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Sydney expected for Jill to give her this great big pep talk about how she and Adrian would work it out and how everything would be OK, but she didn't, she just shrugged her shoulders and told her that she should just keep her distance from Adrian. She was upset and she knew that logically that was the right thing to do. She knew that she shouldn't be spending time with a vampire. She really didn't need to even deal with Adrian, that wasn't her job. Her job was to protect Jill and make sure their secret is kept safe. That was it. It really had nothing to do with Adrian. So she should be happy or relieved that Jill wasn't pushing her to make up with him. She should be happy to focus on her alchemist duties. She should be happy to put it all behind her and forget about the whole thing. She knew she should. She should burry what happened with using magic and coming to Adrian for comfort deep, deep down into the abyss of her soul. She should just forget all about it. She should just forget all about Adrian and him going to Abe, it wasn't any of her concern. Adrian wasn't her responsibility.

She couldn't help but think about him though. She couldn't help but worry. She wanted him to better himself. And doing criminal schemes for Abe was not in any way shape or form bettering himself. She hated that he put himself in that type of situation for her, so she didn't have to face her own fears. There could be nothing wrong with her. Nothing different about her blood could show up and everything could be fine and Adrian would have sold his soul for nothing.

She couldn't take that. So after contemplating it while driving Jill home in silence she turned around.

"What are you doing?" Jill asked.

"Going back to Adrian. I can't just leave it like that."

"No, Sydney. You have to leave it like that."


"Because, Adrian, he doesn't want to see you." Jill said sounding like she was in agony.

"I know he might be a little upset with me I'm upset with him but…"

"No Sydney. He doesn't want to see you. Don't you see that? It's not something he wants to work out." Jill said seriously.

Sydney looked at her unbelieving.

"That is really…really how he feels?" Sydney asked hurt.

"He feels like… you see he doesn't want….oh crap I can't do it!" Jill yelled exasperated.

"Do what?" Sydney asked confused.

"I can't lie to you. I can't sit here and tell you that Adrian doesn't want anything to do with you." Jill said dramatically putting her face in her hands.

"Why?" Sydney asked.

"Because he asked me to. He was trying to be all noble and gallant and pushing you away so you won't get hurt."

"That makes sense. I told him about how awful Re-Education Centers are. He must have listened." Sydney said to herself bitter sweetly and then she continued, "What I did… going to vampire's apartment in the middle of the night for comfort was… inappropriate, if the Alchemists in charge knew I did that, they not only would remove me from this assignment they would send me to the Re-Education Center. I…it's a good idea to keep my distance from Adrian. It's for the best." She said hoping to convince herself.

"Great." Jill said not really meaning it and then looking absent mindedly out of the window.

From that moment she rededicated herself to becoming the best Alchemist she could be. She had to forget all about Adrian's comfort and what it meant to her. She had to forget all about her worry about him and what his new deal with Abe would do to him. She had to forget it all. And most of all she had to forget all about magic. It scared her to death that there could be magic inside her or that she could even let herself be enticed by magic. So she had to distract herself from magic and Adrian all together. The first thing she had to do was quit Ms. Telliwigglers Independent Study. That was detrimental to her health and what started this whole mess in the first place.

The point of all of the extra school work was to distract herself from thinking, mostly worrying, about Adrian and the Devil's bargain he made with Abe. Her dreams wouldn't let her forget about her constant worry about Adrian. She dreamed of Adrian invading other Moroi's minds every single night. It hurt her to see him scare people. He would use their worst fears and then made them think about what ever debt they owed to Abe in a frightening way. There was one instant where Adrian waved his arms in an over dramatic way and said, "Boga Boga!"

Laughter escaped her lips as Adrian turned around and looked at her.

More fits of laughter came out of her as Adrian's over dramatic scares actually frightened the poor soul. Adrian seemed amused himself and then he looked back at her perplexed with a haunting look on his face. Sydney tried her best not to think about these dreams. Despite all of these distractions Sydney thought of Adrian every day.

