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"Hey Rachel!" Rachel looked up from the paperwork on the Collins case to see Gary standing at her door which had been propped open. He looked terribly excited, fiddling with a folded piece of paper in his hands, a large grin directed at her. Taking him as a welcome distraction, Rachel returned the grin. Gary's excitement was often contagious.

"Hey Gary, what's up?" Gary took this as an invitation and glided in coming to stand right across from her, her desk the only thing between them.

"I just met you," Gary said, the grin never leaving his face. Rachel furrowed her eyebrows, about to point out everything wrong with what he just said only for Gary to continue with:

"And this is crazy. But here's my number," he paused to place the folded piece of paper on her desk. "So call me maybe!" With that, Gary hurried out of the room laughing like he told a joke, leaving a very confused Rachel. The brunette unfolded the paper on her desk to see a number written on it in Gary's neat handwriting. It was, if she remembered correctly, Gary's cellphone number. Rachel let out a sigh, staring at the number.

Was Gary playing a game? What he said sounded familiar but she couldn't place it. Perhaps a riddle? Taking the number as a clue, Rachel took out her cellphone to call it. The paperwork could wait.



"Uh, hey Gary. I was supposed to call you, right?"

"Rachel, you were suppose to take your time with the call."


"So I would take no time with the fall."

"I don't think I follow Gary. Is this a riddle?"

"No. Rachel, you're not doing it right!"

"Gary, I don't really think I know where this is going."



"You forgot the baby, Rachel."

"What baby?"

"The word. The word baby."

"...Gary I have to go. I think I saw a uhm, grasshopper in my office. A small one. That's going to take hours to find. You know how it is."


Rachel dropped her cellphone like it was trying to eat her hand, rolling her chair a good foot away from it and her desk.

Gary liked her. That had to be it. Liked her. As more than a friend. As in "I-was-once-your-pretend-boyfriend-but-I-want-to-be-your-real-one" like her. He gave her his number. But as with all number giving scenarios, the number receiver had to wait a socially acceptable amount of days before calling. Which Rachel didn't. And Gary liked doing things a certain way, so in his mind, she wasn't doing it right. And, baby. He wanted her to call him baby.

"Rachel." Rachel let out a squeak, clutching her armrests in surprise. Gary was once again at her door, holding his laptop now.

"Oh, uh, hey Gary," Rachel managed to get out, rising from her seat and smoothing out her dress. "I was just uhm...it's good to see you Gary!"

Gary just gave her a confused smile, eyes wandering to her desk.

"It's nice to see you too, Rachel?"

"I mean," started Rachel, moving closer. "I know we just saw each other like ten minutes ago, and talked on the phone and all but, you know. It's just that I uh, I guess I missed you...not in a creepy way or anything, I mean!" Gary gave her a genuine smile now.

"Rachel, it doesn't really work if you don't get the lyrics right. It's 'I missed you so bad.'" Rachel just stared as Gary fiddled with his laptop.

"Lyrics?" she peeped, eyes wide, face starting to heat up.

"Yeah," Gary nodded, moving next to her to show her his laptop screen. "Here's a video with the lyrics so you can practice. Then we can get it right!" Rachel watched lyrics scroll on the screen, matching up to an annoyingly upbeat pop song, her heart sinking lower and lower as the song neared its end.

Gary had been quoting a song. Rachel felt like hitting herself.

"It's really catchy. I like it," remarked Gary when the song was finished, glancing over for Rachel's commentary. The brunette nodded, trying not to look horribly embarrassed. He didn't seem to notice and continued on.

"I'm going to try it with Bill next. Maybe he knows all the lyrics. I bet this is his favorite song." Gary laughed to himself and Rachel couldn't help but join in.

"Do it. I'm sure Bill will appreciate the break," Rachel agreed, reaching over for the folded paper with Gary's number on it, and placing it on his laptop's keyboard. Gary nodded, leaving, but not before looking in her direction one more time.

"Next time?"

"I'll be an expert with the lyrics. I promise."


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