Est Vitae: A Severitus Story By VenusEvilOverlord

A/N: Well, this is my newest fic, Est Vitae, which means This Life in Latin. Severus, Draco and Harry will be the main characters in this one, so bare with me till Potter joins the party. He'll come in what I think might be either chapter two or three. Not sure yet.

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Chapter 1: A Phoenix Spy's Mission

Severus Snape weakly made his way up the castle steps, muscles protesting with every step he managed to take. Trembling as he reached the statue of the gargoyle, he hoarsely croaked the password and vanished up the stairwell.

Severus sagged against the stone wall as he reached out a clenched fist and rapped feebly on the smooth oak door to Dumbledore's office. "Enter." The old man called.

The Potions master sighed and slowly pushed the door open, stumbling into the room. "Ah, Severus. The meeting went well, I presume?" Albus greeted, clear blue eyes twinkling.

"If you count being tortured as well, than yes." Snape replied dryly, voice cracking as he enunciated the words.

The headmaster smiled in a bittersweet sort of manner. "As long as you're alright, then I'd count it." He said softly, motioning for Snape to sit in one of the visitor chairs in front of his desk.

Severus gratefully sank into the wooden relief. "Headmaster, the Dark Lord suspects a traitor in his midsts." He rasped, throat raw from screaming.

"I see. Is that how you came to be tortured, Severus?" Albus asked, pursing his lips and frowning.

"Yes. But the Cruciatus was also inflicted upon Avery and Mulciber. I believe we were being used as examples to warn away the 'traitor'." He said, vision blurring and his mind swimming in and out of focus. "It was so strong…" Severus managed to say, voice lowering to a rough whisper.

"Ah. Well, as it seems that you are incapable of giving me a full report in your current condition, let's get you to the hospital wing, shall we?" Dumbledore said, the infernal twinkling in his eyes dimming with concern for his spy.

Snape nodded, but immediately regretted the action. Piercing agony coarsed through his viens, and it was all he could do to keep from crying out in pain. With a small whimper, Snape closed his obsidian eyes and let the upsurge of unconciousness engulf him.


"He went through a lot last night. If that curse had been held much longer, Severus wouldn't be with us right now."

Snape refrained from opening his eyes, curious as to what Pomfrey and Dumbledore would say. He was still in a little pain, just a dull aching throb, but it was clear he had been given a pain-releving potion and a Cruciatus Counter potion.

His body was numb, as if he'd fallen asleep in an awkward position. Pins and needles were the least of his worries, though. The spy quickly turned his attention back to what Dumbledore was saying.

"…hope he'll be able to pay them a visit, the rumours have been growing stronger." The headmaster finished, voice laced with an unfamilar apprehension. "If the boy is suffering at his father's hands, he will need to be removed."

Severus' curiousity growing, he eased his eyes open. "Ah, Severus. You're awake." Pomfrey bustled over to his side, smiling. "It appears you've made it through the night."

"Will I live?" Snape growled, throat scratching.

"Yes, thankfully. But you'll need to take it easy for awhile. Although Albus has other plans, I believe." Poppy said, patting his shoulder and handing him a potion.

"Skele-Grow?" He asked incredulously, raising an eyebrow elegantly.

"Yes, I would've rather you'd taken it last night, but I didn't want to risk spelling it into you with your body in such a weakened condition." Poppy announced, measuring out the amount he needed into the goblet she'd placed in his other hand.

"But why the devil do I need Skele-Grow?" Snape demanded, already frayed patience wearing thin.

"Because you've managed to fracture your entire left ring finger. The bones are completley crushed." Pomfrey told him as he swallowed the potion.

So that's why my hand's feeling like it had been mauled by a chimera last night. Figures. Snape thought bitterly. I must have landed awkwardly when the curse hit me.

"There we go, that should do it." Pomfrey chirped motherly. Severus grimaced slightly at the taste. He had to admit, this potion was probably one of the nastiest he'd ever taken, and brewed for that matter. It tingled on the way down like Firewhiskey.

Poppy reached out and-the nerve of that woman!-brushed his raven bangs out of hs face, calmly ignoring his disgusted scowl as she tucked the locks behind the shell fo his ear. "When am I to be released from this prison?" He growled, onyx eyes focused icily on his captor.

"When I say so." Poppy said, smirking a little as she headed back to her office.

Snape harumphed, furious with the indignantries of his capture. "Headmaster, I'm fine, really! If you'd just let me-"

Dumbledore smoothly interjected Severus' insistances and said softly, "She expects to see you up and about by noon tomorrow."

At Snape's squawk of horror, Dumbledore smiled and raised his hand. "But if you behave, she'll let you go this afternoon." The winizened man said calmly, eyes twinkling.

Snape opened his mouth to retort, than shut it. He huffed a little, refusing to pout. "Fine. Now if you don't mind, give me some of that Dreamless Sleep." He ordered grumpily.

Albus smiled knowingly and poured some of the potion into a glass that was on the bed side table. "When Poppy does release you, come to my office straightaway." He directed, than handed Severus the glass.

Snape nodded jerkily as he downed to potion in one gulp. "Fine."

He watched tempermentaley as Dumbledore made his way out of the Infirmary, closing the doors behind him with a smile. Snape glowered at the wall as he sank into a deep, dreamless bliss.