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What's the point in living, when the object of your undying love, doesn't love you back? Why bother to go through the motions? These are the questions Mrs. Lovett asks herself as she rolls out dough. To any observer, three facts are painfully obvious, 1) Mrs. Lovett is hopelessly in love with Sweeney Todd. 2) He doesn't love her back. and finally, Mrs. Lovett is suffering. Only Mr. Todd doesn't see it. Every customer looks at her with pity, or sympathy.

She realizes that these questions she so desperately asks herself, have no answers. Many hours pass in a blur. Before she knows it, Nellie is lying on the settee in the parlor. Mr. Todd is heading off to bed, as is Toby. Her body is exhausted, but her mind won't let her sleep, to sleep is to to dream, and when she dreams, she dreams of him. So the dark circles under her eyes have grown over the past few days. Suddenly, something inside her snaps.

Nellie forces her tired, weak, sleep deprived body to stand, and half walk, half stumble up the stairs. She attempts to be as quiet as possible, she doesn't want to be interrupted. She slowly pushes open the door to Mr. Todd's shop, so as not to ring the bell too loudly. She gently runs her fingers over his razors before picking one up and flicking it open. The small bit of light shining through the window glimmered off the blade. Her thoughts raged in her head as she made the decision of her life. Almost without thinning, she lowered the blade to her arm and made a little cut, not deep, across her wrist. The blood came in little beads, then running in tiny rivulets down her arm. Nellie closed her eyes and held the blade to her neck, just over her jugular. She pressed just hard enough to feel the end of the cool metal against her skin. Her flesh indented with the force of the blade, but didn't break. She took a deep breath, and moved to slit her own throat. Gentle fingers wrapped around her hand, lifting the razor from her grasp. She looks up into the deep brown eyes of Sweeney Todd himself. His eyes reflect sadness, and something else.

"Don't." He spoke, a single word that said everything. She looked down at the ground, unable to meet his eyes any longer. Mr. T put two fingers under her chin and made her look him in the eye. He then reached out and pulled her into a crushing hug. Nellie buried her face against his shoulder and began to cry. She cried for everything, unrequited love, fear, regret. In an uncharacteristic display of kindness, her held her, let her cry. For a moment, he had almost reverted back to being Benjamin Barker again.

Mr. Todd lifted her into his arms. Nellie laid her head on his shoulder, face against his neck. He gently carried her back to her bedroom, and laid her on the bed. He moved to leave, but was stopped by a hand on his arm, he looked down to see Nellie, looking up at him, tears still glistening on her cheeks.

"Please stay." She begs, her body shaking softly. He can't deny her, seeing her like that. So Mr. Todd slips off his shoes and slips into bed next to her. She immediately snuggled up to him, he wrapped his arms around her and felt her breathing deepen until she was asleep. He buried his nose in her hair and let himself drift off to sleep.