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"What year is it?"




"Nausea, headaches, ear-ringing?"

"No. Physically, I feel fine."

"Good." Walter seemed satisfied with Peter's answers, although his face remained grave as he took his blood pressure, keeping his eyes on the numbers. "And who's that woman sitting over there."

"Olivia." Peter did not look up either when he answered.

"Which Olivia?" Walter prodded. "From which universe?"

Olivia's uneasiness went up a notch at this question, her insides twisting, unable to take her eyes away from Peter's face. Up until that point, he had showed little to no reaction to Walter's inquiries and physical examination, if not for the way his expression was becoming gloomier, indicating that his confusion was receding. His sullenness was affecting his entire body language as well, leading Olivia to think he was once again fully aware of what was happening, and of who was in an adjacent room; it would explain why Walter's latest question seemed to strike a nerve.

She watched as his whole body tensed up, his frown turning into a scowl, an indicator of his frustration and self-loathing. He might have had some difficulties differentiating her and her Alternate only a few minutes ago, she had no doubt he knew "which one" she was, now.

When he glanced up her way, the look they shared was too brief for her to offer him a reassuring smile. She doubted she would have managed more than a distorted grimace, though, even if he had kept his eyes on her for more than a fleeting second.

He stared at Walter instead, not even attempting to conceal his irritation. "What do you mean, 'which Olivia'? I know who she is."

Walter wasn't phased by the dark heat of Peter's glare. He held his son's gaze. "You have suffered a serious head injury and you were obviously confused about their identities when they were both in front of you. I am not trying to upset you, nor am I accusing you of anything. I am asking out of concern for you. I want to know the extent of your confusion."

Peter clenched his jaw, his father's explanation having done little to soothe him. "She's the Olivia Dunham who convinced me to get you out of St. Claire's three years ago," he answered, his voice low and bitter. "The Olivia Dunham you experimented on when she was only three."

Olivia's stiffened in her chair. She did not approve of Peter's snide remarks, especially the ones which used her as a way to attack his father. His reaction was far from unusual or out of character, given his current state of mind, but while this dripping sarcasm would have been typical of him, three years ago indeed, it did not quite fit him anymore.

"Your memory is obviously returning," Walter noted after a few seconds of heavy silence, a twinge of reproach in his voice, unwrapping the cuff from around Peter's arm. "It seems that your confusion was only temporary. You're going to be okay."

Peter let out a faint, humorless chuckle, bringing a hand up to his nape, as if trying to rub the tension from his muscles; Olivia noticed all these details, understood their meaning, and it only made the ache in her chest more acute, especially since he seemed determined not to meet her eyes.

Despite her apprehension concerning this entire situation, Olivia couldn't stand to see and sense such self-contempt emanating from him. She took her chance when his hand let go of his neck, reaching out and grabbing his fingers in hers.

He might have managed to avoid looking at her until now, but the direct contact of their skins had the desired effect.

He raised his head and met her eyes dead on, their gazes locking, and she squeezed his fingers. She couldn't smile, not yet and not now, but there were many things she could convey without moving her lips.

It's alright, she told him silently. We'll be okay.

After a couple of seconds that felt more like several minutes, she felt the change in his grip as he squeezed back. He didn't look any better when he averted his eyes again, moments later. The anger she had recognized in him seemed to have somewhat withdrawn, only to be replaced with something close to shame.

She was not doing so well herself; her emotions were still running high and showed no indication of calming down any time soon. The momentary respite she received from today's madness when she tried to use the typewriter was cut short by Astrid's announcement, informing them that the hospital had just called, and that Peter was missing.

She never thought she would find him standing at the top of the stairs when they went back to the main part of the lab; but there he was, staring at her Alternate with blunt confusion, in a way that caused her insides to twist with both relief and dread.

It only took a few seconds for his Glimmer to reappear, soon swaying around him in a way that was sickeningly familiar. Unable to stop herself, she watched as the same aura shone around her double, a sight that caused her throat to clench. The light had spoken, then, whispering poisonous words to her aching heart.

Here's the proof you've been waiting for.

The thought was absurd, the way most thoughts were in these moments; it had crawled out of that dark pit of insecurities she kept inside of her, the way this wavering light had crawled out of Peter's skin.

