A/N: I know I have another Fremione fic in the works, but I felt really inspired to start this story. By no means did I abandon the other one :P. Um... I kind of wrote this quickly, and I don't have a beta reader, so don't kill me if it's not as great as it could be.

Don't ask me why I decided to name this fic 'Kiss the Rain'. The only reason I have is not entirely good; it's because I was listening to the song (by Thriving Ivory) while writing this. Kissing the rain has nothing to do with the actual story. I mean, why would Hermione need water when she's got her own freckly red-haired handsome bloke to do it to (and don't you dare ask if I'm talking about Ron).

Chapter 1: Fast Heartbeats

Hermione Granger was nervous as it was, the last thing she needed was to trip over the carpet and send her books flying across the train. The last thing she needed was to be humiliated; more so than she already had been that morning as a group of pureblood wizards cracked jokes about her blood status. The last thing she needed was to, after picking up all her books, run headfirst into a tall pale wizard with red hair.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Hermione apologized, before even looking up to see his freckled face. Her books were scattered around her yet again.

Bracing herself for the response the boy might give her; she had narrowed it down to two options. He was either going to say something along the lines of "Stupid prat, watch where you're going!" or "Your book nearly dropped on my foot! Get out of my way!" However, to Hermione's surprise, the boy kept silent while she was reaching for her books. It wasn't until Hermione had lost all patience and decided to make eye contact with him, did she realize he was smirking.

"Oh," Hermione said accidentally, blushing redder than ever before. She was expecting a hateful scowl, as well as a frustrated crease in his forehead.

"What… are you reading?" The boy asked, completely ignoring the fact that she had just clumsily crashed into him while searching for her compartment.

"Hogwarts, A History, of course, as well as all the required text books," Hermione stammered, getting to her feet.

"You're reading Hogwarts, A History in your first year?" He continued to question.

It shouldn't have bothered Hermione, but it did. Why didn't he just accept the fact that she had completely and utterly ran into him, and was now keeping him from going back to his compartment? Why did he have to prolong the awkwardness by asking her stupid questions?

"Yes, is there a problem?" Hermione sighed, deciding that it would probably seem rude of her if she didn't answer. However, she couldn't help the edge that snuck its way into her tone of voice.

"No. It's just heavy reading, that's all. And boring."

"I think it's quite interesting, actually."

"You don't learn anything in that book."

"Well, as a muggle-born like myself, I use it to learn about Hogwarts."

"Why do you need that book when you know a person like me? I'm an excellent tour guide, you know," The boy said with a wink.

Hermione rolled her eyes. It wasn't as if she truly knew him, he didn't even tell her his name. Deciding to introduce herself so she could actually consider themselves acquaintances, she opened her mouth—only for a voice to cut her off.

"You won't believe it! I saw Harry Potter a couple minutes ago!" A dark-skinned boy shouted enthusiastically, running over to them, and shoving Hermione to the side to get the red-haired boy's full attention.

"Yeah, I saw him, already, Lee," The pale boy retorted, his smile turning into a bit of a frown.

"Why didn't you say so? Come on then, Angelina can only save our seats for so long," The boy, Lee, said hastily, running down the hall.

"Well, I'll see you around then," The freckled boy muttered before sprinting off.

Hermione stared after him, still in a minor state of shock. She wondered if he was a first year like her, but then automatically ruled out that option, since he seemed to know his way around Hogwarts. Second year? By the looks of it, he was probably at least two or three years older than her.

If it weren't for Neville, who had run out of his compartment frantically, she probably would've stood there for a considerable amount of time.

"Something wrong, Neville?" Hermione asked curiously, turning her head.

"Trevor!" Neville responded hurriedly, "Trevor's gone!"


"My toad!" Neville basically shouted, opening someone else's compartment door and asking the group of first years inside it if they had seen his pet.

"I'll help," Hermione assured him, knowing that this was a good opportunity to look for the red-haired boy. It wasn't as if she liked the boy or anything, it was merely because she was interested in him. Yes, she told herself, that's all it was. She just wanted to know more about him. Whatever crush she had thought she was having was entirely nonexistent.

