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It had all started with a mistake.

Nearly a year ago I made a small mistake and my world was turned upside down and shaken until it was empty. Soon after that mistake, a girl named Lightning moved into my house against my will. She had taken it upon herself to be my caretaker while my parents went on a very long vacation. They never did tell me where they went, but I was stuck with Lightning and she pretty much drove me up the wall with her weird as hell personality and antics. Still, she proved to be a good person and I eventually got used to her being around.

There was another girl that I saw as a close friend named Vanille and it turned out she used me. Lightning forced her out of my life, which turned out for the better despite the trouble she had gotten herself into in the process.

Then trouble brewed for Lightning herself as her pas, which she wanted to stay buried, t came to the surface and I got involved in it. Her younger sister Serah was having her child and she wanted Lightning to be there with her. She refused, but I remained stubborn and got her to go. The family mended their ties and I was made into a friend of her family.

That was six months ago, and I thought that with my senior year starting and Lightning graduating that my life would be made a bit simpler.

Boy was I wrong.

I heard the alarm go off, but I didn't want to get up. Of course I had to, as otherwise I'd be hearing dad stomp up the stairs to warn me of being tardy to school. I shut the alarm off before dad started to come up and dragged my sleepy self out of bed.

I got dressed and washed up in less than ten minutes, despite my battle of making my hair look less spikey than when I woke up, and headed on downstairs to the smell of eggs and ham. Mom was cooking again. Dad was in his chair reading some of his office papers. "Morning everyone. Oh, dad don't you ever sleep?"

Dad shrugged his shoulders, "Just like your mother. I did go to sleep."

Mom sighed as she put a few eggs on what I assumed was my plate, "He only got three hours of sleep."

"Dad, you know very little sleep can cause many problems, right?"

Putting his papers down, Dad started to eat, "I know, but I need to finish this so we can get some more money in."

I sounded a bit more serious, "Lack of sleep can cause major migraines, cluster headaches, and in some cases cause a person to see things and even insanity."

Mom looked impressed, "You learn that in Health Class?"

"I read about it in one of the medical books I was given by a friend." I had decided to choose a career as a doctor soon after Serah had her baby. Snow and Serah had thought it would be a good career for someone as 'studious and serious as you' they said. I didn't take that seriously until I actually thought it would be a good idea. Because when it came down to it, helping others and saving lives is a great mission in life, right?

My parents had been on board for that right from the get-go, thankfully.

I ate quickly, as I didn't want to be late, and after finding my bag I was out the door and on my way to school.

Despite it being December the air wasn't too cold, though I noted I could see my breath the moment I got outside. The school was covered in a paper thin layer of snow from the night before, and I got past the ice on the sidewalk by running through the grass.

The inside was hot enough took my coat off before I set foot through the doors. The place was bustling with life, naturally, but also because the decoration committee was hard at work with the Christmas decorations. Some of them were crazy enough to use tall ladders to hang large yellow stars from the ceiling. A large tree was standing in the middle of the lobby, with fake presents surrounding it. Christmas was only three weeks away and yet the place was all giddy about the holidays. The previous Friday someone left mistletoe over a lot of the doorways to get people to follow that tradition, but I had gone around them with some difficulty. I didn't want to get caught under that thing, given what shenanigans I had gone through in the previous year.

Getting to the first class of the day, I took my seat and got my books out. It started to lightly snow outside and I was glad I had made it when I did.

A hand slammed on my desk, and I shot my head up instantly. It scared the crap out of me and I nearly lost my breath. A friend of mine was standing there, a girl named Alyssa.

"Damn Alyssa, please don't do that."

"Tsk tsk tsk, Mr. Esteim, such language. Do it again and I will have to write a detention for you," she said in her natural tone. Alyssa had moved to Bodhum at the start of the school year, and had gone up the ranks to become the Class President. She gave everyone some form of crap from time to time, but for some odd reason she had a certain thing for me. Don't know how, but I paid it no mind. I had other things to worry about on a daily basis, and her antics were just a refresher from the routine of everyday life.

