Chapter One.

Luka Megurine had baby-sat Rin and Len Kagamine since they were only seven. The Kagamine parents and then Megurine parents knew each other, and the two families only lived across the road. It was only natural that the Kagamine's chose the responsible, then thirteen year old, Luka to baby-sit their children.

The Kagamine's and the Megurine's were very different families. The Kagamine parents, they were so young at heart; so free and outgoing. They went out quite a lot really, to restaurants, to see their friends, to go to the movies. Luka assumed that the Kagamine parents were younger than hers: by far.

Luka's parents were more reserved. They seemed to live in the same dreary, day-to-day life. Mr and Mrs Megurine got up each morning and ate breakfast. Luka drank some orange juice, and left home with her phone, her house keys, her music player and various bitten down pens and pencils. When she got home, the house would be empty. An hour later, her mother would return, and forty five minutes after that, her father would be home. They would eat dinner together, and her parents would interrogate her. How's school? You are still mixing with the right crowd, hm? Did you have a word with that teacher?

So when Luka was introduced properly to the Kagamine's, she loved it. The two Kagamine twins, Len and Rin, warmed her heart. Although she was a little nervous at first, she quickly grew to like the children.

At age seven, Rin Kagamine was loud and bubbly. She went through phrases - princesses to dinosaurs, to space ships and then fire-fighters. When Luka entered her home, she went right up to the teenager, and questioned her. 'Who are you? Why are you here? Where are Mum and Dad going?'

Her brother, Len Kagamine, was just as curious, but less showy about it. He was precocious and smart. Both the children were smart - Luka knew that! When Rin babbled on about school, her favourite teachers and friends, Len would sit on the floor and do his homework, under the watchful eyes of Luka. Len was less prone to phrases; he liked dinosaurs, and he liked drawing. That first night when Luka looked after the twins, he offered her a picture of a messy pink flower before she left. He drew a boy with a box like body besides it; waves of blonde hair sticking from his head. On the other side of the flower was a girl with a triangle dress, and equally scribbled hair. In the corner, was the sun, with huge beating rays shining down on the scene.

Looking after the Kagamine twins became a habit. She loved it! They were her two little friends. When her parents asked about the baby-sitting, she made sure to be very vague about her experiences. Baby-sitting the twins was her secret, something more to life than just academics.

The Kagamine kids liked her, too. She seemed to know everything they wanted to know; she helped with their homework; when they fought, Luka sorted it out; Luka's get-better-kisses over neatly applied plasters were nearly as good as their own mother's. The siblings began to see more and more of Luka as their parents really began to trust her. Their parents went out more, and Luka came over more.

Rin and Len had grown up with Luka Megurine. She noticed every subtle change in their lives.

When Rin was nine, and she fell out with her best friend over something ridiculously petty, and made up the next day. When she was twelve and she began to care a little more about her appearance, and her clothes. When she was thirteen and she grew her hair a little; the tiny changes that geared her towards adulthood. At fourteen, lean and athletic, finding her place in new friendship groups, taking a dabble in make-up.

Len, growing up. When he was ten, and began to make little paper aeroplanes, grinning as he coloured them in silently. He even gave them names as they made their maiden voyages through the living room. When he was eleven and became friends with Piko, who he was still friends with at age fourteen. When he was thirteen, still uninterested in girls and beginning to find an interest in running. Age fourteen, when girls began to note him as cute; when he began to notice them back, although, never had he asked any on dates.

Now that the Kagamine children were fourteen, they still saw Luka Megurine very often, despite the fact that she was twenty and went to the local college. She worked hard; sometimes she worked hard that she got little sleep. But somehow, she always found time to come and see the Kagamine's at least once a week, to help with their homework. Len noticed that she usually came round on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

In fact, the three were very close, despite their age gaps. They got along splendidly. Rin would talk about her hockey, how her P.E teacher told her she could make the school team! Rin glowed with pride when she talked about that.

The twins were very athletic. Len ran long distance, and jumped hurdles. Rin liked to play hockey and lacrosse, and both of them enjoyed swimming. In fact, they were quite similar in their hobbies. Athletics and music were the main ones. Both rather stubborn, although Len kept that precocious nature of his. Len was a maths whiz, but both the twins did decently well in their studies. Rin's weakness was science, whereas Len wasn't keen on reading and words in general.

Luka would chat breezily about her boyfriend, Gakupo, and her friends, Lily, Meiko and Kaito. Gakupo was sweet, she would say. However, sometimes, secretly, she felt pressured by him. He had the power to make her feel uneasy and slightly ill. But, she liked him, and that was what mattered.

Len would ask her lots of questions about Gakupo. "He sounds like a bit of a creep, if you ask me," he would say, frowning.

"She didn't ask you Len, so shut up." Rin liked hearing about Gakupo and Luka's friends. She couldn't wait until she was twenty, and free from her so-so parents. Her parents wavered in and out of her life. They were either busy with work, busy with each other, or busy with their friends. Rin often wondered why they'd had children at all. Accessories for the perfect life, perhaps?

"Why do you say that, Len?" Luka wondered, thoughtfulness showing on her face. She cared about what Rin and Len thought of her life. Despite being an adult, her parents were constantly nagging at her. 'When are we going to meet this boyfriend of yours? How about these friends, they don't smoke do they? I hope you're not drinking either, young lady!' She was sick of it. She often thought about what her life would be like if she hadn't gone to the local college. She only lived at home to save money. She wanted to escape.

Sometimes she just wanted to stay with her family away from home, the lovely Kagamine's.

"He just sounds a little over-the-top," Len murmured, looking at Luka. She glanced at him, caught without armour for a second. Her mouth was open very slightly, and she looked sad, honestly. But, he only glimpsed that for a second, as soon enough, she was smiling at him.

"I'm sure he's fine, you idiot," Rin growled. Len was ruining her time with Luka.

Luka, was like a big sister for her. She'd helped her through everything. Arguments; hair-styles; boys; periods; drama. She supposed that Len liked Luka too, but surely not as much as she did, right?

"Oh, give over, Rin," Luka chuckled, shoving Rin gently. She then looked at Rin's male counterpart, Len. "And I promise you, Gakupo is lovely. He's very kind - I'm sure that if you'd met him, you'd love him."

Len sighed. Why did Luka need Gakupo, when she had him? No Len, that's silly. You're fourteen, and she's twenty. You couldn't possibly….

Luka stayed for another hour or so, before looking at the clock on the wall and rolling her eyes. "Looks like I better get back to the police station." She joked. She'd started calling her home the police station when she was about sixteen. When the twins were ten, they'd giggle happily. 'Why do you live in a police station? Are you a criminal?' They would laugh when she told them.

"Luka, I'd much rather stay at yours than here," Rin said. Why did Luka not like going home? Her parents were so neat and orderly. Grounded.

"You wouldn't!" Luka called behind her, heading towards the door.

"Goodbye Luka," Len said softly, waving his hand. After being with Luka since the age of seven, Luka's visits were short now, compared. He missed her.

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