Okay, so I'm taking a small step forward and creating a Ethan/Benny story for Fan fiction.

This slash community needs to grow dammit!

The overall community needs to improve as well,

I'm taking time away from my random one-shots in 'It's Normal, Right?' and writing a story for these two. I have no idea how long this is going to be, but I will tell you that I'll still try very hard to keep up with some one-shots for the other story.

Here I go.

Oh, first I must state that MBSAV is not mine, nor will it ever be, because if it was then it'll be on like adult swim...actually I don't know if they'll take a story of obvious boy love so easily...






Ethan watched the screen intently as the monitor displayed another message.

[ChicMagnet-B17] - So what's the plan for tomorrow?

The brunette thought for a second, still musing over his inner indecisive notes, and then typed back.

[EM-JediMaster03] - I'm still deciding.

[ChicMagnet-B17] - Still? Jeez, Ethan, you're just like grandma when she goes shopping.

[EM-JediMaster03] - Coming from the guy who took a whole hour just to choose between a yellow or orange striped polo.

[ChicMagnet-B17] - Color matters, becuz some of them make me look scrawny.

[EM-JediMaster03] - Sure, blame the shirts :P

[ChicMagnet-B17] -Hey you're no Captain Kirk either, noodle arms.

[EM-JediMaster03] - I don't have noodle arms!

[ChicMagnet-B17] - My mistake, I meant toothpicks XD

[EM-JediMonster03 is now offline]

[ChicMagnet-B17] - I was just joking, Ethan.

Ethan grumbled as he hit the computer which had now froze on him, again.

'Stupid piece of junk-' The boy thought as he swiveled the mouse once more.

"Come on-" He muttered through his teeth, his eyes darting back and forth from the monitor to the screen.

The computer simply beeped and then shut off completely.

"Great, just great"


"Why don't you just buy a new one?" Benny asked, still on the current subject of the whole computer issue.

"With what money?" Ethan asked back with a sigh of lost hope.

"You could always sell out Sarah and Rory and make major cash" Benny answered with his usual all so happy trademark grin.

His shorter friend simply exhaled sharply and gave him a glare.

Benny's smirk fell so he just raised his hands in mock defense. "Okay, I get it. Stupid idea..."

"A very stupid idea" Ethan added still a bit grumpy.

The taller brunette simply smiled again and threw his arm over his friend.

"You'll figure something out, Ethan" He said while they walked about in sync. "...you always figure it out"

Ethan just smiled at that but his attention seemed to linger on the fact that his friend's arm was so warm on his shoulder.

'I must be cold' He thought as the heat savored through his shirt and into his skin. 'Really cold...'

"I mean face it" Benny continued not even once noticing his friend's odd comfort. "You always solve the answer to everything, you're always getting us out of trouble, you're just so smart Ethan."

"I am?" He asked with the same warm feeling crawling into his stomach.

"Yeah, man" Benny answered as he stared at the other. "I mean...whenever I need help you're always there for me...always."

Ethan nodded slowly at that and looked at Benny who was, for some odd reason a lot closer than before.

'Of had he always been this close?'

"You're my best friend" The shorter brunette stated as if that itself should explain it all.

"Yeah" Benny muttered with a nod and a pause.

He looked at the shorter boy and then nodded once more as if he was actually clarifying something to himself. "My best 'friend'..."

Ethan nodded but kept the closeness between them,

something about it just made the warmth glow within him even more.

"Mmm-hmm" Ethan agreed dumbly with a kick to the floor.

The taller one glanced at him once again but simply continued to walk.

Ethan felt his chest heave in cowardice but ignored it and fell into step with the other, after all, how was he being a coward? It wasn't as if he was keeping something from him...

His stomach flared with warmth still, even though the others arm was now far gone from his shoulders, at first he got it in his mind that he had lost it on account of him doing something wrong, but that had vanished once Benny had smiled at him again.
And that...

Just made the warmth burn even more like a fire in the cold winter.