Those dreams weren't the only things that caused her to think about Adrian, having Jill around always made her think about Adrian, especially since Jill would have these moods full of pain, discomfort, and regret. She knew that the moods weren't from Jill's own life. She knew these moods were from the bond she had with Adrian feeling everything that he was feeling. It was especially apparent when Jill would go on weird ramblings about Sydney's judging eyes and her haunting her dreams. She knew that wasn't Jill. She knew that was Adrian. Jill would get far off looks and then sometimes would go into giddy ranting's. Adrian was experiencing Spirit and in turn so was Jill. That meant one thing, even though Adrian obviously was going through a hard time, he was not drinking. That simple fact warmed her heart and gave her hope for Adrian. Even though she still felt that pain of guilt of causing him to go to Abe and mess with people's minds he was staying away from something that would make everything easier for him. She wondered if this meant he was done taking the easy way out. She wanted to ease his pain and tell him she was proud of him and to encourage him to go on the right path, but she knew she couldn't do that. She knew she had to stay away from him.

She couldn't ease Adrian's pain but she could ease Jill's pain, at least for a little while. She hated that Jill was suffering because of her so she had to do something about it. She reminded herself that she promised herself to go back to becoming a great Alchemist. She told herself that this was part of her job, Jill was part of her responsibility and if Jill was unhappy she would more likely get on edge and expose herself causing bigger problems for her as an Alchemist. So she had to perform Preemptive Strike.

So she planned a whole day at the beach. She found a secluded location where there was a lot of shade covered by plenty of palm trees. When she told Jill she nearly squealed with glee. Her Saturdays lately have been so clouded with Adrian's moods. Sydney knew how much Jill loved the water and made her day. They went swim suit shopping earlier in the week. Jill tried to convince Sydney to get a similar Bikini to the one she got but Sydney wouldn't dare, it would only make herself conscious and compare herself to Jill even more then she usually did. She got a simple brown tank kini with a simple gold chain slinking on top of it. Not that the suit would matter since she would mostly just wear it under her khaki shorts and white and beige striped t-shirt. She planned on reading while she supervised Jill and the others.

Sydney lied down the beach chair as she read "Les Miserable" in the original French. She glanced to see Jill was having fun splashing Eddie and coaxing him to have fun with her. She smiled as she saw Eddie crack a smile at Jill. Oh poor, Eddie, Jill was so oblivious to how he felt. Angeline found a near by cliff and jumped off of it making a cannon ball landing in between Eddie and Jill causing a big splash. Jill merely laughed and Eddie looked annoyed but he wasn't to rude. Jill was really enjoying herself and that was all that mattered.

After that Jill screamed, "Come on Sydney join in the fun!"

"I am having fun." Sydney said.

All three of them gave her blank stares wondering how in the world she could choose a heavy book over water fun. Then Jill started to splashing Eddie and Angeline some more.

She seemed to move on from her plea so Sydney went back to her book. She had gotten to the part where Jean Luc escaped from prison searching refuge when suddenly she was disrupted by feeling a huge splash of water completely soak her from head to toe. Her shirt and shorts were drenched and her book was ruined. She wanted to get mad and yell at Jill. Jill was way out there in the water there was no way her arms could push water to reach to her without the help of… magic. Magic she should have known something like this would happen. She was about to get so angry and her usual fear of magic was about to overwhelm her again. Her inner Alchemist was raging and really scolding herself for taking a Water User to the beach, of course she was going to use her power. It was what vampires did.

She looked at Jill's face first she was laughing and then her laughter quitted and her smile faded into fear. Sydney remembered the reason she came here and yelled, "You are in so much trouble!"

Then she quickly stripped her soaked shorts and shirt off and ran into the water after Jill.

"Oh yeah." Jill squealed running away from her playfully.

