A/N : Ty HolyRiot11 for giving me more inspiration! This is my first BakuTen story so it will be a bit shortish and slow. sorry X). bear with me!

"We have done it!" The scientist exclaimed loudly as he read the paper on his clipboard. He walked excitedly towards the room where they kept their experiment. They have worked on this project for 5 months and now they have the data they need. "Sir," A man in a black suit with grey hair came up behind him, "Have we got the data?" He cocked an eyebrow, "Yes we have, ." He turned his attention to the glass tube where his Genocide Angel was being held. "Our other Angels either died or escaped. But you, you will make us proud won't you." The woman in the glass tube had white hair and red eyes. "Your other half is still alive. While our others died. Find her and bring her back." The woman looked at him and with a slow nod she agreed.

Jo was on the roof enjoying the sun on her smooth tan skin, she was laying down while a certain horror movies credits filled the screen. "Hey ,Jo!" An obnoxious voice came from the ladder leading into the trailer, "We have an enemy in site! Sei says to get ready." Amy, the youngest of the group popped back inside.

Jo took no time to get ready while she loaded her Desert Eagles. She walked down the hall with her guns in her hands, she made her way to Sei , the leader. Sei looked at Jo questioningly, "You ready?" Jo looked down upon her, "Yes." came her answer.

"Flame, are you in site of the target?" Said a deep male voice. "Yes, sir." Flame said. Flame was the experiment they worked on. She had DNA of Jo, but was more capable of doing more damage then Jo. Having the DNA of Jo, she had silver white hair but her eyes were darker crimson then Jo's. "I am in site." A chuckle was heard over her headset, "Kill."

Jo walked outside and looked around. She saw a figure walking towards her and she had her stance ready. "Come on! I wont wait all day." Jo spat coldly and pulled her guns out.

"Surrender and come with me." Flame said monotone. Jo had a wild grin on her face and she fired her gun at Flame. Flame swat the bullet away and frowned. She pulled out her guns aswell, firing at Jo. Bullets grazed past Jo as she moved out of their range. Jo continued fire as Flame walked closer, "Die already!" Jo yelled out of rage, her tattoo glowing. "You die." Flame shot Jo in her leg. Flame grinned with pleasure and Jo kept her guns pointed at Flame. "Who are you bitch!" Jo looked up at Flame and snarled. "I am Flame." Flame swung her arm at Jo and slammed the butt of her gun in Jo's jaw. Jo kept her consciousness, it was soon gone when Flame kicked her chest.

"Jo!" a voice of a female screamed. "Meg! Get down!" Sei screamed. Flame having Jo's DNA also gave her the knowledge to know who Meg was. But she didn't shoot at Meg or Sei. "What are you doing? Kill them." The voice said in in ear. "No." Flame muttered. "No? No what!" Meg yelled at flame more. Meg picked up a rock from the ground and flung it at Flame. The Angel let the rock hit her and she looked at Meg. "I wont kill you." She said still monotone. "Who are you?" Sei said with seriousness in her tone. "Flame." she answered. Meg ran to Jo's side and made sure she was still breathing, to her expects she was. "Meg, bring Jo inside so we can fix her up." Meg glared at Flame, "Damn you." She growled.