Her attempt at humor was a refresher nonetheless, "Sorry Alyssa, but I had a rough night," I told her.

"Still studying hard to become a doctor, Hope?"

I nodded, "I plan to go to Eden Academy next fall."

"Well, least you have a plan."

I shrugged my shoulders, still too interested in what I had to do to actually look at her.

"Okay then, I better get to my seat. I'll talk to you later"

I heard her start to walk away, "Oh and sorry again for the remark."

She waved at me and went to her seat. Last thing I needed was a detention. My record was spot free at the moment and a red mark was not something I wanted at the moment.

Getting through classes was always slow going for me, because I just wanted to go home and do what I wanted. I had more studying to do, and then dad needed my help with some things.

I was out the door when the final bell rang, walking by where the buses would normally stop to pick up students. I stopped to look at the various posters lining the wall next to the drop off. None of them showed any interest to me, but I had this philosophy that you never know what will happen so I kept looking.

There was a new one put there recently. A large red and green poster that read:

"For the first time ever, the school will be hosting the first annual 'Christmas Prom'! Any and all students are welcome!"

I raised an eyebrow at this, but didn't think much higher of it after that. Who would go to a party like that?

A smack on my right shoulder brought me back to reality, and sure enough it was Alyssa standing next to me. "You ever tried to say hello when greeting others?"

She replied in a cheery voice, "Nope." Her eyes went to the poster I had been looking at before. "I see they're finally gonna do it. Heard the Festival Committee wanted to revive the concept of holiday themed parties, never thought they'd actually get it done."

Waste of money I thought, but if people wanted to have fun then I would say go ahead and do it. I didn't want to voice my opinion in front of Alyssa. I liked her as a friend and while she got a bit annoying at times, I was able to put up with her as she was friendly. I didn't want to lose another friend. "Sounds like a good concept though."

"Are you planning to go?"

I shook my head, "No. I got too much to do."

Alyssa crossed her arms over her chest, "Well Hope there's actually something I wanted to ask you. I haven't been here long but I do have ears and I hear all sorts of things. Don't think ill of me because of it, okay? "

"What is it?"

"What ever happened to that friend of yours? You know, that pink haired girl you supposedly dated?"

For a few moments I refused to open my mouth. I knew she was talking about Lightning. The girl who had made my life a living hell and made me miserable only for me to return the favor and help her out of the worst situation she had ever been in at that point in her life. I considered us even when I helped her with Serah, and when she moved away I believed that it was the last I would see her. I missed her yes, but she was just a friend. I treated any conversation with her being mentioned as a thing of the past. "I never dated her. She moved away after her sister had her baby. I haven't heard from her in six months."

"So, you never dated her."

"No. She was a good friend, that's all."

The snow started to fall again. "You ever wanted to date her?"

I was starting to get bored of the conversation, not only that but I felt like she was digging too deep. I kept silent.

She seemed disappointed, but her cheerful demeanor returned, "Okay then. Well, you have a nice evening Hope. See you tomorrow!" She ran off back towards the school.

Somehow I knew why she was disappointed. Now I felt like I was a real asshole. I sighed, feeling the need to take a nap. I turned to start walking home to bed—

-And walked right into someone. "Sorry. I didn't…" I blinked a few times and thought I was seeing things. The person before me was wearing a black overcoat, and was a woman. Strands of her hair touched her chest; it was colored pink…Strawberry pink. Her face, like a phantom from long ago, was instantly recognizable. I knew who it was and I couldn't believe it.

My mouth gaped open as she finished her drink, a little bottle of chocolate milk, before looking at me with a familiar smile.

"You didn't spill it this time, Hope."

Déjà vu hit me like a ton of bricks. It was Lightning.

A/N: I wrote the ending to give a bit of a throwback to the first chapter of the original storyline, because i know for a fact that this story has garnered quite a following and i have all my readers to thank for that! I also wrote it in 1st Person as opposed to 3rd because i wanted this story to be a bit different. I'll try to write the next chapter in the future, like a couple weeks or so, but i will be moving to Texas so i might not have the time right away. Stay tuned!