened his mouth but Garcia who saw his expression cut him, "Don't, sweetie! It was just a joke. Seriously, you need some courses on humanity."

Derek laughed, "Oh, he'll either fail or drive his professor to quit after the first day!"

The rest except Reid laughed.

Suddenly, JJ's cell phone rang; it was the police station. The police found another dead couple; method of killing was identical to the others.

She hung up the phone and looked at the team, "Fun time over, guys. Another couple found dead."

The men left the room for theirs to change.

JJ pressed the number to Hotch's cell, feeling bad that she had to interrupt something that was going good for her friends. If they were really together.

Hotch was deep asleep when his phone buzzed. It was JJ and he knew something had happened in their case.

Half of him didn't want to pick up the phone and the other half made him moved his hand and reached for the offending equipment.

He mumbled through his conversation with JJ and told her that he would be ready in ten minutes.

Reluctantly, he shook Emily as half of her body was lying on him.

"Sweetheart, I need to go. We have another dead couple."

Emily mumbled in her sleep; she was having a wonderful dream about Hotch…again. It brought a smile to her face.

She felt him nudged her and mistakenly thought he wanted more.

Still smiling, she lifted her head and opened her eyes, barely and sleepily. "Another round?" She asked as she pressed her body against him, arousing him.

Hotch smiled as he studied her; even half asleep, she still looked beautiful. She is it, she is someone I want to spend the rest of my life with, he thought.

"No sweetie. JJ just called, PD found another couple dead." He repeated.

"Oh. I guess we need to get dressed." She began to roll off him.

He held her still and said, "Have you forgotten you're suspended from this case? So, not we but I have to get going."

Emily groaned, "It's not fair. That old lady shouldn't be that touchy!"

"Sweetheart, she just lost her only daughter and son-in-law." He moved away from the bed and grabbed his go-bag. "I'm sorry. I agree with you but that's not the point."

Emily muttered something but was soon fast asleep.

Hotch watched her indulgently until he heard a car honk in the distance and he realized he had get dressed quickly or someone in his team would be knocking on his door.

He made it right at the ninth minute he told JJ.

As he put on his guns and credentials, pocketing his wallet and phone, he leaned over the bed and placed a gently kiss on her lips. She smiled but didn't awaken.

Hotch smiled too, and he hurried off to the door before the urge to strip his clothes and burrowed into the bed with Emily overcame his sense of duty.

Walking down the hallway, he met up with the team as they came out of their rooms.

The others noticed he was walking differently; a lighter gait. His face was nowhere near the dark frown he usually wore when bad news came.

JJ and Garcia glanced at each other and grinned; if he and Emily were indeed together, it seemed to be a good thing.

As they waited for the elevator, Derek spoke, "Hotch, I know Prentiss is suspended from the case but I think we need her with us, she's good at figuring out the crime scene. She can see much more than most of us."

Hotch thought for a moment. "I realize that, Derek. But that parent was very insistent."

"Hotch," JJ said. "Perhaps I could persuade her to relent on this. We tell her that we work as a team and without one; it would take longer to solve the case. This latest couple would be proof that we must all resources."

Dave nodded his head, "She's right, Aaron. We need Emily at the crime scene."

Hotch nodded; why didn't he think of it!

"Okay. Give her a call…" He looked at his watch; it was still early hours to make phone calls, "in about two hours."

JJ nodded.

"I'll go with her. I think if the two of us can do the talking, it would be more convincing." Dave offered.

JJ stared at him, "I'm more than capable of going by myself, Dave."

Dave opened his mouth to argue but Hotch cut him off.

"JJ, you know my rules about travelling out in the field alone." It was hard put to not forget the time when she went to interview the young lady when they were in California. The case of young women found dead and drained of blood. As it turned out, the person of interest was actually the UnSub who hit JJ on her head with a shovel. After that, Hotch made sure that no one on his team were to travel by themselves, even to interview families of victims.

JJ closed her eyes, "Yes Hotch."

But why him? JJ gritted her teeth. There was something about Dave Rossi that made her uncomfortable.

No, he had never approached her in a threatening manner or had made any sexual advances. It was just her; her feelings got jumbled whenever they were alone. Before Will LaMontagne, she thought she had a crush on him but that was all; she had never acted on her crush. To her, at first, he seemed very intimidating what with his stature in the literary community. But as they, as a team, spent time with him more, she realized he was just like them, like any other person; only a lot smarter as far as profiling went.

She and Will were still together. Although lately there was a strain in their relationship as she had been travelling a lot. He knew what her job here at the BAU entailed; he had assured her that it would not play a part in their relationship but now? It was like the proverbial elephant in the room. But she couldn't help it; she loved her job as much as she loved her family! She was afraid that one of these days, he would put his foot down and make her choose; her job or her family.

It scared her as she wouldn't know how to answer that. And it added more stress for her.

And now this? Going out of town with just Dave?

She knew that he had some sort of feelings for her; too many times she caught him staring at her with a hungry look. It frightened and excited her at the same time. She tried to argue with herself; don't give into what he wants, what he desires.

She told herself to stop doing it, to not think too much. Change the subject.

"Okay. So, in the meantime I'll go to Emily's room and talk to her. She's screening her calls."