She had doubts, and probably always would, but she trusted him. She had battled enough with herself, and had taken the sound decision to move forward on the night she knocked on his door, her heart thumping in exhilaration, the thrilling, terrifying kind. He had glimmered again in that kitchen, although she stated otherwise to reassure him; that night, she decided to embrace it, accepting the fact that, like the blue of his gaze or that crease between his eyes, the light was part of him.

She forgave him a long time ago, even if he had yet to show himself the same mercy.

But his eyes were wide with confusion as he stared at this other Olivia. He looked so vulnerable and lost, an expression she profoundly disliked seeing directed towards anyone but her. She understood this was a consequence from his head injury, but she was nonetheless grateful for Walter's swift reaction, as he almost ran up to join his son, before dragging him down the stairs and into the office they had exited only moments ago.

Within minutes, Peter's confusion was ebbing away.

When she felt his hand begin to slip away from hers, she had to resist the urge to tighten her hold in response. She let him go for now, understanding all too well how he felt, how sometimes, the slightest comforting touch could burn you.

After another long pause, Peter spoke, his eyes back on Walter. "Why is she here." It wasn't a question, his voice low, almost menacing.

Olivia decided to answer. "We're not exactly sure. She almost died crossing over, so she wasn't able to say much for a while. And until now, she's refused to say anything useful to anyone. She said she would only speak to you." She watched as his Adam's apple went up and down, his irritation peaking again. "It seems pretty obvious that she's here because Walternate activated the Machine on their side, though. I think she may have come here to…warn us, about his intentions."

She didn't know if Walter and Astrid shared her theory about her Alternate's motives; they didn't have any opportunity to discuss it in the last few hours, considering how the situation kept on changing, throwing new developments and plot twists their way every ten minutes. She'd had very little time to adjust to Sam's return and his findings, before she had to re-adapt again to focus on Peter.

But her constant state of stress hadn't stopped her from thinking about it, especially during that time she spent giving her blood, and her intentions seemed rather obvious, in her opinion.

No matter how much she resented her Alternate, or how much easier it would be to believe Liv was here to mess with her and her world a little more, she couldn't let this bitterness blind her. The situation was too grave. Plus, it wouldn't make sense for Liv to be here for such reasons. Olivia had read and reread her mission files; she couldn't ignore how eerily similar their way of reasoning was.

This Olivia might do things differently, her morals might stretch in different direction, she was still a clever agent. To harm and to do wrong was not in their nature. What Liv did during the Switch, she did for the "greater good". Even if she was here under the Secretary's orders again, which seemed unlikely, she would have known she would only find enemies here. There had to be a more selfless reason behind her presence in their universe. That, or there were some things she was not telling them.

Olivia had a few hours to dwell on this and try to come to term with it. Peter hadn't. Peter had just come out of a coma, and even though he claimed otherwise, he probably still was in some kind of physical pain. His residual guilt and antipathy were so raw she could almost taste it. Olivia worried even more than unusual whenever he was in that state of mind; in those moments, he rarely thought or acted rationally.

She therefore was not surprised when he rose up from his seat, the chair almost falling over. The look on his face was ominous, and so was his tone when he told them, already halfway to the door: "It's time I have a little chat with her, then. And if I don't like what she has to say, I'm gonna make her regret ever having the nerves to come back."




He had lied to Walter about not being in pain.

His entire body felt sore, and the ache in his head was getting worse with every passing minute. By the time he was making his way out of the office and back to the lab, the pain beneath his skull was throbbing, matching the crazed pounding of his heart.

He didn't mind the pain; he was using it, refocusing it to be a catalyst, turning the self-loathing burning in the pit of his stomach outward, directing it toward someone else.

He supposed the drastic shift in his state of mind could be compared to being dragged under water by an unforgiving hand, left unable to breathe. While confused, making sense of anything was nearly impossible; it also made him feel unbothered, unburdened, his thoughts mainly focused on Olivia and his desire to make it back to her.

The fog that had blurred his mind was gone now, causing his guilt to resurface. He understood that the world was still very much ending outside these walls, but instead of concentrating solely on that small problem, he was forced to face one of his most shameful mistakes, in the flesh.

This time, when he set his eyes on Liv, he made no mistake. His previous confusion was caused by his memory of Olivia, whose hair had been that same vibrant red on the night she sought him out and asked him to come home with her.

