Buried Alive – Prologue

A/N: So, new project! I figure since I'm a lazy bitch who swears like a sailor that I should force myself to do some work that isn't studying or reading porn, so I decided to write a new ItaSasu fanfiction! This doesn't mean I'm abandoning my other ongoing Bleach fanfiction (insert shameless plug here), which is why I'm still calling it 'ongoing'. Although I think I'll leave the humour for that one. This is my 'serious' story and the other one is my 'fun' story. I don't think getting drunk and making jokes about stuffed mongooses is really in character for either Itachi or Sasuke… Oh, and I'll point out here that I'm going to try to stick to the ages in the timeline: At the massacre, Itachi was 13 and Sasuke was 8(?), during Naruto original series Sasuke is 12/13 and Itachi is 18, and then it all goes to hell in Shippuden. I don't plan on letting it go that far in the first place. I'm sticking within the age group of the pre-time skip. And before you ask – no, this is not shotacon. In America, the legal age of consent is 18 (I think, depends which state you live in?), in England it is 16, and in Japan it is 13. So it's not paedophilia, it's not statutory rape, it's completely legal. However, the fact there will be incest later makes it not so legal, but if you've clicked on this story you probably know that, right? Note on the title, it comes from a song by 'The Used', 'Buried Myself Alive', with the 'myself' dropped 'cuz I'm cool. Ah, and the lyrics below (another thing I'm doing ^^) are from 'Empty Chairs at Empty Tables' from Les Misérables.

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Summary: Years after the Itachi massacres the Uchiha clan, nothing has been forgotten. But when Sasuke starts to receive mysterious gifts from an unknown person, does everything have to be the way it is? After all, it's the thought that counts…

Warning: This chapter is pretty much PG, but it will go waaaay up later. We're ramping it up to full out yaoi lemons later on, but I actually have to establish a relationship first, y'know? It's good practise and all.

Disclaimer: (Because I really felt like doing one of these ^^) Naruto is the property of Masashi Kishimoto, the lucky bastard, and he's making a hell of a lot more money off it than me. Because I'm not making any money off it. Because I don't own it. Now, if I did own it…heheheh…let's just say it wouldn't really be a shounen series anymore *cough*.

That I live and you are gone.

There's a grief that can't be spoken.

There's a pain goes on and on.

It was too hot again. Unseasonably hot for Autumn in Konoha, when the temperature should have started to decline towards the Winter chill, the leaves on the trees turning shades of gold and bloody red while animals scrabbled frantically to fill their food stores or eat enough for the months with no food. Then the leaves would fall, deciduous trees interspersed with evergreens, one tree looking bare and frail next to the other. But everyone knew the leaves would grow back in the Spring, and the tree would be stronger for it.

But this year, a hot breeze blew through the trees in and around the empty Uchiha Compound. It wasn't like the winter wind, which whistled through the streets and whipped around corners, making the abandoned houses seem lonelier and more forgotten. This wind felt like it was trying to pump life back into the buildings and streets, remind them that they still had owners, and that they weren't forgotten.

The wind was also just at the right angle to blow Sasuke's hair into his eyes. He pushed it back and blinked, cursing the wind. It was making him take notice of his surroundings, to acknowledge the district as his own. After all, every single street and building and house and shop belonged to him, even if almost every bed hadn't been slept in, the streets hadn't been walked down, no customers had bought anything from the shops, for five years. Stupid wind.

As he walked into the older parts of the Compound and into the more residential parts, he ignored the wind completely. He wasn't going to look up, no matter how annoying the hair tapping his cheek and eye was. He wasn't going to look at the houses his relatives had lived in. He wasn't going to remember which ones hadn't been properly cleaned, and probably still had blood stains on the walls and floors, and which ones had been returned to their pristine condition. He couldn't decide which was worse. At least the blood was honest.

The house facades were all very much alike. Uniform. Neat. Presentable. Calm.

Behind the houses was the cemetery. It was new; one of the biggest houses had been pulled down to create an open space for Sasuke to mourn. It was big enough for every single family within the clan to have their own headstone, the ashes of each victim buried beneath. There were too many bodies to bury. The edge of the cemetery met with the fence that marked the edge of the Uchiha Compound, where an old guard tower had been torn down to make extra space. It was an eyesore anyway. Nowadays the Konoha border patrol gave that stretch of the village border almost as much care as it did the rest of the fence. Immediately after the massacre, the terrified chuunin would fly past in an effort to get away from the 'cursed' land. Sandaime had quickly found out and put a stop to it, but it didn't stop rumours.

The rumours were what stopped Sasuke selling off most of the land and moving away. No one would buy any property in the district just because it was all stained in blood. No matter how hard the cleanup teams or even Sasuke himself scrubbed, there would always be bloodstains lurking.

That was the best thing about the cemetery. There were no blood stains because it was built after the massacre. It was sacredly clean to Sasuke, and no one would be allowed to defile it. Especially not him.

The young trees planted amid the headstones seemed to be in on the conspiracy; they were still green, although they were faded and wilted. It would be a mercy to them when Autumn hit.

I suppose it's ironic the trees are shown more mercy than my clan ever was.

His feet were silent on the paving stones as he walked towards the bench overlooking the entire cemetery. It was overshadowed by an older tree that had been a part of the old house, now providing shade to anyone who sat on the bench, casting them into gloom.

It was because of the shadow of the tree Sasuke didn't notice the cloth twist. Out of curiosity, he picked it up, weighing it gently in his pale hands, the cloth dark against his white skin. It was intended for him; why else would it be placed in such a personal spot? There were no real rules that stopped other people venturing into the Compound, but it was almost an unspoken law not to go near it. The wounds were too fresh.

It's probably from a fangirl, Sasuke thought, his mood darkening, quietly scanning the area for intruders. He found nothing but a couple of birds and a squirrel. Unless the wild animals were getting in on the fangirl act, then whoever had left it was long gone. So it can't hurt to open it.

Fingers pulled apart the cloth, laying it flat on his palm to look at the contents. A small flat rock with the imprint of a leaf looked back up at him. It didn't seem like a fangirl type gift. It wasn't overly personal or overly distant. It was like a kind gesture to another human being.

Smiling a little, Sasuke slipped the stone in his pocket. It can't hurt to keep it.

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