(This story makes the most sense if ya follow the comics, but if you don't… well, enjoy! )

Chapter 1: Loss

A loss of a beloved comrade and friend is always tragic... Even more so when you were in love with them...

Three gunshots were heard as Sonic the Hedgehog felt a massive metal fist plunge into his chin... Sending him reeling into the metal wall of Dr. Robotnik's new Death Egg. Never had this amount of fear take the hedgehog's body... He rushed to the hallway where his then-girlfriend Sally Acorn lie unmoving with a mechanical gun pointed at where she layed.

Sonic stared unbelievingly as he saw bloodstains cover the ground underneath her.


He yelled as he picked her up, holding her head. Tears forming in his green eyes.


Sally stared at him, eyes half closed and breathing heavily. Her stomach and upper neck were dripping blood.

"No, you can't die Sally! Don't leave me like this!"

Tears streamed down Sonic's cheek as he held his love in his arms as she lay dying.

"Sonic... Please... Stop Robotnik... I... I love y-"

Before she could finish her words, she collapsed. Dead from blood loss.

It was at that point that something happened... Sonic could hear nothing around him as his mind raced through a million thoughts. Then it happened. Something in the teenage boy's mind changed. His life flashed before his eyes, the invasion, losing his parents, his breakup with Sally, being attacked by his best friend... All things he thought he had put behind him as he always had... Resurfaced with the body in his arms. Every painful memory the hedgehog had ever experienced seemed unimportant compared to what had just happened. This one thing. The death of his princess... Had pushed him over the edge.

He snapped.

The mecha Sonic robot he had been fighting finally broke through the wall and entered the hallway where Sonic stood over the body of Sally. He looked over his shoulder, his spines hardened and his fists clenched and shaking. Before the robot's computer mind could process what was happening, Sonic had torn into the steel of its head, ripping out four wires. That blinded the robot. Sonic ripped its massive head off with a grunt, and dove into its body.

Dr. Robotnik and his nephew Snively watched in horror as the hedgehog ripped apart the doctor's greatest creation from the inside out.

"I hadn't anticipated this! No! How is this possible?" The doctor yelled as he stood aghast at the hedgehog walking away from the pile of scrap that was once Mecha Sonic mk 2.

"Sir... Perhaps killing the princess wasn't a good idea..."

Snively stuttered.

Robotnik looked at Snively.

"Why isn't Operation: Clean Sweep in effect?" He yelled.

"Th-THAT'S why sir!"

Snively whimpered, pointing to the doorway leading to the hallway outside the control room.

In the doorway stood Sonic, gripping Robotnik's blue Chaos Emerald.

"Sonic! You rotten little- Ack!"

Robotnik was cut off, a gloved, bloodstained hand gripping his neck.

"It's about time I put you in your place Robotnik... Hell."

"N-now now Sonic! Can't we discuss thi-"

Sonic tightened his grip on Robotnik's neck.

"There's nothing left to say old man... You took the life of someone... Now you'll pay your debt to me. With yours."

And with a sickening crack, it was over.

The Death Egg crashed into the ground, near to Freedom HQ where Tails and the others stood waiting for Sonic and Sally to exit the Death Egg triumphantly. But just before they could reach it, it blew to pieces. In a massive explosion of orange flames and black smoke. Standing in the midst of this flame, was a blue hedgehog walking slowly through the wreckage.

"Sonic! Where's Sally?"

Tails asked, Sonic ignored and walked past him.



Sonic looked to them, glaring...

One week later

The death of Sally Acorn left many scars upon the city of Mobotropolis. Sonic had not been seen or heard from in the week since he had destroyed the death egg... His once-friends decided to try and cheer him.

They would regret it.

Tails and Knuckles walked into Sonic's room, the hedgehog walked past them and out his house door without saying a word to him.


"Get back here!"

Knuckles shouted to Sonic.

The hedgehog stopped, not looking back.

Tails looked to him and asked,

"Sonic... Where are you going?"


It was the first thing Sonic had said in a week, his voice seemed deeper and cold. It was hard to believe he was once the cheerful happy guy he was.

"For how long?"

Tails asked, tensing up, Knuckles remained silent behind him.

"I'm not coming back."

The words struck Tails and Knuckles like bricks...

"No! You can't let something like this get to you!"

Knuckles yelled at Sonic, who still hadn't looked at them.

"There's nothing for me here... Nothing."

At this point, many others were watching Sonic and his two best friends. There was silence until the street was full of onlookers.

"You can't leave us!" Tails said angrily.

"It's not fair!"

Before anyone knew what had happened, Sonic's fist had connected with Tails' nose.

Everyone gasped in awe... Knuckles helped the bleeding Tails to his feet.

"Life isn't fair kid... Get used to it."

Knuckles was going to say something... But Sonic had turned to leave and was walking toward the gate already.

"You think you're the only one who misses her? Think we don't know how it feels?"

Knuckles roared after Sonic, who retorted.

"No... You don't."

"What is that supposed to mean hedgehog?"

"It means..."

Sonic quickly knocked Knuckles to the ground with a punch to the chin.

"...Get off my case."