The school bell hissed through the day with ease while the students below scrambled to their homeroom.

So far this morning seemed as abnormal as a clown at a fair,

that is to say that today was so normal as ever.

While normalcy occurred everywhere,

here, in White Chapel, it just casted a mere shadow trying to mask off the sheer signs of trouble.

After all,

before a big wave crashes the water is calm...

"So, what's the plan for tonight?" Benny asked as he packed his backpack with his Science book,

the only school associated object in his bag.

"I don't know" Ethan proclaimed once again. "And it's racking my brain".

"I could always try a spell to-"

"No thank-you" The other cut in with his finger-tips to his temples.

"Okay, but if you change your mind, Benny's always here" Benny proclaimed with two thumbs pointing at himself.

The other simply rolled his eyes and slammed his own locker shut.

"Ouch" Ethan screeched out with a quick jerk of his hand.

The boy hissed in pain and inspected his thumb with a hurt expression.

Benny on the other hand simply shrugged and looked at his other half curiously.

"It hurts" Ethan whined like an adorable child.

"You'll live" The taller one stated with slanted eyes.

Ethan ignored his friend and placed his thumb in his mouth.

"Shut up" He said as he sucked the now burning thumb which instantly caught the others attention,

Benny paused and stared at the thumb that was now currently in Ethan's mouth...

Or more importantly,

On Ethan's lips.

For some reason he was entranced with what his friend was doing.

It made his mind race for thoughts that he couldn't even sort.

In fact,

he was pretty sure he wasn't breathing anymore...

"Benny!" Ethan hollered out, finally making said boy register back to reality.

"Huh?-What?" The other asked dumbfounded with surprise.

"We're going to be late" The brunette said with his thumb still resting in his mouth. "And you know how grouchy Mr-"

"Hows your thumb?" Benny asked seemingly out of thin air completely shutting the other up.


"Hows your thumb...? Does it still hurt...?"

"A little" Ethan answered slowly with a glance at it.

The finger exited the others mouth with a plop and now settled between them.

Benny glanced at Ethan but then looked around,

the halls were now empty.

"Now come on or we'll-"

Ethan began but stopped dead when his arm was pulled over.

The short brunette froze with a loud gasp as his finger was placed into Benny's mouth with a swift very audible slurp.

He felt his thumb run over the others soft lips before it was introduced to a warm cavern that rose heat into his face.

His heart stammered like a drum while a fire ignited through his whole body.

It wasn't until Benny's tongue wrapped around his thumb that he pulled away in embarrassment and shock.

A loud plop rung through the halls as the two stared at each other in awe.

Neither really knew what had just happened,

Neither knew what to do,

And neither would ever claim that they had liked it.

"B-better...?" Benny asked rather in a very high whisper.

"Y-yeah" Ethan answered still flushed. "T-thanks"

"...you would do the same for me..." The taller brunette said in a casual yet obviously faked voice.

"Y-yeah..." The other agreed with a slow nod.

'Would I...?' Ethan asked himself as he tried to re-calm his now racing heart.

'Why...why is my heart beating so much...?'

"We...we should get to class" Benny stated, cutting through the awkward silence like a knife.

"Y-yeah" Ethan agreed before stepping into rhythm with the other, something they always did, and walking down the hall like nothing had occurred.

Because nothing had happened,


nothing at all...


The TV screen blared through the dark room as the two boys laid on Ethan's bed in silence.

They had just finished playing 'Arc Zombies 4', and decided that they should rest.

The TV was mute now,

a normal ritual at these little get togethers of theirs.

Ethan exhaled silently as he stared into his ceiling,

wondering why the tension in the room was efficient in the first place.

Usually he was able to just think and feel comfortable in their silences but for some reason things seemed highly irregular.

"Does this feel-?" Benny began asking in a whisper before stopping into total silence once again.

"Strange?" Ethan asked back offering up a completion to his question.

"Yeah" The other answered with a small nod,

his eyes still finding the dark ceiling fascinating.

