Hello, everyone. This was a story written ages ago by my good friend, Danika Anderson, aka Dynamite Girl. Sadly, she has been long gone from Fanfiction, having deleted all her stories after losing her confidence to write. So I have decided to rewrite this story for her, featuring her star character. Here we go.


Her name was Danika Anderson. Twelve-year-old student at McClintock Elementary. She didn't have very many friends. She was a goth. Black, long, smooth hair, brown eyes, black leather open jacket, brown shirt, thin gray pants, small black and white shoes, and lips with black lipstick. She also had a midnight-blue streak through her hair.

No one respected goths at their school. They were bullied a lot. And Danika was no exception. However, there was something about her that made her stand out from other goths. She had a special power that only her family knew.

Danika walked through the empty halls slowly, on her way outside for recess. A group of smug girls stood by the doorway, wearing vicious smirks. Danika stopped as the leader of the bunch got in the way. "Danika, it's a little sunny outside. Why don'tcha turn around so you don't make us look bad?"

"You don't need me for that." Danika said in a low, shallow tone. "You better step aside."

"Silly Danika. You can't push us around. Freaks like you don't belong in a world of NORMAL people. So just get lost."

"Hmph. Okay then." With that, she turned around, not another word.

"Ugh. Why can't she stay in the stairwell like the others." one of the girls said hurtfully.

"Relax, girls. We'll make sure she doesn't come to school at all."

Unbeknownst to them, a shadow rose up from behind one of the girls. She muffled a scream as a hand cupped her mouth, and a dagger stabbed into her back. The girls turned, seeing their friend fall as Danika appeared behind, a smirk on her face as she held two daggers. They ran away quickly, but Danika became a shadow that slid along the ground, going below the next bully as she shot up and sliced. She hurled both daggers in separate directions, stabbing two more bullies. Finally, it was just their leader. She ran away, filling with fear, but Danika stood in place and reached an arm forward, her hand open as a shadowy arm stretched along the ground. The hand grabbed the girl by the legs, and she screamed frantically as she tried to grab the floor, looking back as she drew closer to Danika.

Danika's shadow held her up, pulling her against the wall as she cupped her mouth closed, a devious, white grin on the shadow's face. Danika stepped over, tipping a dagger to her neck. "Silly, Cathy. You can't push around shadowbenders."

Cathy muffled a scream, but couldn't escape.

A slice was heard, and Danika casually walked away, covered in blood. As she stepped out into the park, the bright sun shone on her face. Danika raised a hand and blocked, stepping into the building's shade. She spared a glance at the frolicking kids before walking away within the shadow. She stopped and looked up when she spotted a slim woman in a black robe, smoking a cigarette.

"Not bad." she said in a French accent. "I know some vone who may have need for you."