Okay, so there's been a little confusion in the last chapter about the kiss.

So I'll clear things up.

Benny kissed Ethan,

but Ethan, because of the quick moment, doesn't know if Benny kissed him or if he kissed Benny.

It's all just confusing to him.

He's lost, lots of us actually go through it.


this story, I'm sorry to say, is coming to a close.

So with that being said, here's the final installment.


In his mind,

He had seen it all play out,

It had been him, (He figured),

He had kissed Benny,

and this had scared him away,

and now, because of it, he lost his best friend...


The lights flickered about the room, moving with every beat and grazing every figure on the dance floor.

Tonight was supposed to be one of the best nights ever,

Or at least, that's what Rory kept saying.

But to Ethan,

well he didn't even want to be here.

"Still upset?" Sarah asked as she took a seat by here little pet nerd.

"Is it that obvious?" he retorted with a shrug.

"I don't get why you just don't talk to him-"

"I can't" Ethan cut in with a look of hurt. "I just can't- and he obviously doesn't want to see me-"

"What happened?" The girl then asked, her hand removing the cat ears she had adorned with her costume.

Ethan glanced at her, looking about to make sure no one was in ear shot,

Rory was over to the right dancing with a bunch of girls who obviously wanted him to drop dead, the blond had adorned a knight costume, which was very dorky and very cool looking at the same time.

Erica on the other hand was off to the left, trying to avoid count dorkula and search for a new meal, she was dressed like a very sexified little red riding hood.

And then there was him and Sarah, sitting at the table, her being dressed like an awesome sexy cat critter and he being a cadet.

Though now that he thought about it, he looked more like someone dressed as a blue prince charming.

"...Can I trust you...?" Ethan simply asked her, receiving a kind smile.

"With anything" She answered. "Well, almost everything-"

"And you promise you won't make fun and-"

"Oh, I will" The girl retorted with a smirk. "In fact I don't even know why I am talking to you-"

"I'm being serious" Ethan said back with a sigh.

Sarah just just nodded and then waited for him to continue.

"...a few weeks ago...I...kind of realized..." He began softly the music enveloping over them. "...that..."

"That what-?" Sarah asked, obviously becoming inpatient.

"That...I...kind of...liked...like really liked...Benny."

They boy, in all honesty, had been prepared to get a gross out face, or a gasp, or even a holler, but he hadn't counted on the fact of a simple nod and a-

"That's all?" from Sarah.

"What do you mean that's all?" Ethan asked back confused. "It was very shocking-"

"Ethan" The girl began, with a chuckle and smile. "I suspected from day one that you two were...you know"

"What?" The boy asked back in shock and embarrassment. "W-why?"

"Because of how close you two were and how you guys acted, and I don't know, I just somehow knew-"

"And I didn't-?" He asked still in shock.

"Well, maybe you just didn't notice it" The girl offered up. "lot's of people don't"

"...yeah, I guess..." He mumbled silently.

After several quiet moments Sarah spoke up once again.

"So what happened...?"

"Oh, um... well, you could just guess how I felt after knowing all about...that...and the other day...I might have...accidentally...kissed him-"

"What-?" Sarah asked out in a squeal, with a smirk forming on her lips. "You did? And I didn't know about this-?"

"Well, I wasn't exactly comfortable with it all" Ethan answered with a blush.

"So what happened?" The girl then inquired, wanting to get into every detail of it.

"He left" Ethan answered in shame, his head falling.

"Oh, I'm sorry" Sarah then said, her face falling as well. "I mean, I thought for sure..."

"Well, he doesn't" Ethan muttered, his voice cracking and his chest hurting even more.

Sarah continued looking at Ethan, her words at lost for once, what was she supposed to say? What could she say?

"...He'll come around..." She whispered, her hand moving to pat Ethan's shoulder. "Even if he doesn't like you like that...he isn't enough of a jerk to just throw away your guy's friendship like that..."

Ethan just nodded at that and looked at Sarah with thankful eyes.

"So, do you want me to stay, as accompany?" She asked, her smile once again returning.

"No" Ethan answered, trying his best to smile. "Go have fun, I'll be fine..."

"You sure?" She asked, still sitting.



Stumbling but yeah, you're still still looking hella fine,

Keep doing what you're doing and I'ma make you mine.

Well, you're a hot mess, and I'm falling for you,

And I'm like hot damn! Let me make you my boo.

'Cos you can shake it, shake it, shake it, yeah you know what to do.

You're a hot mess, I'm loving it, hell yes!"

Ethan watched the crowd danced,

his eyes falling over to Sarah multiple times who was talking to some guy in a red knight thing. The kid was wearing cool looking red and black armor and a red bird-like helmet.

'Cool costume' Ethan thought glancing over to look at several other people.

There was an Alice, oh, make that two,

A scarecrow,

An alien,

A giant gorilla, oh, a banana, and a witch, and a spider, and a mummified model, and a-

"Sup' Ethan" Rory greeted, appearing by his side in a flash.

The boy gave out a jump at first but ultimately said hi back.

"Why you sittin' here all alone?" The blond asked.

