Oni versus Noob Sabiot

Chapter 1: Nether Realm Rumors

Deep within the Nether Realm, a certain Noob Sabiot was summoned by Shinnok and Quan Chi who heard rumors of there being a powerful demon named Oni. Noob Sabiot, who was quite a loyal servant for Shinnok bowed down before his master.

"Noob Sabiot, you've been summoned with a task" said Shinnok, "seek out this demon I've been hearing rumors about so much. His name is Oni, and I've heard he's touted to be ten times more powerful than me. Go forth, challenge the demon to a fight to the death!"

"I'll show all those who stand in my way to not mess with Noob Sabiot" said Noob who left his master and Quan Chi.

Quan Chi who was intrigued by the demon known as Oni was curious why Shinnok wanted Oni to be destroyed instead of trying to recruit him as an ally.

"Forgive me master, but why have such a powerful demon like Oni be destroyed?" asked Quan Chi.

"He is too powerful, he can take me down, that is why I've tasked Noob Sabiot to finish him off" continued Shinnok.

Quan Chi typically headed off to his private chambers, as he headed to the prison section of his chambers he came across Scorpion who was still a prisoner of Shinnok.

"Sorcerer, you don't scare me!" roared Scorpion who was chained up to the wall.

"I have an assignment for you, if you are able to win a fight with a demon named Oni, and bring him to our side as an ally, I'll let you go free" said Quan Chi.

Scorpion thought for a moment or two whether or not to trust Quan Chi.

"Agreed" said Scorpion quite bluntly.

"Very well, you'll have to catch up with Noob Sabiot, he has been assigned by Shinnok to stop Oni" continued Quan Chi.

"Will keep that in mind" said Scorpion.

The two ninjas were indeed competing against one another for the prize of defeating Oni, but the demon in particular was out and about in the forest testing his strength. The powerful demonic Oni created a large volcano with his powers, but that was the only the tip of the ice berg. But as Oni continued to train, he'd soon be not alone, in the shadows, a certain Noob Sabiot was waiting for the right moment to pounce on Oni.

"I hate visitors" said Oni who felt Noob Sabiot's presence.

Oni fired several massive Hadokens right toward where Noob Sabiot was located, but the shadowy ninja managed to leap right out of the way.

"Bah, no one's ever managed to survive my onslaught, I'll make you an example whoever you are!" laughed Oni.

Noob decided to hide in the shadows thinking it was safe in the shadowy part of the forest, but Oni with his powers was able to phase through the massive thick branches ending up spotting Noob Sabiot in his hiding place.

"Peak a boo!" laughed Oni who then delivered a punch.

The demon laughed as he thought was the end of Noob Sabiot, but all Oni did was ending up hitting a shadow clone of Noob. The real Noob came running from behind Oni, throwing several ninja stars at him. Oni blocked the ninja stars and charged at Noob delivering several good combos at him. Noob used his teleport powers and came right behind Oni and gave him an uppercut.

"Beginner's luck" said Oni who got up from the ground from the surprise attack, "I'll make you regret you challenging me!"

Oni charged up his energy and zoomed right toward Noob Sabiot, but before Oni could do damage to Noob, he wasn't anywhere near to be found.

"Fool, stop running!" roared Oni.

Oni let out a burst of fireballs around the forest lighting the forest up in flames as a ruse to draw Noob Sabiot out from hiding. That however got the attention of Scorpion who was in the area as well. He could see the unusual amount of fire from a distance, and knew that something unnatural was up.

"Hmm, sounds like my target isn't happy" said Scorpion.

As Scorpion headed toward the area of the disturbance, meanwhile, Oni was infuriated that his adversary was making a mockery of him.

"My, my for a demon I've heard so much about from my master Shinnok, you got no skills at all" taunted Noob to Oni.

"I am more powerful than you'll ever be!" roared Oni.

"Really, I don't see it, that burst of energy meant nothing, it's no wonder why Shinnok wants you to meet your own end" laughed Noob who continued to taunt Oni from within the shadows.

"Enough!" roared Oni as he then fired a large Hadoken at where Noob was supposedly hiding.

Oni wasn't even close, as Noob was again right behind him, but this time with a large scythe. The ninja tried to use the scythe on Oni, but Oni was too fast for him. Instead, Oni grabbed the scythe's edge and started to electrocute Noob and ending up kicking Noob straight into a tree.

"You dare call me weak!" roared Oni who wasn't but the least happy.

"Now that's the spirit I'm talking about" laughed Noob who got himself up ready to continue the round.

But as the two fighters were going to duke it out, Scorpion was on his way in the hopes he'd be the one to face off with Oni.