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Ginny stared out of the window of Grimmauld Place, watching as Luna and her father tinkered around with a Muggle device called a television. Ginny didn't see what the big fuss was about a blank box that did nothing, but it felt good to see her father smiling and laughing once again.

If only Ginny had more to smile about. It didn't make any sense why she was so sad. Snape finally confessed to wanting to be with her.

To make it even better, she had a talk with Remus about her conversation with Snape and he told her that though he wanted to be with her, if being with Snape would make her happy then she should go to him.

Ginny should have been ecstatic at how smoothly things were going for her.

And yet, she couldn't bring herself to owl Snape and tell him that she wanted to be with him.

There were so many doubts surfacing after his confession that now she didn't know what to do any more.

What if he turned into a controlling asshole again? What if he was playing with her heart again? What if he stayed with her just long enough for her to have the baby, only to take the baby and run off?

Even scarier than all of those possibilities—what if he didn't love her and was only courting her so that the baby had a family?

This scared Ginny the most. There was no denying that she loved the man to an almost unhealthy obsession. But to think that he only wanted to be with her because she was having his child and no other reason made her heart hurt.

Part of her wanted to believe that he was sincere in wanting to have something real with her. After all, the man did show a completely different side of himself when he took her to his home. However, there was more evidence to support that he was a git.

Ginny rubbed her fingers against the glass, her mind wandering.

Suddenly in the distance, she saw an owl flying toward her window.

From before, she knew that it was Snape's owl.

Biting her lip, Ginny opened the window.

The owl had a large brown package and a note tied to its leg.

Ginny's hand was shaking so hard that it took her a while to actually untie the package successfully.

The owl didn't bother waiting for a treat. As soon as it was free, it flew away.

Ginny stared at the package and parchment on top of it.

She took a deep breath and unrolled the parchment.


For most of my life, I have never been who I wanted to be. I have never felt completely free—not since I made that mistake when I was seventeen. No one has ever had all of me, not even those I have loved with all of my being. These weeks of being without you have made me realize more than ever that I don't want to be without you anymore. Those last few months when you were in my home, you accepted me for who I was. For the first time in my life, you made me happy to be me. When the war was over, you were offering me an oasis of a life. You were offering me a life where I could just let my love spill over—where I could cry and never have to lie again. It was an opportunity for me to finally let someone all the way inside. All the way.

But me, being the arse that I can be sometimes, was too afraid to take it, and I pushed you away. I realize now that what you gave me within that relationship was your body and your soul. Never have I ever offered that back to you—not even when asking to court you once again. Even when trying to be sincere, I was being too selfish to open myself up to you and let you in. I realize that I was asking you to give me your body and soul again—but this time I will not request such a thing without offering to do the same. I'm giving myself over to you, Ginny—body and soul. I'm giving myself over to you nowbecause you are the only person I can trust with my heart. I never was good at being able to say that I loved someone. And even if I did say it to you— I'm sure you wouldn't believe me. So instead I will show you the love that I have always held for you within me.


Ginny stared at the words in front of her. It was probably the most beautiful things she had ever read from him in her life.

She set the parchment down on the bed and picked up the package. She tore the brown paper off of it and was quite amazed to see a pensive in her hands.

Ginny had no idea why in Merlin's name he would send her a pensive. What memory could he have that he would need to show her?

She looked down at the memories swarming around, different pictures of her at different stages in her life floating up.

She knew whatever was in the pensive was important and that she had to look at it.

Ginny moved back on her bed, crossing her legs and putting the pensive in between her thighs.

Taking a deep breath, she but a finger inside and allowed herself to be drawn into Snape's memories.


'Please don't let me be too late.'

Snape ignored the Moaning ghost trying to talk with him when he walked into the bathroom and made his way through the Chamber of Secrets entrance.

He walked through the long, dark hallway and soon found himself in the main chamber.

Harry was standing, holding his damaged arm to his chest while staring down at a pale, eleven year old body.

Headmaster Dumbledore had his hand on Harry's shoulder and was gently coaxing him out of the Chamber.

Madame Pomfrey was running her wand over the eleven year old form.

Madame Pomfrey spotted him first. Snape took a moment to glare at Harry before quickly making his way over to eleven year old Ginny.