Ethan knew Benny loved these moments,

In fact they both felt very at ease within the silence that usually fell between them.

They were best friends, and they just loved being within each others confinements.

But the atmosphere was so strange,

and Ethan couldn't help noticing that aspect.

'What could be so different?' Ethan thought as he eyes darted through the barley lit room,

the only source of light for them was the moon that blared over them a bit.

'Mom and dad, and Jane are all sleeping, and everything looks to be in the norm...'

Maybe something was off...

perhaps even unsaid.

"But what...?" Ethan asked in a curious tone making Benny finally look at him.

The taller brunette shrugged as his eyes landed on the other,

Ethan noted that said other was a bit tired looking, he had half-dead eyes but was still giving off a tone of innocence and cuteness.



Was that wrong?

Was it truthfully wrong to think that his best friend was rather cute,

or dare he say,


He thought nothing of it...


If anyone were to know, well, that's just a whole other thing all together.

"I don't know..." Benny mumbled with another sigh,

earlier, Ethan noted, he had been transfixed on a dot on the ceiling but now his full focus was being transfixed onto him...

"Me neither" Ethan said with a sigh of his own. "But I wish it would just go away...do you, do you have any idea on what it could be?"

"No, no clue" Benny answered with a disagreeing nod.

Ethan mumbled under his breath and then looked back at Benny,

whose eyes were glowing off the reflection of the moon.

"You have pretty eyes" Ethan suddenly blurted out making his friend giggle in return.

'Dammit, I didn't mean to say that out loud' The short brunette screamed in his head as the other giggled even more.

"Ethan, Ethan..." Benny mumbled amused with another disapproving nod. "Don't be so pushed forward, you'll look desperate"

"Shut up" Ethan said back with a blush clearly dismissing the others crude remark.

"But I'm flattered" The other one continued with a smile. "And...I want to say, in return, that you are adorable"

Ethan didn't know what possessed his friend but suddenly Benny was running his hand through his hair playfully.

It wasn't like the other had never done it before, but for some reason this time it was different

...way different.

"Shut up" Ethan said back once again with a roll of his eyes.

"I'm serious" His friend said with a totally snark free tone. " I think you're adorable, Ethan"

The shorter boy blushed wildly and then felt a familiar warmth build up within him,


"...can I kiss you?" Benny suddenly asked before moving forward to close the very little distance between them.

"I don't think we-" Ethan began protesting before a pair of lips crashed into his making him shut the hell up.


usually he would've jumped back in surprise,


he couldn't...


he couldn't move,

in fact,

it didn't seem as if he wanted to...

"I love you..." Benny whispered as he kissed his neck. "I love you, Ethan..."




"Ethan!" Benny's voice screamed making the short brunette fall over off his computer chair.

"Huh-what?" He asked in both surprise and shock.

"You can't fall asleep on me now, not before we defeat Dr. Zombinator" The other declared as he continued the game before him.

"W-what...?" Ethan asked quietly, still clearly lost.

"You fell asleep, man" Benny answered,

pausing the game in the process.

"Oh..." The other said with a dark scarlet blush.

'So...that whole thing was a...dream...?' He thought as his fingers fumbled together beneath his friends lingering gaze.

"Something wrong?" Benny asked curiously with a raised eyebrow.

"N-no! No, why would anything be wrong?" Ethan stuttered out with a high pitched voice.

"No reason" Benny answered with a smirk. "But I do want to ask you something since you're awake..."


"Do you honestly think that I have pretty eyes?"

Ethan dead panned,

his whole face fell along with his heart as his mind raced in both worry and fear.


"You talk in your sleep...a lot" Benny answered still grinning.

Ethan blushed a bit and then stared at the floor in despair,

what else had he heard...?

"So...what did you dream about...?" Benny then asked curiously his face displaying the very same look that he had held in the dream, this of course further embarrassed Ethan to no degree.


And there you go,

I hoped you enjoyed,

And if you wish for a continuation then let me know,

Because if not, then I'll just leave this as a one-shot instead.

- Peace.