Hotch looked alarm, "Uh…No, I'll talk to her. Um, I need to talk to her anyways after yesterday."

The team looked at him with disbelief. That man is lying! They were thinking along the same line.

They caught him and Emily now. It took a lot of control to not laugh at him.

"Hotch," Reid spoke up. "If Rossi and JJ leave now, they will arrive there early afternoon. So, how about I go to Emily and get things rolling. As for your talk with her, that can wait."

Now, the team, including Hotch, stared at Reid who began to blush.

"Who the heck are you? Where's Spencer Reid?" Garcia moved closer to him as she stared at him more. "Our Spencer Reid couldn't even know how to talk like that."

Reid tried to smile but instead, he stared at his shoes.

"I have to say, I kinda like this Reid." Derek grinned as he patted his young friend on his shoulder.

"No…I like the other one. The shy one, he's cuter." Garcia patted Reid's burning cheek.

Hotch shook his head. Damn! How to explain to them that Emily was not in her room?

Finally, he made the decision. The case had to be put on hold for the moment. He was not concentrating as usual and if he knew or suspected that his team had been guessing.

The 'act' he and Emily had given to JJ and Garcia had shown them that there was an inkling of his relationship with Emily.

What they had done, it showed that they were very comfortable with each other to 'perform' in a way no colleagues would do. They knew that something had changed between him and Emily and until he or she told them, literally from the horses' mouths, they would always speculate. And to him, it was not conducive for the team's morality.

The elevator finally arrived. As Hotch was in the front, he didn't step in as the team had expected him to.

"Hold on a moment." He held his hand up. "Give me a couple of minutes and we will talk."

The stunned team gaped at their Unit Chief as he stepped aside from them and pressed a number on his cell phone.

The team could not hear his side of the conversation but waited patiently. Each had a good idea what this was about and it was not about the case.

They looked at each other expectantly; are Hotch and Emily finally 'coming out'?

Hotch, finishing his phone call, walked to them. "If you will give me about half an hour of your time from this case, I promised you that all the questions you have will be answered honestly."

But before anyone could say anything, a door opened at the end of the hallway; it was Hotch's room.

No one came out but Hotch began walking towards the room. Not knowing what to do, the team followed him.

Could what Penelope said earlier be true? That Hotch was not alone in his room?

Derek finally admitted that he was wrong to doubt his baby girl, that Hotch and Emily doing the…Derek shook his head, trying not to picture his friends being very intimate.

Dave was grinning as well; it is about damn time! Aaron had been dancing that same dull dance for some time now. It was great to see his friend looking less stressed and stoic. Thank you, Emily!

JJ and Garcia were clutching each other's hands tightly as they followed Hotch; they were happy for the two.

Oh yes, it had to be it. They did it! Putting them together, it was about time Emily and Hotch to be honest with each other and confess their feelings for each other.

Strauss had been cunning to suggest that they really needed to work it out and the only way was to push them together, alone.

Now, the two ladies were close to squealing with joy for their dear friends.

Reid…his frown back on his forehead had wondered what the whole deal was. After he had heard the audio track Garcia played earlier, the one where Hotch and Emily play-acted having sex, he knew that it was not real, more forced, as if they were reading from a script. And he couldn't imagine Hotch saying those things. He knew Emily was capable of anything, including pulling a practical joke like that. So, in his mind he had already processed the impossibility of them being so vocal.

Now, as he trailed behind, he shrugged his shoulders; if Hotch and Emily were a couple, he had figured the probability of the lasting relationship between two co-workers. Interoffice affairs hardly ever lasted. He recalled overhearing plentiful conversations of various agents in one relationship after another. He didn't understand how human mating process could be complex. He preferred monogamy; if he ever found the one, he intended to stay with her for a very long time. He knew his chances were slim; looking at his relationship with the actress Lila Archer from California, their long-distance relationship lasted 44 days. She had moved on since to other male actors. And Austin from Atlanta, another long-distance relationship that lasted a little longer, 61 days, but again, Austin found someone who was closer to home.

Maybe one day, he would find the one. Preferably very close to home. Within 30 miles from his work and home geographically.

"Spence? Coming?" JJ had turned to see that he had slowed his steps, thus trailing behind.

Looking up and saw JJ, his first crush which thankfully faded to a more sisterly/brotherly relationship, he smiled as he picked up his pace and joined the rest.

Whatever happened within the room, he was sure it was going to be a very good thing for his friends. Hotch really deserved this newfound relationship; Hotch needed a companion who understood his job, tolerate his moodiness and matched his tenacity and integrity. Emily needed a companion who was an alpha male type to match her strength and passion.

As he saw it, Hotch and Emily were perfect for each other. Reid admired them all the more.

Now, he needed to find an Emily type, although not as strong willed as her but someone of equal intelligence to match his.

He shook his head at the unconventional way JJ and Garcia had pulled to get Hotch and Emily together.

And to their credit, it worked.

Maybe…just one of these days…he might work up the courage and asked these two to help him break the ice with Agent Sharon Richards of White Collar Crime unit.

…The End…


So…we came to the end! They achieved their goal; Hotch and Emily are together, finally!

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