"Severus—thank god you are here. Can you assess her for the dark spells? I know very little about that type of assessment and I need to attend to Mister Potter immediately."

Anger almost consumed Snape's body.

Attend to Potter? He looks fine to me. It's the girl you should be worried about, she's practically dead! No matter, I can heal her myself you useless witch.

"Of course, Madame Pomfrey," he said simply.


Snape stood next to a hospital bed. It was quite dark, the only light shining in the room coming from the moon. He looked down at eleven year old Ginny, holding her hand in his. Feelings of guilt consumed his body.

I should have been looking out for you. I should have seen the signs.

"Please do not go blaming yourself for this unfortunate event, Severus."

Dumbledore was behind him but he didn't turn around.

"I know what it is like to be consumed by him, Albus. I should have known that this was happening to her."

"You cannot change the past, Severus. I'm afraid Tom has already damaged her soul. But she still has hope. And with love, kindness and attention, she will turn out to be a wonderful human being."

Snape rubbed his thumb over Ginny's hand.

"I cannot give her love or kindness, Albus. I don't think I ever will be able to give that to her."

"Ah, but you can give her attention. I have no doubt that her family will be able to give her all the love she needs. And I have no doubt that the students here will treat her with plenty of kindness. However, the reason she became possessed in the first place was because no one paid any attention to her. You can give her attention, Severus. I have no doubt you can at least be civil with her," Albus said.

Snape let eleven year old Ginny's hand go and walked out of the small room, ignoring Dumbledore as he did so.

She at least deserves me being civil towards her. I should have been a better professor and saved her from a year with him out of all people.


Snape sat at his desk, grading a horrible paper. He looked up from his work to see a twelve year old Ginny Weasley staring down at a blank piece of parchment.

Irritation simmered through his body at the sight.

He stood and made his way over to her table.

She looked up at him, her eyes defiant and sad.

"Miss Weasley, what did I assign you to do?"

He could see her fidgeting with her skirt.

"Write about why I fear my Boggart."

"Then why aren't you doing it?" he asked in a sarcastic concern.

"You bloody well know why I fear my Boggart. Why should I have to write about it? Or do you just want me to write it so you can laugh at how baby Weasley was stupid enough to be tricked by a bloody book," twelve year old Ginny snapped.

"Would you rather tell me about it?"

Twelve year old Ginny rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

"Why should I tell you about what happened to me?" she challenged.

"Because I am the only one who cares to know, Weasley. Yes, I will know the information and yes, I could use it to hurt you. But what are the chances of me passing it on anyone else? And even if I did pass it on, who would believe that you talked to me about anything? You cannot hold something like what Tom Riddle has done to you inside. If you do, you could very well turn into a person like me."

Snape was desperate to get her to speak about the Chambers incident. He knew that her family didn't want to talk about it and simply pretended that it never happened. Her friends were either too new or too busy to hear about what she had to say. She had no one to talk to.

Ginny stared at him, thinking to herself about whether or not she even wanted to talk to him. Snape stared back, his heart beating nervously in his chest.

Finally, her shoulders sagged.

"Fine, I'll talk."

Snape nodded and pulled up a chair and sat down. Ginny began to speak.

After she had started, she couldn't stop. She had told him everything

When it was all done and there was nothing else to say, Ginny stopped. Her cheeks were wet with tears and her face bright red.

All the while, Snape was partially in shock and partially even guiltier then he had ever been in his life. She should have never gone through what she did. But, as Albus said, what was done was done.

Strangely enough, Snape felt a kinship with her, one that he didn't think he would ever find with anyone else. She was one of the few other people who knew what it was like to have him inside of her. And she was one of the few who didn't want it and was scarred because of it.

All he could do was put a hand on her shoulder and show her with his eyes that he understood.

Ginny smiled at him, her whole face glowing.

Snape felt his heart skip a beat at the smile. He quickly removed his hand and reached into his cloak to grab a handkerchief.

Ginny grabbed it and dabbed her eyes with it.

"It's almost curfew. You should get to bed," he said.

Ginny simply nodded and stood.

Snape stood as well, watching as she packed her things.

When she finally had everything, she turned to face him again.