"Yeah!" Sydney yelled running after her in the water starting to splash around getting closer and closer to splash her.

All four of them began splashing and splash each other back and forth while laughing light heartedly.

Jill's laughter made Sydney smile. She loved that this was working and Jill was having fun. She loved that her plan was working. Sydney loved that Jill was having fun and she was having fun herself. She didn't remember the last time she just let her hair down and let herself have fun like this.

Then Jill came at her with more and more splashes and suddenly the water was changing and then suddenly there were severel little water formed fairies. Jill was engulfed in it she sometimes gets so into her trance of doing her magic that she forgets everyone around her.

"No! No magic Jill!" Sydney yelled.

Jill wasn't paying attention she made more and more water fairies dancing around on a wave.

Sydney's heart raised in anxiety and fear she looked at them so scared of the magic. She wished that the magic would go away; with everything she had she wished that it would go away.

Then suddenly the fairies faded into the water forming into a regular wave.

Sydney sighed in relief grateful that Jill finally listened to her.

Jill was in a daze and stared at Sydney perplexed.

They soon brushed it off and continued to have fun. Jill didn't use magic for the rest of the day seeming to finally get the message.

They went back into a rhythm of having fun and Sydney was happy that Jill was happy.

As Sydney got ready for bed she hoped that her good day with Jill would counter any worries she was having about Adrian that were causing her bad dreams. She was exhausted she didn't have a hard time sleeping.

The next thing she knew she was in Adrian's living room.

Adrian was painting.

"Oh, Sage there you are, it's like clockwork with you."

She stared at Adrian mystified.

"I thought my nightmares about you would be gone." Sydney said thinking outloud.

"Does this look like a nightmare to you?" Adrian asked smirking.

She looked around Adrian's apartment that was scattered with paintings.


"So relax, I'm no longer acting like the Boogie man. You can stop haunting my dreams, now." Adrian said.

"You're haunting my dreams." Sydney corrected.

He looked at her contemplatively staring her down.

"Are you sure about that Sage?"

Sydney stared at Adrian baffled on what he could mean. She examined his room searching for some type of clue about how it could be anything other than Adrian haunting her dreams. His room looked the same like it always did. It looked like she preferred it when it was filled with paint, and aisles and proof of Adrian's passion.

"What else could it…?"

"Oh my… is this…. Is this a Spirit Dream?" Sydney asked her anxiety seeping through.

"I didn't think so. I didn't mean to. I usually have pretty good control of my Spirit Dreams." Adrian said thinking out loud.

Sydney folded her arms scared of his spirit magic rubbing off on her. She knew it was probably silly to be afraid of it since she was dealing with her own magic, but that what made the fear stronger, she was afraid of her own magic, that made it difficult to accept other magic. Magic was wrong. Wasn't it? That was what probably made it even more terrifying that maybe it didn't scare her as much as it should. How did it make any sense at all?

She noticed Adrian staring at her.

"Why aren't you running in the corner in the fetal position?"

Sydney hit Adrian on the arm.

"Not, funny Vampire."

"No, it's not. Sage I don't…"

Sydney said, "Shhh… it's OK. It's just a dream right it can't hurt me."

Adrian gazed at her in awe.

"Do you really believe that?"

"I am trying to for some reason." Sydney muttered.

"Sage, this dream, it does feel like a Spirit Dream."

"Yeah, it does." Sydney said in a matter in the fact manner.

"But I don't remember trying to contact you." Adrian said still trying to figure it out.

"Maybe you wanted to see me?" Sydney asked trying to give him a logical explanation.

"I did. I do. I just… I'm afraid."

"Of what?" Sydney asked.

"Of what would happen to you if the Alchemist ever find out."

"If they find out what exactly?" Sydney asked.

"If they find out this." Adrian said as he leaned down and grabbed her by her waste and pulled her in for a deep, out of this world, take your breath away, passionate kiss.

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