I sat on my bed, in the hellhole the leader gave me and Kakuzu, calling it a 'room' and yawned loudly. I was so bored... Kakuzu hadn't said a word. He just hid his face in some old, old book covered in trails of dust with hand-shaped gaps, from where he had been holding that stupid thing. Probably some relic about finances.

I wasn't used to not saying anything; I just couldn't think of any damn thing to say at that time of night. Apparently tall, old and greedy's million year old ripped up pages he called books helped him get to sleep. It would help more if he didn't take as many damn old people naps in the day.

"Kakuzu," I said, pouting and staring at him. Either he ignored me or he was going deaf, which wouldn't be a surprise at his age. "Kakuzu," I repeated, slightly louder. "Kakuzu," I said loudly, furrowing my eyebrows. He kept reading. "KAKUZU!" I yelled angrily, as he glared at me with that look you get from a guy you just woke up.

"What?" It sounded more like a statement, to be honest, but it was a question. Typical of him. Acting all stoic and as if he didn't have any emotions at all. I could almost laugh at it.

I paused for a second. I hadn't thought of what to say, so I scratched my head and grinned. "... Hi."

He threw the book on the floor and lied on his stomach, closing his eyes. I rolled my own at him and lied down.