I Don't Own Vampire Academy

Sydney held onto the wheel of Latte fiercely, completely torn up inside. She just wanted to forget about the intense emotion, desire, and need she was just feeling. She had to forget all about the intoxication and pleasure that had just been raised within her. She had to forget all about the wondrous feeling that it instilled in her. She knew it was wrong, wrong, wrong. It went against everything she was raised with, everything she was taught. If her family knew what she just did, they'd be utterly ashamed and not to mention horrified. Her father wouldn't hesitate to tell the Alcamists in charge and send her right to the re-education center. Any excuse she had in her head, like she didn't mean to do it she was enticed, she was seduced, it was some type of evil magic that made her do it; would totally be scoffed at and they would punish her and re-educate her. They would take her away from any possible way of learning all of these amazing things of the world. So much knowledge that she thirsted for would slip through her grasp. It all would be over with.

No one could know. She tried to take it away from her mind. She tried to be free from it. She drove Latte caressing the smooth leather of the wheel hoping the pur of the engine would soothe her. She hoped going for a drive would calm her down and settle her down. It didn't. It only made matters worse. All she could think about was the all-consuming feeling she had when she opened those pages when she saw those words, when she read those words out loud, when she conjured up fire, when caused the few candles in her room to burn with perfect precision, when she caused them to go away in the same way. She felt the pure energy, the intoxication, the desire it rose in her. It made her want to do more and more and pretty soon she didn't need words at all. She could conjure it up completely by herself no words were necessary. It felt so strange. It completely took over and she wanted to feel the magic sore through her entire body she wanted to explore it and feel so much more, but then she came to her senses and the familiar fear of magic had hit her hard. It surrounded her. She felt icky and wrong. She committed a sin. She committed against nature and right and wrong. Magic went against the laws of nature. She couldn't believe she did it. She tried to tell herself that it was her teacher's fault. She did some unholy spell on her and seduced her and made her do it. That had to be it. It couldn't possibly something inside her. She couldn't really have the need or desire to do magic. Why would she have such an over powering need to do something so wrong? How could she want to do something so forbidden?

Sydney finally parked the car. She needed to get out in air. She needed to breathe. She needed to forget all about magic and unnatural things. If that was really true then why did she find herself at Adrian's apartment?