He now saw her Alternate as she truly was: the traitor who manipulated him, used him, betrayed him in the most sickening and intimate manner, who then had the nerves to escape right under his nose. Even with her gone, they had to deal with the aftermath of her deception for weeks.

Right now, he glared at her the way he had every time they had been in the same room, on that last day, with nothing but pure contempt. She stared right back, well aware that his confusion was gone.

His focus shifted, though, looking at Astrid, who was busy at her side. She was unhooking what looked like a bag of blood from the woman's arm. It only took a second for his mind to come up with an explanation, proof that his genius brain was fully functional again. His anger peaked at the thought, though, causing his rational self to cower in a corner, while he let his emotions take over. He turned around to look at Olivia, who had joined them, along with Walter. He ignored his father altogether, scowling at her.

"You gave her your blood."

Olivia, who already looked ghostly, did not seem to appreciate either his tone or glare. Her mood as abysmal as his, she shot him a look in response that might have made him recoil a little, had he been thinking clearly.

"She was dying," she replied firmly, emphasizing that now was not the time for him to try and lecture her on the matter.

Despite the throbbing in his head, both literal and figurative at this point, rendering him almost deaf to any sensible thoughts he may have, he decided that starting a fight with her would be unwise and useless, particularly when he could unleash on someone else present in this room.

He turned back to look at Liv, who was now up on her feet and pacing, looking disgruntled. His jaw and stomach both clenched, thinking she had no right to show signs of discontentment.

"Handcuff her," he said, looking straight at Astrid.

The young woman opened her mouth, thrown by his angry request, her eyes darting to Olivia. Peter was staring at Liv again, who had come to a stop, now offering him a skeptical look, hands on her hips.

"The fact that you're moving around, acting like you own this place, proves that you're a little too at ease for someone who infiltrated our team six months ago. Handcuff her," he ordered Astrid again.

Even though she decided to obey after a few seconds, the glare she threw his way made it clear he was digging himself into a deep hole, treating everybody the way he was. Liv did not resist when Astrid brought her hands behind her back and secured the handcuffs around her wrists.

She did decide to speak, though, her first words to him since they last talked, in that train station, where she had stood handcuffed and captive, too. Keeping a steady gaze on him, a sly smile growing on her lips, she asked:

"Are we using the same safe word?"

The pounding in his skull became so extreme he saw white for a moment.

The comment was meant to be a low, humiliating blow, and it succeeded beyond measure. The fact that they never actually used either handcuff or safe words mattered very little. She scored the first point, but he was not going to let it slide.

Carefully avoiding Olivia's gaze, he kept his eyes on Liv. "Killing you is still pretty high on my bucket list. You should probably remember that the next time you try to sound smarter than you are." She merely pinched her lips, in a way that resembled Olivia too much. "Why are you here?" He demanded, then, aware that they could spend the rest of the day exchanging niceties if he didn't cut to the chase. "Olivia seems to think you've come back to warn us about your boss trying to destroy our world, but in case you hadn't noticed, all the earthquakes and apocalyptic storms gave that away a while ago."

She shrugged, although her expression remained disdainful. "I came back for the premiere of Game of Thrones. It looked like a promising show, and we don't have HBO on our side."

Obviously, she did not take his threat seriously. He didn't need a gun to shut her up; he envisioned himself clenching his hands around her throat with perfect clarity. To fight this intense urge, he almost slammed his hands onto the table he was standing in front of. "You are in no position to be making jokes," he repeated, his fists closing up in frustration, crumpling papers he hoped weren't important.

She chuckled humorlessly, sneering back at him. "Oh, 'cause you think you can act all self-righteous with me? Or are you just trying to look tough in front of your…girlfriend."

"Just get to the point."

The stern demand came from his girlfriend. He glanced at her, but just like he had avoided eye-contact a minute ago, she kept her eyes on Liv.

"You wanted to talk to Peter, there he is. Now talk."

Liv remained quiet for a few seconds, staring back at Olivia, before turning back to Peter. "Your father, the Walter Bishop from my side, he activated the Machine," she announced in a formal tone, as if trying to make herself sound more official, certainly well aware by now of how irrelevant her warning was. "He seems to think that by destroying your world, ours will survive and heal."

"Like I said, your presence here is therefore useless," he found necessary to repeat, enjoying watching her as she tried to keep a straight face on. "We figured that much out forty hours ago."

