a/n: hi everyone! I'VE SEEN THE AVENGERS TOO MANY TIMES! needless to say, it is the best movie ever. also needless to say, i felt bad for Loki the entire time. ugh. my psychopathic bby. poor thing.

so. i felt like writing something new. i felt like expanding on my psuedo-world i created in Loki.

so i have a sequel.

now WARNING: this might turn out horribly, and i might scrap the whole thing if i'm not happy with it. i'm just gauging interest right now, trying to work out plot, etc. to be honest, flipping Thor around was a lot easier than flipping The Avengers.

so, yeah. i'm warning you all ahead of time: this is going to be a bumpy ride.

i'm posting it in the "Avengers" category on FF, in movies. specifics are below.


In which Loki is in over his head, the Avengers can't find any traction, Midgard falls to war, and to save the world the God of Mischief and Lies must, well—conquer it.

Rating: T

Pairings: Loki/Jane, Pepper/Tony (with hinted /Steve. Maybe.), Clint/Natasha, Thor/Sif, Random S.H.I.E.L.D Agent/Galaga

so yeah! check it out if you want :) in the meantime GO WATCH THE AVENGERS AGAIN BECAUSE HOLY TESSERACT, BATMAN.

that's why.

p.s. sorry this is getting long, but thank you so much for the reviews/faves/alerts! :)