Without warning, she threw her arms around his waist and hugged him tightly.

"Thank you, Professor," she whispered into his clothing. She then leaned up on her tip toes and gave him an innocent peck on the cheek.

Snape could not believe what was happening to him. He could feel a blush began to color his normally pale cheeks.

Ginny pulled away and smiled at him sweetly before turning away and leaving the classroom.

Snape stared at her retreating form. When he was sure that she was gone, he put his hand to his face and gave a small smile.


Snape really didn't understand why Albus insisted that he attend the bloody Yule ball. The students didn't want him there, the other Professors didn't want him there because of his sour mood, and he sure as hell didn't want to be there.

The last thing he wanted to do with his evening was to spend it breaking up students snogging in the garden.

The only good thing about the evening was that he didn't have to deal with any bloody first through third year students since very few of them had been asked to the ball by older students.

There were only a handful—Ginny Weasley being one of them after accepting a date with Neville Longbottom.

Snape's scowl darkened at the thought of those two together. She really could do better than that bumbling idiot. He knew about her teen crush on Potter. In fact, it was common knowledge among the staff and students that she was hopelessly in love with the boy. Just because the boy wouldn't pay attention to her, didn't mean that she had to go after Longbottom. Both were absolutely horrid anyway.

Snape tactfully ignored the Weasley twins spiking the punch bowl. He figured if they could figure out how to get past the wards at the punch bowl, they probably deserved to get away with it. That and he would need a few stiff drinks to get through the night.

Other students were trickling into the ballroom. The Triwizard champions would be the last to enter.

Snape looked toward the door, quite surprised at how well some of the students cleaned up when attending the formal event.

However, nothing prepared him for the sight of Ginny Weasley on Neville Longbottom's arm.

If Snape had been less tactful, his mouth would have dropped at the sight she created.

Ginny was wearing a forest green, silk dress. It was strapless so her creamy, freckled shoulders were exposed. The dress hugged her figure perfectly, showing everyone in the room just how much she actually grew up.

Her hair was elegantly drawn up into a bun with only a few tendrils falling to frame her heart shaped face.

Her entire face was glowing and she looked absolutely stunning.

Snape could only stare as Longbottom proudly strutted into the ballroom with her. The sight of her made his heart flutter in a way that it hadn't in a very long time. This was the first time in his life that he had ever felt any type of attraction to a student. It was quite scary and disgusting. She was only thirteen years old—she didn't need an old, ugly man like himself feeling anything fuzzy towards her.

Disgusted with himself, Snape left his spot to go discipline two the Weasley twins for putting a curse on the curtains.

Later that night, as he was standing near the windows with his arms crossed and the ball was in full swing, Ginny Weasley suddenly appeared beside him.

"Will you dance with me, Professor?" she shouted over the music.

Snape was surprised at the request. He hadn't spoken with her privately at all since the day she talked about the Chamber of Secrets with him. Hell, he had been sure he stopped existing to her after that.

He was tempted to decline but the way she looked at him with her glowing, brown eyes and her rosy freckled cheeks, he couldn't say no.

"I would be honored, Miss Weasley."

Ginny practically beamed up at him and grabbed his arm, pulling him to the dance floor. The music shifted as soon as they reached the floor and was a slow song.

Snape put his arm around her waist, his heart beating miles a minute. The feel of her against him felt so bloody good.

It didn't help the Ginny looked very happy to have leading her in such an intimate dance. The way she smiled up at him melted his cold, icy heart. He was charmed, and he was hopelessly attracted to her.

Later that night, when the dance was done, all he could do was pace his bedroom. It wasn't right, the feelings he had for her. And yet, he couldn't stop them from surfacing.

Thankfully, he was the only one who knew how he was starting to feel about her. Maybe it was something that would disappear as time went on—at least, he hoped it was.


Snape bloody hated teenagers! They had this incredibly stupid idea in their heads that they are invincible.

Those peabrain students didn't realize that when they decided to follow the logically flawed Harry Potter to the department of mysteries, that they were fighting dark wizards who had no qualms about killing them—especially the non-pureblood students.

He was sure that he had saved more than ten students but he couldn't protect them all. He couldn't show who he was loyal to, after all. The Dark Lord would have his head on a silver platter if that were the case.

