Chapter 4: Oni's Defeat for Now

Indeed, Oni wasn't happy that the two ninjas were able to elude him as the demon swept up the forest by creating forest fires in the process.

"Where are you two cowards?" roared Oni who wanted a battle to the death.

But the two ninjas were hiding indeed trying to come up with a strategy on how to finish off Oni for good.

"This is a made demon, Shinnok would not want him around" said Noob.

"I can see why Quan Chi would have wanted to use him as a pawn, but I don't think he'd make a very good pawn" added Scorpion.

"Well then, we at least agree on one thing that this demon needs to be erased for good" continued Noob.

As the two ninjas continued to creep up toward Oni, the demon in question was lighting things up a bit in trying to get their attention and to root them out of their hiding places.

"Come out cowards, you talk so big!" roared Oni as he flared up again.

Before Oni could realize it, Scorpion launched his spear at the demon, pulling him right where he along with Noob Sabiot were. Noob kicked the demon across the forest floor as he came toward Scorpion.

"Dumb luck!" roared Oni who smashed his fist to the ground.

"It's not luck, it's skill, something you lack" mocked Noob.

"I shall make you pay for that statement!" roared Oni.

Oni charged at the two ninjas head on, Scorpion along with Noob used their teleport powers to teleport right out of the way. That only angered Oni who grew enraged because of it.

"Stop running!" roared Oni.

"Look, we made him mad" laughed Noob.

"You'll pay dearly!" roared Oni.

The demon charged at the two again, but both Noob and Scorpion used their series of combos on Oni, knocking the demon down to the ground. As the demon got up to give it another go, he charged at the two again, only to be body slammed by Noob and being uppercutted by Scorpion after being pulled in by his spear.

"I will make you two regret this!" roared Oni.

Oni ended up letting out a burst of energy and charging at the two ninjas again, Scorpion this time took off his mask and used fire against Oni, while Oni was body slammed by Noob with his fireball. The demon was getting quite anxious over the two ninjas and wanted to win the battle against the two.

"You shall both pay for mocking me!" roared Oni.

Oni charged again, but was knocked back by Noob, the demon then charged up one more time targeting the two ninjas, and both of the ninjas delivered a blow to the demon sending the demon flying across the forest floor and slamming into several trees and into a mountain where the rocks tumbled down crushing the demon, or at least what the two ninjas thought happened. The two ninjas waited for a few more minutes before making sure Oni wasn't alive anymore.

"No one could have survived that" said Scorpion.

"I'll go after Quan Chi next for trying to betray Shinnok" said Noob.

"You do just that" said Scorpion.

As the two ninjas headed off in their separate ways, it seemed it was over at least for now that is until Oni let out a burst of energy.

"Fools!" roared Oni as the Earth below began to shake beneath the demon, "I shall return and bring about punishment to the two of you."

To which the scene ends from there.