"Well, I couldn't exactly know what I was gonna find when I crossed over, could I? That didn't mean I shouldn't at least try to warn you. I came here on my own, and I am now considered a traitor on my side." Apparently realizing Peter was not convinced by her sudden display of heroism, Liv continued, "I know you people have plans to stop the Secretary, that much I got from all your little chats. But as a citizen of the world you're planning on destroying, I'm here to remind you our universe deserves to survive just as much as this one does."

The look he gave her was absolutely contemptuous. "That is almost hilarious, coming from the very person who stole part of the Machine from our side, and ultimately made it possible for my 'father' to use it against us. You were here for two months, you know we never intended to start this war. I don't care if he now wants you dead too, good for him. Walternate decided to attack us and destroy our world, we will defend ourselves in any way we can."

"My world was your world, too, once," she said with vehemence. "Does that even mean anything to you? You still have family over there."

Peter was too far gone to notice the odd intensity with which she made that last statement, with an urgency so different from the way she had behaved until now. But he did not pay any attention to whatever emotion she was voicing, let alone care. Because his family was here, in this world, and that was all that mattered.

He was about to tell her just that, but was cut off by someone else. "Actually, that is a pretty relevant question."

Peter turned around, startled by the unknown voice. Until now, he hadn't even noticed the stranger who stood farther away in the lab.

He stared at him, his first instinct being to ask who the hell he was, but he frowned then, realizing that he looked vaguely familiar. "I've seen you before," he said instead.

"Yes you have," the man nodded, almost tranquilly. "I own the Bowling Alley. Or owned, really. You used to go there with your MIT friends. You guys were a bunch of arrogant smartasses, but you could strike like no one else."

"What are you doing here?" Peter almost interrupted him, his annoyance clear in his voice. They had no time for this.

"Sam knows about the First People," Olivia explained, tersely. "His family has been guarding knowledge about the Machine for centuries."

Peter glared back at Sam, who frowned a little under his stare. "And you waited until the world started crumbling because of it to come forward with this information? How thoughtful."

"I resent the accusation," Sam replied with a pointed finger and a slight scowl, though to be honest, he did not look that bothered. "Things were not supposed to happen this way. The Machine was supposed to be activated by you, and you alone. According to the book, your choice is what's supposed to decide the fate of both universes." He paused. "No pressure."

Peter dismissed his last comment, shaking his head in annoyance, once again confused. "What do you mean, my choice?"

Sam shrugged a shoulder, resigned. "In theory, the Machine answers to you and your…inclination. You should be able to form some kind of symbiotic bond with it, and in turn, the world you are most attached to would survive. Which brings me to what Red asked you. Since your emotions are the key to making the Machine work, and your emotions are also connected to your sentimental life, it all comes down to which Olivia you will choose."




"You've gotta be kidding me."

Peter's almost disgusted words seemed to speak for everybody present in the lab.

"I didn't write the book," Sam replied, matter-of-factly.

Still standing immobile with her arms locked behind her, Liv observed the different reactions Sam's bombshell prompted. Astrid remained quiet, although she looked troubled by the thought; Walter kept on chewing on yet another piece of candy, looking like he had rarely witnessed anything so entertaining in his life.

Liv was most curious about her Alternate's reaction, but to her surprise, Olivia did not seem startled at all. She did not look remotely pleased by it, but otherwise, it seemed like she had heard this before.

Personally, she thought this was all bullshit, considering the words themselves –seriously, how was that even an option? This seemed so ridiculous to her, she didn't think Peter's first reaction would to be to blame it on her.

"Is this why you're here?" He asked, or rather spat. If possible, he sounded even more pissed off than he had been a minute ago. He was going to give himself a brain aneurysm if he didn't calm down a bit. "Did you come back hoping you could convince me to choose you?"

Even though she did not care about what Sam said, or had any illusion whatsoever about Peter's feelings towards her, the depth of his hatred and contempt stung. She straightened herself up in response, ignoring the ache in her arms caused by her inability to move them, the metal of the cuffs digging in her wrists.

She was not smiling anymore, but she was not going to let him get the best of her. "Ignoring the fact that this is the first time I even hear about this crap, one of the last things you told me before I escaped, one you just repeated three minutes ago, was that you wouldn't mind killing me, and you sure tried hard that day. How thick do you think I am, exactly?"