Snape felt his way through the hallways, trying to avoid the different curses flying around. He was dressed in his Death Eater robes and knew that he was the target for many of the missing curses.

When he made it to the end of the hallway, what he saw made his blood run cold.

Ginny Weasley was on her knees on the ground, staring up defiantly at Lucius Malfoy through her hair.

Lucius had his wand pointed at her, a dark smirk on his face.

"Fate seems to agree with the idea that you should always be on your knees when your superiors are present."

"Fuck off, Malfoy," Ginny spat at him.

Lucius tisked.

"Language, Miss Weasley. No matter, I have a fate much more worthy of you than death. I hope Potter has trained you well in the art of pleasing a man."

Snape felt his blood boil in rage.

Without thinking, he threw one of his deadliest curses at Lucius.

Lucius fell to the ground, passed out cold.

Snape could hear commotion behind him and knew that pretty soon the empty room would be filled with more people behind him.

He walked into the room.

Ginny was on the ground scrambling for her wand.

Snape silently summoned it into his hands while simultaneously grabbing her arm.

He needed to get her out of there. Lucius wanted her as a bed mate and Bella Lestrange wanted her dead. Either way it went, there was no way she could escape this battle unscathed if she stayed any longer.

Ginny struggled hard against him, kicking him as best she could.

Snape who was used to pain didn't even bat an eyelash. He cast a nonverbal silencing spell on her.

He dragged her up a set of stairs that and stopped in the middle. Once he was sure that he was out of sight, he took his wand out and quickly bound her with ropes.

Once he was sure she couldn't move, he took off his mask.

Ginny's silent curses against him stopped upon seeing his face.

Snape ignored her and made quick work of creating a port key out of his mask. He was risking lot, letting her see him uncovered but he had nothing else that could be used as a port key.

He put the mask and her wand into her into the ropes that bound her body and activated it.

The last thing he saw as she disappeared was an expression of confusion on her face.

When the Department of Mystery battle was done and Snape finished giving his report of everything that happened to Dumbledore at Grimmauld Place, he wearily made his way to his bedroom.

What he was not prepared for, was Ginny Weasley waiting for him at the entrance of his private quarters.

She quickly turned around upon seeing him.

Snape made his ways towards her, pausing when he was only a few meters away from her.

Ginny began biting her lip but brought her hand from around her back to give him his mask.

Snape took the mask from her, staring at her curiously as he did so.

She looked down at the ground, unable to hold his intense stare.

"Thank you for saving me tonight, Professor," she said quietly.

Snape watched as she quickly made her way out of the dungeons.

Snape stared after her, wondering how long she had actually been waiting for him to return his mask.

Ginny returning his mask made him realize that despite seeing him as a Death Eater, she still saw him as a valued member of the Order.

Trying to ignore the warmness that spread through his body at this realization, Snape went into his chambers to get some much needed rest.


It was probably one of the most beautiful sights he had ever seen.

Ginny Weasley stood standing at one of the giants windows in the hallway between his office and the Great Hall. She was wearing a thin ratty robe, her pale skin glowing from the moonlight shining through the window.

Snape felt his trousers grow tight.

She knew she risked a lot standing there the way she was. Did she not know what a tempting picture she offered?

Ginny matured faster than most of the female students in her class and already had the curvy body of a woman. It took all of his will to keep his thoughts off of how desirable she was. Snape was already a bastard for killing Dumbledore, he really didn't need to add pervert on top of it.

He walked up behind her, softly asking her what she was doing outside of the common room.

Snape endured the flimsy excuses. Deep down, the both of them knew the real reason she was breaking curfew—and it wasn't to get some air.

He pressed against her body, part of him wanting her to run away, another part of him wanting her to stay.

"One last chance, Weasley—go back to your room, take a sleeping draught, and get some sleep," he whispered in her ear, one of his hands resting on her hip.

At this point, Snape was sure that Ginny could feel his erection through his pants, could practically feel the desire he had for her radiating through the air.

He thought for sure this would disgust her and that she would run away.

He was not prepared for what she had to say.

"It's a risk I'm willing to take."

Something within Snape broke.

