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There were a few howls of alarms that had gone silent after the codes had been put in to make them quiet. He wasn't too worried. Someone tried to break in on a weekly basis, trying to destroy his fortress, trying to ruin his kingdom of ghostly ghouls that would possess souls and bodies only to create more minions. His claw-like fingers tapped on the arm of his stone throne, one purple eye watching the entrance for any signs of an intruder. He hadn't yet gotten the message from Frightwig that it was safe yet. The red-haired freak would usually come in and tell him that his palace was secured again.

Nothing had come yet. Nothing.

He silently summoned one of his minions, the ghostly white coming up through the floor before materializing again. One of his long, thin fingers pointed towards the door and the minion floated like a genie towards the shadowy doorway. There was a long moment of silence as it peered around with the purpled eye that examined the darkness for any signs of an intruder.

Ghostfreak watched from his throne as the white phantom floated further into the blackness until the ectonurite completely lost sight of his minion.

A shriek pierced the air, loud, long, then dead.

Ghostfreak's clawed fingers clutched at the arms of his throne as he rose from the stone a bit. He summoned a few more phantoms through the floor just as the blackness spilled into the room from the doorway, shadows enveloping walls until everything seemed to be bathed in black. He watched as his underlings began to extend the tentacles out of their stomachs in an attempt to scare away the shadows only to see that the blackness was… absorbing them. It only took a moment for all of them to be sucked into that overwhelming darkness before the leader of the phantoms was the only one left, that same blackness closing in on him in the forms of black dragons and dark tendrils of thorns, an ebony rose emerging like an eclipsed sun in the overwhelming darkness.

And the petals of the bloom lunged for the phantom king, thorns of black tendrils snaking around his body, coiling up around him like an anaconda.

A hoarse cry escaped his fanged lips as his claws had no effect on the shadows. His claws found air where the darkness lingered and wrapped around him, a solid force that he could inflict no harm upon. Solid around him, air through his sharp fingers. Blackness that was something, blackness that was nothing.


A voice through the shadows, a voice through the darkness, one that bore confidence, strength, no fear. Not an ounce of fear. The controller of the blackness.

He tried to lash out again, tentacles surging out of his stomach only to find those same tendrils stabbing into the shadows, empty air, almost nothing… almost nothing… Claws slashed at it only to flow right through the darkness. Through it.

"I have a proposition, Zs'Skayr." He thought he could see a humanoid form standing in the shadows, standing in the clouds of inky blackness. Unaffected, unharmed, untouched.

Another howl surged from the depths of his chest and flowed through the air, the thorny vines still wrapping around him, now pinning his arms to his sides, his large purplish eye finally having to shut as the airy beast of black finally cloaked him in cloudy darkness. He howled again, the shadows surging down his throat, running like water, like liquid.

The humanoid form stepped through the shadows. "Team up with me, Zs'Skayr. Then I will make it all go away."

A choked word came from him and the dragons and roses that had wrapped around Ghostfreak retreated, back to the being that wore them. Blackness faded back to the gray of day, no light to burn the phantom's skin and burn him into powdery white dust. He ended up on the ground, finding himself out of breath. After a moment or so of just breathing and regaining his strength from the struggle, he looked up at the form that stood over him, the power of a thousand demons spread across its body. "Who… are you?" he asked, words still sounding strangled as if some of those black shadows still remained in his throat.

"Your new partner." A glittering grin sprawled across that devilish face. "And you're the one who's going to help me take down Ben 10 for the last time."

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