"Shocky." I lifted my head at the sound of my Trainer's voice. I looked over at Lexi and she smiled. "We're almost there." I stretched my front legs out and yawned. Well. That was a nice nap.

As the train pulled to a stop, Lexi gathered her things into her messenger bag. We exited the train and Lexi started looking around for where the campers were supposed to meet up, and I padded dutifully beside her. But of course, Lexi wasn't watching where she was going, and ran smack-dab into another Trainer, knocking both humans down onto the ground.

I bounded over to my Trainer. "Lexi! Are you okay?"

"Hey!" I turned my head and saw a giant Nidoking towering over the two of us. His mouth was in a snarl, showing his teeth. "You hurt Denver." He hissed at Lexi. He reared back as if preparing to attack. Letting my instincts take over, I jumped in front of her and lashed out at the Nidoking, hitting him in the arm with a swift Bite. With his other arm, the Nidoking slammed a Poison Jab into my side, knocking the wind out of me. I braced myself for another attack.

"Nidoking, return!" After the vicious Pokémon was back in his Pokéball, I promptly sat down and relaxed. The Poison Jab had taken quite a bit from me, but at least I wasn't poisoned, and Lexi was safe.

I looked up at the Trainer. It was, no doubt, the Trainer Lexi had knocked over because of her carelessness. He had shoulder length dark brown hair slightly curled at the sides, grayish blue eyes, and a scar on his cheek. He offered a hand to Lexi and helped her to her feet. Now that they were side-by-side, it was obvious just how tall he was. He towered over Lexi; I guessed that there was over a foot in difference between the two, Lexi, of course, being the shorter one. He was also fairly skinny, making him appear to be even taller.

"You okay?" He asked. "I'm sorry about that…Nidoking's…overprotective."

Lexi shrugged. "I know how that goes." She said, and turned to look right at me. I gave her my best "What?" look, but she just laughed and sighed. "I'm Lexi."

"Denver. Hey, you wouldn't happen to be from here, would you?"

Lexi shook her head. "No. I'm just here for Camp Train-A-Lot."

"Really?" Denver asked. "Me too."

"Cool." Lexi said. "C'mon, let's find the others."

I slipped off of Sky as we got to the island where camp Train-A-Lot was being held. I gripped my sweet Altaria and then put her back in her Pokéball, and brought out Beau, my Meganium.

"All right, Beau." I said. "Now let's go find check-in." It wasn't really that difficult to find. Right as we stepped away from the counter, we were ambushed.

A girl a little younger than me ran up. Her hair was messy and black with gold streaks, and her eyes were bright gold and a Typhlosion followed behind her.

"Hi,I'mElize!What'syourname?Where'reyoufrom?Whyareyoujuststaringatme?Can'tyoutalk?" She talked so fast her words were strung together.

I gripped my head to keep away the coming migraine. "Can you slow down? I didn't get one word of that."

"Talkfast?Whatdoyoumean?Idon'ttalkfast?Wheredopeoplegetthatidea?" She paused, and I was silently thanking Arceus. "So, what's your name?"

Okay. I was getting better at understanding this girl. "Michael. But call me Mikey."

"Okay." She waved. "Hi, Mikey! I'm Elize!"

I forced a grin. "So. What's your Pokémon's name?" I asked.

She took in a huge breath. "COCOPUFF!" She screamed. I sighed somewhat. This would be a long summer.

"So." I said. "Cocopuff, huh?"

"I've learned to live with it." The Pokémon that were currently out were talking. There was me, the Typhlosion named Cocopuff, a shiny Luxray named Shocky, a Wobbuffet, a shiny Leafeon named Alria, and a Serperior named Roxas.

"So, Beau," Alria said. "What's your Trainer…"

"Mikey." I filled in the blank.

"Yeah, him. What's he like?"

"Well, he's very kind and honest, and he can be a bit smart-alecky, but he's my best friend." We all looked over to Mikey, who was currently holding a small Cubone, Tiny, in his arms as he spoke to the others.

"Hey, Shocky. What about your Trainer?"

"Well…" The Luxray said, "Lexi…I was the first Pokémon she ever caught. She then went on to train me her hardest. Then, along came Starr and Rosalie. They were caught and raised together; I guess you could call them sisters. The Lexi received a Riolu egg as a birthday gift. As soon as Luke hatched, Starr took him in as a little brother. They've been inseparable ever since.

"And then, along came Chimmy. Lexi received him as an Infernape."

"From whom?" Roxas asked.

Shocky shook his head. "I can't say." And that was all that would come from the Luxray.

"So, Kyrox, right?" A boy with windswept brown hair, blue eyes, and slightly tanned skin came up to me.

"Yes, and you are?"

"Aston Loveless, it's nice to meet you."

"Likewise." I turned and whistled. "Roxas, c'mon!" The Serperior stretched and slithered over to his Trainer.

The black-haired girl with gold streaks bounded out of nowhere, jumping around. "Hi!I'mElize!What'syourname!Eventhatother guy,?I'mnotthatbad!So,whatisyourname?"

My eyes were wide as I stared at the girl in front of me. "Kyrox." I said.


I pinched the bridge of my nose. Just what was that girl smoking? At that moment, the bus that would take us toCampTrain-A-Lotarrived. I was the first one on and promptly sat myself as far away from the hyper chick as possible.

There were fifteen people on the bus, including myself. I only recognized Lexi, who was sitting in the aisle seat next to Denver, Mikey, who was on the other side of the aisle sitting next to a fairly pretty brunette with an Eevee on her lap. The only other two I could recognize were Aston, who was sitting next to a blond boy with a Riolu on his lap, and Elize, who was sitting next to a teenage boy with black-and-white spiked hair that seemed to be hitting on her. Boy, this will be an interesting group.

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