He let out a growl. She was admitting that she wanted him the way he has wanted her for a while now. After everything he had been through, there was no way he could let her go now.

"So be it," he whispered.

Minutes later, he was buried within the depths of her body, realizing through his foggy haze of desire that he had taken her virginity.

A very primal feeling suddenly overwhelmed Snape. He was the first man within her body—he was the one to break her into womanhood.

It took all of Snape's willpower not to start moving inside of her. He needed to give her time to adjust to him.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she moved her hips back on him.

Snape wasted no time thrusting into her body, moaning and growling as he experienced the paradise that only her body could bring him.


"I need her back, Albus. Before I thought I could do this all alone but I can't—not without her," Snape said, pacing his office.

Dinner for the few students returning to Hogwarts after the winter break was in a few hours. Snape knew that Ginny would not be there, not with everything that was happening between the Dark Lord and the Order.

He felt so stupid for having that fight with her before she left. She had every right to be angry for the way he humiliated her in front of The Dark Lord. She had every right to want to leave him. He didn't want to let her go but he wasn't one to actually force someone to stay with him.

"I know this is stressful for you, Severus. But I'm afraid you are going to have finish this journey alone."

Snape stopped at his desk and ran his fingers through his hair.

He knew Albus was right, that he would have to fair the rest of the war alone.

But he didn't want to. Those few months of having Ginny Weasley, nonjudgmental and willing to offer him comfort had been some of the most joyful moments of his life despite the stress he had been under.

It fulfilled something in his life that he had never had before. It was because of his selfish nature of needing all of Ginny's affection for himself that drove her away in the end. He should have just left well enough alone and let her stay with Potter.

Snape decided to skip dinner for the night and went straight to bed once he was sure all of the students were in bed.

He was quite surprised to wake up to the feel of a body next to him.

Words couldn't describe the absolute joy he felt has turning around to see Ginny Weasley looking as desperate as he felt.

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

As he began making love to her, the internal alerts within him started to go off. Something told him that Ginny was being picked up by the Order members.

He rushed in his foreplay, knowing that it wasn't really needed. He had trained her body well, after all.

Soon, he was inside of her, marveling at the way her body hugged him.

Ginny came right away, moaning as each wave consumed her body.

Snape buried his head in her neck and began to move inside of her.

It wasn't long before she was rippling around him again and he was consumed.

As he lay on top of her, the internal wards inside of him were even more intense.

"They are here," he whispered into her ear.

Ginny said nothing. She loosened her hold on him and slipped out of the bed.

Snape loosened his hold, the sadness in his heart proving to be quite heavy.

He watched as she finished putting on her clothing.

She finally looked up at him, her cheeks wet with tears.

"You were right … I'm your instrument," she whispered quietly.

At the sight of her sad eyes, Snape knew he was in love.

It wasn't a surprise that he was. He had been fighting the feeling for years.

He slipped out of the bed and stood in front of her. He ran his thumb over her cheeks, wiping away the tears.

Snape couldn't let her know his feelings. It was too dangerous.

He leaned down to kiss her, putting all of his love into it.

His internal wards were warning him that the Order was at the entrance of the castle.

"Go," he said, even though it pained him to say so.

Ginny nodded and left the room.

Snape stared after her for a long time.

He looked out his window, watching as Ginny was dragged from the castle by her peabrain brother.

Watching her go pained him more than he ever thought it would.

Making a fist, Snape left the window and made his way to his private library. There was no way that he was going to go through the rest of this war without the only ally he had at his side.


"You're an idiot," Remus said, his voice completely cold.

Snape didn't show it but those words hurt him more than he would have liked. He continued his paperwork, not looking up for fear of showing Remus the effect of his words.

"Can I ask why you are here, Lupin?" Snape asked his voice just as cold.

"How could you crush her spirit? How could you leave her the moment she needed you the most?"

Snape looked up from his paper work and pinned Remus with a glare. Remus stood in front of his desk, his hands clenched tightly at his sides, glaring back.

"My relationship with Miss Weasley is none of your concern."

"None of my concern—if that's not the biggest piece of codswallop that I've ever heard. This became my concern the moment she came to me almost every single night crying over you. What is your problem? She wants you? I can't believe you used her for your own selfish needs."

