Progota: i have finally started my crossover

Maka: So its a Soul Eater and OHSHC crossover

Progota: yup and ur lucky maka u get to be surrounded by 6 hot guys

Soul: wait up WHAT

Progota: On with the Story



I was sound asleep in my bed not wanting to wake up. My muscles hurt badly. Training my weapon blood and training with Soul was taking its toll. I rolled onto my belly and comfortable lay asleep. I dreamt happily. Today was Friday. Soul was going to leave for a death scythe only mission today.

I woke a little when I heard my door crack open. I heard footsteps come closer to me and with an "mmm" noise I lifted my eyelids only a little. I felt a hand touch my forehead. It brushed the loose hairs out of my face. "Shhh" I heard the mysterious person say to me. Soul.

He slowly bent over to my ear and whispered to me. "Maka I'm leaving already. Promise me you'll be safe" he said gently. "I promise" I responded lightly. He chuckled lightly. "Okay then, I'll call you when I get there" he said slowly standing up. He began to walk away slowly. "Wait" I muttered as he looked at me. "What is it" he asked.

"Come here" I said lifting my upper half up. He walked over to me and stopped when he reached my bed. I quickly flung my arms over his and hugged him. He smiled and let out a light chuckle. I giggle very lightly. "Now you have to promise me that you'll stay safe" I told him hugging slightly tighter.

"I promise, Maka" he whispered. "Okay then you can go" I told him letting go and getting comfortable on my bed again. "That's it" he asked confused. "Yup" I said hiding under the covers from the light. "Bye Soul, Stay Safe, and don't get killed" I told him. He laughed a little. "I won't, Promise" he said walking away. "Call you when I get there" he said closing my door.

It was not long till I heard the front door close. I was kinda sad he left. We weren't dating or anything, but the battle with Asura scared them both. We thought we lost each other for good. Since then we've become closer. This mission was supposed to last at least a month. If anything were to happen, Death forbid anything did, maybe a few more weeks. Till then I was alone.

I slowly fell back to sleep thinking what am I going to go while he was gone. My phone then rang. It was Liz.

"Hello" I answered lazily.

"Wow you're that tired" she said laughing.

"Dude those work outs are hard" I told her checking to see what time it was.

"So I wanted to know what you're gonna be doing now that's Souls gone" she asked with a little concern in her voice.

"I seriously don't know" I told her with a bored tone.

"Well you never guess what I heard" she told me with excitement in her voice.

"What" I asked with little interested.

"There's a new mission on the mission bored" she said happily.

"And" I implied bored again.

"It's a mission Bunkyō, Tokyo, Japan at an Elite Private School" Liz said squealing.

I pulled the phone away until I heard her finally stop. "Okay and why do you tell me" I seriously was about to hang up on her. She was wasting my minutes. Minutes cost money. Money is what I have very little of. I sighed.

"Look Maka I'm trying to help you" she said with a serious tone.

"How" I asked.

"Look Soul will be gone for a while and you know your gonna get lonely without him" she said. It was true though.

"So why not go and explore. Take up a mission and distract yourself" she said supportively. "And it also a great way to train your weapon blood" she added. It's like I can almost feel her grinning.

"Maybe your right" I told her. "I know I am" she said.

"I'll go to the school right now and ask Lord Death for the mission" I said. "Good girl" she enthusiastically. "Well got to go Patty's bugging Kid again" she said before the phone cut off.

I sighed and counted to three. One, two, three! I lifted my whole body up and it hurt like hell. I walked or maybe even limped over to the bathroom. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and did my hair. I walked back to my room and picked a nice black and gray stripped shirt with shorts then I put some black converse. I soon left the apartment and walked to the school.

It was nice outside. The weather was perfect. I smiled. On a normal day like this the gang would usually play basketball. Right now they were probably busy. Soul was on a mission, Kid was getting ready to take his father place, and Black*Star was probably training somewhere with Tsubaki. Well here I was bored.

I finally reached the step and walked the steps. I walked over to the front office and was immediately granted permission to see Lord Death. I knocked on the door and saw Lord Death himself talking to stein and Spirit. Immediately I heard "MAKA, PAPA LOVES YOU" and felt as if a snake was trying to strangle me. "Papa let me go" I told him. He just tightened his grip. I could hardly even breathe now. "Lord Death help me" I pleaded. He shortly Shinigami-Choped him after that.

"Well hello Maka" Lord Death said with a happy voice. "Hello Lord Death" I responded smiling. "So what brought to here this fine day" he asked curiously.

"Well Liz told me about the mission in Tokyo and I thought it might be a good idea to use this opportunity to train my weapon blood" I said hoping he let me have the mission. "Oh yes that one" he said. "Well it might be quite far from here but if you're willing to accept the mission you can gladly have it" he said.

"Yes! I would gladly accept it" I answered excitedly. "Okay then the mission you will be doing will be in Bunkyō, Tokyo, Japan at a private academy called Ouran High School Academy. There have been rumors that there are a few pre-keshins around that area. Though they have been able to control their transformations from humans to keshin. You job is to 'transfer' to Ouran and find them. But the thing is that since that school is for rich people we have kept it a secret from them. Also this mission will hopefully take a month or two" he finished explaining. "So all I have to do is to kill the pre-keshins and keep it a secret from the student." I said repeating what he had previously said.

"Exactly" he yelled happily. "Well then you will be leaving tomorrow in the afternoon" he added. "Dismissed" he yelled. "Yes Sir" I said playfully saluting him and walked toward the doors. "Thank you Lord Death" I said before exiting.

Yay a new mission and adventure!

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