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Chapter 1

I know that if you are reading this then you have heard the stories of Harry Potter. Be warned as they are yet to be confirmed, except the one about his parents' death and his need to stay with his muggle family consisting of his Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon and his cousin Dudley. (This is only because they didn't know about us.) We will find out now about the Sorcerers' Stone since he is now 11, they are all only visions told and made out to be true as of right now but may be proved to be wrong. I am also the cousin of Harry Potter and this is my story. My name is Splendora Cameron Ann Morgan McGonagall. I like Harry, am 11 and am starting Hogwarts.

"Cam! Can you please come into the living room for a few minutes?" my mom called up the stairs.

"Be down in a second." I yelled running as fast as possible out of my room and down the stairs.

"Sweetie your dad and I have to tell you some things you may not like." my mom started as I sat on the couch. "Matt this has to do with your family more than mine, as of right now, why don't you tell her."

"Fine I will. Cammie…we have lied to you about who your family is. We are moving to England to allow you to get proper schooling," my dad said.

"When do we leave?" I asked excitedly.

"The thing about that is, it only take a minute or less to get there. That is possible since I am a wizard as you and your mom are witches. We are moving so you can learn more about our true heritage. Tonight we are going to bring you a couple of special ways to meet your grandparents. Tomorrow we will also take the special ways to get your school stuff and bring some of it home, considering school is the next day, where you will still ride the train in with the other students. All of our stuff from here is in our safe house in London," he told me, and then he turned to my mom and said, "Rach, we will have to tell her about your side of the family tomorrow. In addition, we will need to apparate to the safe house then floo to my dad's office. He kindly reminded me right before we started talking to Cammie. He and mom also said we could stay at the school then floo to Diagon Alley from there and apparate home."

"Perfect grab Cam and I will meet you at the house then we will floo over to Hogwarts. Bye." my mom answered as my dad grabbed my hand, we arrived at the familiar safe house where we met my mom, and she told my dad to show me how to complete the journey to meet my grandparents.

After I came out of the fireplace connected to the Headmaster's office at Hogwarts I ran over and stood next to my dad, until my mom came and stood on the other side of me, since I walked out to see a woman whose hair was black with a few streaks of gray held tight in a bun. Her face was stern yet gentle when she looked toward the man, whom looked like an older version of my father with the exception of the hair and eyes, behind the desk and my dad.

"Is that Splendora? Can we get a hug?" the scary looking woman asked.

"No and my name is Cameron NOT Splendora. I don't hug new people." I answered.

"Yes mother this is Splendora but in the muggle world in the USA. We went by alias names and hers consisted of her three middle names, Cameron Ann Morgan." my dad turned to me and said, "Cam your real name is Splendora Cameron Ann Morgan McGonagall. These people here are your grandparents, also the Headmaster and Deputy Headmistress of this school, on my side. Will you give them a hug if your mother and I do it first?"

I just shrugged and said, "I guess. However, I would feel more comfortable if there was more talking since the silence is awkward. Wait, did you just say my real name is something different form what you have called me my whole life?" We all hugged the scary looking Deputy Headmistress and the Headmaster.

"Please tell me, Cameron, why you looked scared when you first got here. I know I look and seem intimidating but I try not to be when it comes to family, at least until they enter my class and they act up. As your dad said, I am your grandmother. Can you guess my name? Hint it is a strange one also." the woman asked.

"Rachel and I have some things to do at the house before tomorrow in Cammie's room." he whispered "Do you think you could please handle Cammie for a few hours? If we can pre-sort her, we will get some 'house' stuff for her room at home. We just have her room to finish up. We only moved her stuff when we apparate there before we flooed here." my dad told them.

"Not a problem Matthew. We will do that request quick before you leave so you will know what to get tomorrow, although I have a feeling we all know where she will be placed. Min, please bring the hat over and place it on Cam's head. Cam why don't you sit down in the chair across from my desk? After the sorting I will know who your head of house is.," my grandfather said in his Headmaster voice. I did as he suggested and the Deputy Headmistress placed an ugly looking hat on my head and it started talking which scared me.

"Well, well, well a student coming to see me early. Tell me what you seek." the hat asked.

"We seek to know this student's, our granddaughter's, house before the start of term." both said to the hat.

"Surely she is not the granddaughter of both of you or either of you for that matter. I conclude this since neither of you has a child to give you grand children nor are you married. However, by the things I can read in her mind the first day I would put her in… Gryffindor." the hat answered.

Apparently, I continued the tradition of house in the family without knowing it. This caused the whole family celebrating with hot chocolate, my grandfather's idea and I love it! My parents left right after leaving me alone with these people. "Albus why don't you tell her about the day her parents graduated and you messed up calling the names." grandma suggested.

"Minerva I'd rather not." he replied.

"Can I answer her questions now?" I asked reminding them I was in the room.

"Go ahead and answer if you would like. Sorry we haven't given you a chance to yet." he answered.

"Don't worry, about it, I planned it this way since I had no idea the answer for one question. I figured if I waited long enough I would get the answer. I did." I replied with a sly smirk.

"A very clever grandchild we have Albus. Cameron your answers please." my grandmother stated.

"Well you looked as if in professor mode right away, except when looking at him (I said while pointing at my grandfather) and my dad. Now this other question is the one I had no idea. Except that I knew, you have the same initials as my dad so I thought Morgan. I assumed if so I would have been named after you. However, after the clue you gave I knew I was wrong; I hate to be wrong so I waited for it to slip. Then when he (pointing at my grandfather again) called you Min, I knew it was short for something so I waited a while longer for you to say something to wear him down. So the answer is Minerva…ha!" I answered confidently.

"Are you sure you are Matt's? Your father was NEVER clever and I don't recall your mom being very clever either," my grandpa said with a chuckle.

"I have spent a lot of time with my step-cousin/ friend Zach and my Aunt Abby. Aunt Abby mainly when my parents went on missions." I replied.

"Ahh, Abigail Evans, bright young lady, also very clever. I now understand." concluded the Headmaster.

"Now can I have a turn for family related questions?" I asked.

"Sure sweetie. What do you want to know?" the Deputy Headmistress asked.

"What do I call you when not in school? I mean when I undoubtedly see you, on holidays and the summer/ whenever out of school." I asked.

"How about Grams and Weirdo?" she answered.

"Why Weirdo? I personally like Grams and Gramps." the headmaster suggested.

"Well Gramps that sounds good. Can I possibly be brought somewhere to sleep, because I am exhausted from information overload?" I asked.

"Sure. One thing, what would you like to be called? Then you can follow us." Grams asked as she led the way.

"Well until school I will go bye Cam or Cammie. During school I would like to go by my given wizard world name of Splendora or Dora as a nickname." I answered.

"Alright Cammie here we are. Your parents will be back soon. We will let them know you are in here. Gramps and I are in the next room over if you need anything. Do not be afraid to ask. Goodnight." Grams replied.

"Goodnight. Thank you for showing you are not as scary as I first thought Grams. And Gramps thanks for your help figuring out the question and make sure you are ready to tell that story in the morning."

"I will. Goodnight." he replied as I walked into the room I was staying in for the night.