He almost showed teeth, like an enraged dog. "You tell me, sweetheart," he mocked her. "You're the one who blindly followed orders and screwed this universe over, only to change sides six months later."

As it turned out, he should be grateful she was handcuffed, considering the intense urge that flowed through her, wishing nothing more than to snap the heel of her hand into his face and feel his nose crack under her palm.

"Oh really," she hissed back, not even trying to conceal how much she despised him at that instant, only wanting to return the blow. "And how long were you screwing me before you realized I was the wrong woman? Oh, wait. You never did. Someone had to call you and spell it out for you."

"Stop it."

Olivia's severe intervention had the desired effect.

They both turned their flaming glare on her. She was staring at Peter in a way that caused him to deflate in seconds.

"Olivia," he tried, his voice hoarse.

"Shut up," she told him sternly. Even though she remained pale, her cheeks were flushed, and she seemed to be working hard on controlling her breathing as she turned her gaze on Liv. "I understand that the two of you have a history and unresolved issues, but as touching as it is to hear you talk about how you both screwed each other in every possible way, we have an impending apocalypse to deal with, so get a grip."


"You can shut up too, Sam. In case you haven't noticed, your interventions haven't exactly been helpful so far."

Silence fell back upon the lab. Liv felt too worked up and shitty to appreciate the ridiculous and comical aspect of the situation, but in any other circumstance, she might have been amused by it. She felt like they were all a bunch of naughty kids who had just been scowled at by their disapproving mother.


Every gaze turned on Astrid, who stood next to Walter. She seemed a bit taken aback by the fact that she was being stared at by so many people, but she spoke up anyway. "Shouldn't we talk about how the Machine activated itself in the first place, when Peter clearly isn't in it? I know Olivia is working on a way to deactivate it, but wouldn't it be pointless if Walternate has a way of turning it right back on?"

For the first time in several minutes, the mood in the room shifted, the heavy tension easing slightly as minds started reeling. Everybody eventually looked at Walter, who was the brain of the team, before their attention turned to Sam, when they realized the old man was looking at him.

Sam raised both his hands, shrugging again. "Don't ask me. I told you, I'm out of the loop."

"Walternate would have needed Peter's DNA to activate the Machine without an actual body," Walter mused at last, focusing on Liv. "Did you bring some of Peter's blood back with you when you left?"

Now in the spotlight, she shifted uncomfortably, Walter's words suddenly making her feel queasy.

She shook her head, swallowing hard. "No. I didn't bring any blood back with me."

She had brought back so much more than blood. A growing fetus in her womb, to be exact.

She wished they would uncuff her, now, feeling overwhelmed by the connections she was starting to make, putting together the elements that were right in front of her. As they all kept on making hypotheses, Liv was now deaf to their words, cold sweat breaking over her body, her heart thumping in her chest.

All she could think about again was Henry, her child, and everything that had just dawned on her.

"Would partial DNA work?"

She was somewhat aware of how hoarse her voice sounded, but she didn't care. She looked straight at Walter, her apprehension growing exponentially when she realized the faint glow of the Glimmer was reappearing everywhere she looked. While this phenomena had been 'trippy' only an hour ago, she found the presence of this light almost disturbing, now, realizing that the foreign drug in her brain had been triggered by what she was feelings.

"I mean, would the blood of a relative work on the Machine?" She forced herself to stay focused. "People from the same family share parts of the same DNA, right?" She was not an expert, but she had listened to Lincoln enough time through the years to retain some of his explanations.

Thinking about Lincoln was not wise, though, not when she had left him in charge of her baby's protection, unaware of what it truly meant.

Walter narrowed his eyes, considering her question. "In fact, they do," he confirmed, before shaking his head. "Although Walternate could never have used his own blood, or even his wife's; the markers would not have been strong enough. Blood from a sibling or a child might have worked, but since Peter has neither, it's impossible."

The glow intensified all around her, and Liv found it difficult to breathe, her chest now painfully constricted. Blood from a child. Blood from her child.

A child she had left on the other side, at the Secretary's mercy.

Everything made sense now. Her abduction, her accelerated pregnancy, and how it allowed her and her baby to survive delivery despite being a carrier for VPE. Her child was always the reason, making sure he would survive birth and live long enough to get some of his blood, so Walternate could turn on the Machine.