Snape put his quill down.

"Don't you dare assume that you know about my intentions for Miss Weasley. I let her go precisely because I realized I could not be selfish about our relationship any longer. She deserves much more than I am able to give her."

Snape stood from his desk and walked to the window.

He hadn't meant to reveal that much to Remus. Gods the man had no idea how guilty he felt. He loved the bloody girl so much he couldn't think straight.

It was a different love than he had for Lily Potter. With Lily, he was more in love with what she represented than he was with her.

With Ginny, however, she never asked for anything from him. Even when he forcibly moved her into his home, she was there to comfort him, to make him laugh, to make him forget that there had been a war going on.

Remus had no idea how much it hurt him to tell her to go away.

When he had seen the sorrow in her face after he rejected her at the hospital, all he had wanted to do was hold her and never let her go again.

Despite her tears, Snape had known what was best. The relationship that he had with Ginny was unhealthy. She deserved to be with someone who could treat her better than he did. He loved her enough to know that her needs were more important than his.

And now the werewolf had the audacity to tell him that he was being selfish? Snape was very close to ripping the bloody man's head off.

"What she needs right now is you, Severus. She lost her mum and her brother and now she has lost you. Stop dictating what you think she needs and give her what she does need."

Snape's hand itched to get his wand out of his robes but he resisted the urge.

"Are you done, Lupin?"

Remus sighed.

"I just wished you realized how much she needs you right now, Severus. And if you felt anything for her, you would work it out."

Remus left Snape's office.

Snape continued to stare out the window.

What Remus didn't understand that it was because he loved Ginny that he wasn't going to go after her.


Snape paced in his bedroom. He had finished half a bottle of firewhiskey despite the fact that he had a very long day the next day.

She was pregnant—she was pregnant with his child. And she was giving him the power to make the decision on whether or not she should keep it.

Snape went to the mantle of his fireplace and poured another shoot of firewhiskey before resuming his pacing.

Why would she do this to him? Why would she leave him with so much power—so much temptation to forget his resolve to let her get over him?

Of course he wanted her to keep the child. Hell, he had been very close to asking her to marry him when he first heard about her pregnancy.

If Snape asked her to keep this baby, he wasn't going to do things half way. If he asked Ginny to keep the baby, he was determined to properly court her and create a family with her.

Why did fate keep doing this to him? He was doing the right thing wasn't he? He released her from the confines of an abusive relationship even though it caused him more pain than he had ever felt in his life. Why wouldn't fate simply let him be?

Snape ran his fingers through his hair again.

The more he tried to do the right thing and let Ginny be, the more she seemed to continue to show up in his life.

And maybe that was a sign. Maybe Ginny's constant presence in his life was a sign that she was meant to be there.

Maybe fate was trying to tell him that his path in life changed the moment Ginny Weasley entered it. And now that she was having his child, maybe it was time that he realized that what they had was meant to be.

Snape sat down in his wing back chair, the weight of this new thought weighing him down.

After accepting that he and Ginny were supposed to be together, all of the love and need that he had for her came through. Gods he loved her—had loved her for years.

And now, it was time for him to do whatever it took to get her back.


Ginny came out of the pensive, her cheeks soaked with tears.

She set the pensive aside and stood.

She made her way downstairs, ignoring the noise and commotion in the kitchen.

Ginny headed straight for the fireplace and called out Snape's private chambers.

She wasn't surprised to find that she was allowed through with no resistance.

She came through the other side, encountering his empty living room.

Ginny quickly made her way out of the private rooms and into the main office chamber.

Snape stood behind his desk, staring out the window.

He turned around at the sound of her entrance.

Ginny wasted no time running towards him, jumping into his arms.

Snape held her tight, burying his head into her hair.

"Gods, I love you so much—don't you ever put me through this again," Ginny whispered fiercely.

"Never," he whispered in response.

They stayed in their embrace, enjoying the first moment of an open, honest love connection since their journey together begun.

And there was no doubt that there would be much more love to be shared for years to come.

~The End~

*A lot of what is in this letter came from Jennifer Hudson's 'Giving Myself to You' I managed to blend it well together if I do say so myself :D

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