Hermione opened compartment after compartment, scanning the area before quickly asking about Neville's lost toad. The train was huge, and for all she knew, he might not even be sitting in this particular section. It didn't matter how much she wanted to find the boy, or the toad, Hermione wasn't going to waste the whole trip looking for them. She needed some time to reread her books before school started.

After an hour of searching, Hermione was ready to give up, and reasoned that perhaps Neville had already found Trevor. However, on her way back to her compartment, she stopped to see… the redheaded boy!

She blinked once. She blinked again. He was really there! He seemed to be chatting with a couple Slytherins, but he didn't look too happy. Hermione hoped he didn't belong in that house. After doing some research, she had found out that the Slytherin house would never accept a muggle-born like herself… not that she wanted to be in the same house as the boy, of course. Hermione mentally slapped herself for thinking it.

Either way, she decided that a chance like this might never pop up again, so she straightened up and coughed a bit too loudly to grab his attention.

"What?" The boy asked, his head whipping around. Once his eyes latched onto Hermione's, the bitterness faded in his voice. "Oi, sorry, I thought you were… someone else."

The tone of his voice was a bit different than when they had talked earlier, but Hermione waved it off.

"Um, I just wanted to introduce myself," Hermione muttered, her words were a bit incoherent and she realized from the look on the boy's face that he could hardly understand what she was saying either. She started to look down at her shoes nervously and finally made her voice project louder. "I'm Hermione Granger, I ran into you earlier, but I never got a chance to introduce myself."

She took a breath.

The boy seemed to grow even more confused, as if he had no idea what she was talking about. "Sorry? I don't think we've ever met."

Hermione gave him an incredulous look. She swore it was him who she had run into earlier that day. Yes, it was definitely him! So why did he look confused? Hermione bit her lip, feeling a bit hurt. The only conclusion would be that he was perhaps, 'too cool', to socialize with a 'dirty muggle-born' like herself. After all, he was in Slytherin.


Hermione turned around to see who had interrupted her thoughts.

"George! Harry Potter's sitting in Ron's compartment! Why do you reckon that such a famous bloke would want to talk to… well, ickle Ronnikens?" The voice seemed familiar, oddly familiar.

George, or the boy who she assumed was now named George, smiled brightly when he realized who was calling him. "Fred! I was lookin' for you… and so was this girl."

Realizing that the attention was suddenly on her, Hermione turned completely red, silently hoping that the two would get too caught up in their conversation to notice the first year standing awkwardly between them.

"Oi! It's the Book-Girl!"

Recognizing the voice in a heartbeat, Hermione looked up on impulse. It was the boy she had run into earlier, and he was smiling widely at her. Feeling a blush creep up her cheeks, Hermione turned to the other direction briefly.

"Her name's Granger, Hermione Granger," George introduced. "Think she thought I was you or somethin', kept trying to make me believe that I had actually seen her before."

Hermione continued to chew on her lip.

"Well 'ello Miss Granger," Fred smiled, sending a group of butterflies to settle in Hermione's stomach. "I'm Fred. Fred Weasley."

"And I'm George, George Weasley."

"We're twins."


"If you haven't noticed."

Putting a hand over her mouth, Hermione tried her best to suppress the giggles she had when listening to them and their synchronization on the last phrase. "It's nice to meet you Fred and George."

Although the sentence was directed at both of them, she couldn't help but stare at Fred while saying it. He seemed to have noticed too, and turned a bit pink.

"Well hopefully we'll see you in the common room, but a smart witch like you'd probably end up in Ravenclaw," Fred smirked, before whisking his brother and him off down the hall to go find Harry Potter and their brother, Ron.

Hermione watched them leave, but snapped back to reality when she realized the train would arrive soon, and she hadn't even changed into her robes yet.

Once she was running the opposite direction and clearly out of earshot, George turned to his brother.

"Looks like she's got a bit of a crush on you, Freddie," George smirked matter-of-factly as they were walking.

"You think so?" Fred wondered.