And now, she was a universe away from him, discussing ways to shut the damn thing down, giving the Secretary one more reason to use her son for his bidding. What if he tried to turn it back on again, and whatever blood sample he used in the first place didn't work anymore? What if he needed more than blood, and decided to use his physical body?

"I have to cross back over," she said, now frantically trying to free her hands from the handcuffs, although well aware she would never succeed. "Let me go, please," she asked Astrid, feeling shaky and nothing short of panicked.

No one moved. She barely noticed the confused suspicion now visible on most of their faces. She looked at Astrid again, who seemed to be the most conflicted of the lot. "Please," she repeated, almost choking up now. "I have to cross back over, I can't stay here."

"You're not going anywhere," Peter stated, unbothered by her sudden distress; "Until we figure out a way to stop what your boss has done, we're definitely not going to let you run back to him with information on what-"

"God you're so clueless," she interrupted him, almost shouting now, still fighting with her cuffs; she ignored the pain in her wrists, insignificant compared to the ache in her chest. "I don't give a fuck about your war, I just need to go home!"

"Hey, calm down," Olivia ordered her. She looked taken aback by her sudden panic. She seemed to make up her mind, though, finally saying: "Astrid, go ahead please."

Liv stopped moving long enough for Astrid to undo the cuffs. She heard and paid little attention to Peter's disapproving growl, or to Olivia's short reply, stating that she couldn't exactly go far on her own anyway.

"Where's the device?" Liv asked, following that train of thought, turning back to Walter. "The second device I brought with me."

He shook his head, his expression stern. "It is still in New York, being examined by scientists from Massive Dynamic," Upon seeing her indignation, he added: "I examined the first one myself, and I am not surprised it almost killed you; its design is clumsy and grotesque at best. You would never survive a return trip using that same device."

She was pacing again, a hand clenching her hair in a death grip. "I don't care, I have to try. I need to get to Massive Dynamic."

"Again with you thinking we're going to let you go anywhere," Peter said, his voice dripping with sarcasm and frustration. "Everybody else may be treating you like a guest, you're nothing more than an undesirable prisoner to me, Dunham."

She stopped pacing, briefly closing her eyes as she failed to ignore his words and contempt any longer.

Coming here was the result of an impulsive decision on her part, like most of her decisions usually were; given how disastrous this stupid "mission" turned out to be from the moment she reappeared in this world, bleeding out and pretty much dying, she realized now she maybe should have given it some thoughts.

She certainly didn't think much about Peter and how he would react. She never thought much about Peter, or at least she tried not to. Rationally, she understood the depth of his resentment, although rationality was hard to achieve at the moment. The fact remained that she had hurt him, betrayed him.

And now, she had also betrayed the most powerful man in her country, maybe even her universe, given the weapon he had at his disposal. She had betrayed the very man who had been playing her for the past six months, who had made her a pawn in his game.

She never intended for her innocent child to become his brand new chess piece, though, even if it was his intention all along.

"What is wrong with you?"

Liv reopened her eyes, raising her head to look at her Alternate, who had asked the question. The annoyance and incomprehension in her voice were reflected on her face as well. Unlike Peter, Olivia looked disturbed by Liv's anxiety, as if she was sensing the gravity of the situation, without even knowing what it was all about.

Maybe Olivia was also sensing that, whatever Liv had to say, she would not like the answer.

Breathing hard, her heart still pounding in her chest, she straightened up, briefly bringing a hand to her face to wipe her nose, a nervous tick she thought she had gotten rid of for good years ago. She took in a few shaky breaths, in the hope it would help her regain some kind of composure, as she tried to come to term with what she was about to say.

When she crossed over, she promised herself she wouldn't do this, no matter what, that her child would not be involved. But as it turned out, he had been involved from the start, and she had very little choice left, now. She knew she was not thinking straight, that she was letting her emotions control her, something she usually avoided at all cost, but she was powerless against these deafening maternal instincts roaring in anguish inside of her.

She had to go back to her baby, make sure he was safe. And these people who hated her guts, for valid reasons, a feeling that would only get worse in a matter of seconds, they were her only way home.

Without their help, she would never make it back to Henry.

"I think the Secretary used my son's blood to activate the Machine," she said at last, to no one in particular, keeping her gaze down. But she looked straight at Peter when she added: "He used your son's blood."


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