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Chapter 2

Night four.

Four Nights and I cant sleep.

FOUR nights.

Maybe I shouldn't go out as x tonight… ha who am I kidding. I hopped on my motorcycle moved out towards the city. A bank tonight? No. Titans tower. I was going to titans tower.

The ride there was nearly a blur, I just remember the wind in my hair and the moonlight on my face. Then I remember standing on the roof, oh so very carefully, as to not trip the alarms. Who did I want to bug tonight. I jumped down off of the roof and used my grappling hook to stay connected to the building.

I dropped down three floors and saw a light on. It was Ravens room, the bed was set between the two windows so I couldn't see her herself, but I could see her feet. The window on the other side of her bed was open just a bit, so I swung to that one and shot an x filled with gas inside. I climbed in and ambushed her before she could scream.