My apologies for dragging anyone on Story Alert back to this old dump, but I have a request of you lot. The semi-sequelish thing that I mentioned earlier has made its appearance, though it is in all ways a semi-sequelish thing, and it doesn't directly follow the events of this story. However, it is based on the same RP that inspired this one, meaning that the general dynamic between the three central characters (Craig, Tweek, and Bebe) is much the same, though tailored slightly so that it can be made standalone. Its biggest difference (aside from length- it's twice as long as this one in total ;D) is that the main-main character is none other than Kenny. He gets dragged into it all, and, well, things happen. Just let me say that Crenny and Twenny both become involved, though the Creek is still there, worry not. ANYWAYS, it has four chapters up and a dismal total of two reviews as well as zero favorites. Seeing as I think the story's actually pretty decent- better than this one, even- that's a bit heartbreaking for me, as the poor authoress.

So I was wondering if any of you kind readers would possibly give the story a try and perhaps a review (I never beg for favorites; that's just ridiculous). I will warn you that it's a LOT more deserving of its M rating than this one- and when I say that, I mean explicit smut scenes. There, I warned you. But, in any case, this isn't a demand, just a request, as stated above. If you're interested, just head over to my profile and check out the story "Mad World," it should be around the top since I updated it recently. Thank you so much!

xx Thisby