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The rest of the day I had spent it completely paranoid. I kept wondering who check out that book and why. I need to contact Lord Death immediately and tell him. For all we know the keshin could be plotting something big.

I sighed.

"That is all for today you are dismissed" the teacher said straightening out his papers.


I looked around and noticed everyone was already leaving. The girls and guys left in groups and chatted amongst themselves. I looked at how they gathered and gossiped together with smiles on their faces.

I miss the gang…

"Miss Albarn are you planning on staying the night" the teacher asked noticing I was the only one left.

"Oh sorry just in deep thought" I said grabbing my backpack

"About" she asked

"A little homesick is all" I said with a smile

"Ah yes your from across the pond" she said with a smile "Well cheer up you'll make new friends" she added happily

"Thanks Miss Lenore" I said sliding the door open

"You're welcome Maka" she said as I walked out the room.

I took a deep breath in and started to make my way in to an empty corridor. I looked around to see if I wasn't alone. Once that was over and done with and I was completely alone I took out my compact mirror.

"42-42-564 when you want to knock on deaths door" I whispered as I fogged the mirror and wrote the number down. The screen proceeded to wait for the rippled like disappear before…Patty appeared?

"HI MAKA" she sang while waving furiously

"Patty what are doing answering Death's mirror" I asked extremely confused

"I got bored and I wondered here thinking there would be some giraffes" she answered curiously

"Why would there be giraffe's in the death room" I asked her not comprehending what this girl was saying.

"I don't know" she answered giggling

"Where is Lord Death" I asked

"With sissy and Kid" she answered

I sighed

"Where's that" I asked nicely

"I don't know" she laughed

"Ugh I'll call back later" I said hanging tired out

"OKAY BYE" She said waving her hand furiously with a huge smile plastered on her face. I smiled before closing my compact mirror and sliding it back into my coat pocket.

Damn just by looking at Patty can sure drain your energy.

I sighed

I don't give Liz much credit…

I walked for a while by the windows and watched the students leave in limos. I rolled my eyes before a horrid chill ran down my spine.


I quickly turned my Soul Perception on and ran as fast as I could towards where I felt the Keshin. I ran past a pair of doors and kept running. I lifted my arms up and set them ready next to me.

You won't get away so easily…

I ran past a few trees until I reached an empty part only a few blocks from the school. I came to an immediate stop and summoned to of my blades on each side of my arm. There was nothing around me as I stood completely still.

"I can feel you ya know" I called out

"Ha" I heard

"You insolent child you think you can beat me" it said as the ground rumbled. Finally after a few second it appeared. A large Keshin with bright light brown eyes and red orange skin with a few darker shaded hair. It smiled wickedly as it brought sharp nailed claws close to its face.

"Well we finally meet" It said as its voice sounded more like girls but could easily be misunderstood.

"Guess so but I do plan on killing you" I smirked

"Not now" she/he said wickedly licking his lips

"You're soul looks yummy" it added

"Over my dead body" I snarled

"That can be arranged" it said charging towards me ready to slice me.


Somewhere around the world

Soul POV

"Yo soul can you help me out here" Nygus asked as she set up a tent

"Yeah" I muttered grabbing the hammer and hammering the nails down.

"Nice job" Sid commented checking out if the strings were able to stand.

"Damn I'm tired" I sighed

"Maybe you should call Maka or something" Justin said looking at me

"Yeah I haven't spoken to her in a while" I said remembering our last conversation.

Damn it who was that guy?

"Something on your mind" Nygus asked

"No nothing" I answered as she raised looked at me curiously.

"Seriously it's nothing" I shrugged

"If you say so" She said before disappearing into her tent.

I shook it off before walking back to my tent and plopping onto my bed. I sighed as I reached for my phone and dialed Maka's number, which was already on speed dial.

"I'm sorry the number you reached is currently unavailable please leave a message after the beep… beep"

"Hey Maka its Soul just calling to see if everything's alright and well ya know" I sighed

"Well call me when ya can bye" I hung up and slipped my phone under my pillow.

Wonder what she could be doing?

I thought silently before realization hit me.

WAIT! I wonder if she is out with that guy? NO WAY! She'd tell me right?
Plus she already got me…no one's as cool as me.

I smirked.

But still…

Back with Maka

Maka POV

"Damn" I said as I clutched my side

"Well you've done some damage yourself" it said as grabbed it side

"Well I will admit you are a worthy opponent" it smirked

"But I will get you for now appreciate that I let you live" it snarled before disappearing.

"WAIT" I yelled but pain shot up my side.

"Damn" I growled

"See you soon meister" It chuckled

I really couldn't move but I had to. If not I'll probably bleed to death here. I sighed and took a deep breath in.

If I can make it to the school hopefully someone will help me…

I limped my way swallowing down my pain and closing my eyes when I got to its peak. I shuffled past a tree and the school was only a few feet away. I clutched my side harder and continued to walk.

"Yeah I noticed that it was funny" Honey's voiced echoed

"But you see if you didn't do that then we avoided the situation" Tamaki explained

"Help" I said barely inaudibly. My breath started to hitch as I tried to speak more.

"Help" this one was louder but still not that loud.

"HELP" I yelled before my legs got wiggly.

"Is that Maka" Tamaki said noticing me

"MAKA CHAN" Honey yelled as I fell.

"…Help…" I whispered

"Guys help me" Honey said worriedly as the others ran over.

"What happened, Maka" Hikaru asked as I huffed in a breath. I didn't answer or maybe I couldn't answer.

"Stay with us Maka" Kaoru said grabbing my hand.


Everything went black.

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