"Do you really care, or are you just lonely because all those girls want nothing to do with you?" Ethan asked bitterly, immediately feeling bad because of the fact that Rory was now looking rather hurtful at him. "I'm sorry Rory" Ethan apologized with a deep sigh.

"Nah,you're right" the other admitted with his own sigh.

"No, I'm just in a bad mood" Ethan reassured. "Those girls are just too afraid to admit that you're cute and funny"

"You think?" Rory asked, a smile coming to his lips.

"Yeah" Ethan answered, looking at the blond through his bangs.

"Yeah, you're probably right" Rory then said, once again reclaiming his all so over-confidence.

Ethan nodded and then stood up. "I''ll be back, I need some air."

"Want me to come, buddy?"

"Nah, I want to be alone, but thanks" Ethan stated, already moving through the crowd and exiting the school's gymnasium.

The brunette slipped out into the back of the school, and sat on one of the many benches that were propped here and there.

Surprisingly, there was no one out here.

"Maybe I should just head home..." the boy whispered to himself, sitting on the cold bench and shrugging his body forward.

The night air felt good, he had to admit, yet it didn't really make him feel any better...

He had, in all truthfulness, only agreed to come to this dance originally because Benny had told him to, afterwards he had only come for Sarah's sakes yet now he wasn't sure why he even cared...

Everything, except for light background music, was quiet, so he didn't even notice that someone had sat next to him until he had finally looked up.

Ethan peered at the familiar red and black masked figure, who was staring off into the distance, the only animated true feature he could see on the other was their mouth.

"Hey" Ethan greeted, earning a nod from the figure. "You tired of this place too?"

The masked man nodded and then turned to face Ethan,

"Cool costume" Ethan complimented earning another nod.

The figure didn't say anything so Ethan looked back at the floor.

"...something wrong...?" The figure then said in a strange voice, very hush and secretive.

"...just drama, I guess..." Ethan reluctantly answered.

"Like what?" It asked.

"Well... I kinda kissed my best friend and I think I ruined our friendship because...'she' doesn't even talk to me anymore"

"Harsh" the figure said in return, getting Ethan to nod.

"Yeah...and it sucks...because I think I might've...loved...'her'..."

"Really?" The figure then asked, their voice coming out in surprise and glee.

Ethan suddenly jumped, tuning to fully look at the figure.

"Benny...?" He asked, very unsure, earning only a shrug. "Benny, is that you!"

"Hi, E" Came his friend's awkward voice, further embarrassing Ethan to no degree.

"W-what are you doing here-?"

"To apologize" Benny said, removing his mask, and revealing his face and now messy hair.

"For what?" Ethan asked, standing and stepping back. "I was the one who assumed too much and kissed you-"

"Ethan" Benny cut in, stepping forward with a stern gaze. "I was the one who kissed you-"

"What? N-no you weren't I-"

"Yes, I was" Benny admitted with a blush, still moving forward. "I kissed you and then you froze and...and I thought the worse and left...and I honestly thought you hated me...but...then Sarah told me-"

"Told you what?" Ethan asked in despair.

"She told me how hurt you were and...it made me feel terrible, E"

"...you ignored me..." Ethan mumbled, gaining Benny's eyes once more.

"I know...I shouldn't have done that...but I was scared-"

"I was scared-" Ethan admitted as well.

"I was scared because I loved you" They both said in union, their eyes instantly falling to the floor, and then looking at each other.

"You do?" They both asked, once again in union.

Ethan nodded, his legs stopping and leaving him to stand near the school wall, Benny on the other hand was standing a bit farther off, his eyes still trying to red into Ethan's own.

"I love you, E" Benny once again stated, moving forward and capturing his best friend's lips. "I always have-" He whispered, retracting his lips and placing them back once more, over and over, each one more fiercer than the last.

Ethan felt his heart racing, his arms gripping onto Benny, his heart mind racing.

This was actually happening, they both noted, kissing each other as if their lives depended on it.

After a minute or so, they stopped...

Both gasping for air, both seemingly still so unsure,

and yet noting how right it all felt, noting how it felt as if they were wholly complete.

"I love you, Benny" Ethan said, his arms pulling the taller brunette into a hug, with an obvious dark blush.

Benny smirked at that and kissed the other again...

Somewhere in the back of his head he knew this might be trouble, and so did Ethan, yet here, right now, it felt absolutely perfect.

"...are you still scared...?" Ethan found himself asking, his voice very low.

"...not really..." Benny answered truthfully. "Not if you're always here..."

Ethan blushed a deep scarlet and then felt another question on his mind...

"...so which is it...?" he asked, pulling out of the hug.

"Which is what?" Benny asked, his face falling into confusion, which made Ethan laugh a bit.

"Is it Best friends or... Boyfriends...?" Ethan asked, slowly, his face still clearly blushing wildly.

Benny chuckled, his face coming to rest near Ethan's ear,

"It's definitely Boyfriends".


And fin.

Man, I think this is a great way to end the story, don't you?

If not then I'm sorry,

but I find it very complete in itself.

I hoped you enjoyed and I hope for one last review by you readers.

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