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Chapter 1 The beginning


I hate this fucking job; the same damn people come in everyday and order the same damn thing. Why I have no idea but it's very boring. The only good thing about this job is they pay well for a waitress and I have met some people that I would consider friends with. You see my parents passed away two years ago and now the only family I have left is my step-brother Eric Dwyer who is 17 and I have custody of him until his birthday when he turns 18 but that's not for another year so I have to have this job. My father was shot in the line of duty about 4 years ago, it was hard for me because I was living with him at the time, he left everything to me and I lived in the house until I was able to sell it and move into an apartment closer to work. I hate that I had to do it but my truck wouldn't make the drive everyday if I didn't. Now I have my step-brother to take care of, he can take care of himself for the most part but he's still a minor and I am responsible for him. My mom and step-father passed away due to a car accident about 2 years ago now that's how I ended up with Eric.

My shift at Sandy's Diner is just about to start now, oh joy, not! My boss Lauren is a real bitch, I have no idea what I did to her but for some odd reason the women hates my guts but that's ok because I don't really like her either.

"Are you going to punch in today or just stand there like the idiot that I know you are?" See like I said she's a bitch, it takes everything that I have not to roll my eyes at her, but I turn to her and plaster on the fakest smile that I can.

"I still have 2 minutes before my shift starts; I'll be punched in before then so don't worry." She just huffs and walks away.

I'm about half-way threw my shift finally when in walks a bunch of men in black Armani suits, the business type, great. The only good thing is they usually leave nice tips but they can be real assholes to deal with, of course Angela puts them in my area and then winks at me, bitch.

"Hello welcome to Sandy's Diner my name is Bella can I start you gentleman off with something to drink?"

"Yes we would all like a coke please, if you have it in the pitcher that would be fine also." Said the velvety voice, when I looked up at him he had the most intense candy green eyes I had ever seen. He was Adonis himself, chiseled jaw, coppery colored hair, and looked to be very muscular.

"Sure, I'll be right back with that for you," I turned around and went to get there drinks. When I got to the back Angela was already back there waiting for me, I could feel that my face was on fire.

"Thank you; do you know who they are? I haven't seen them here before."

"No idea, but I thought you could use the extra money especially with having Eric." I gave her a hug in thanks and left to take the drinks to them.

"Here you go, have you decided what you would like to order or do you need a few more minutes yet?"

"No we know what we want; I'll have a mushroom burger with everything on it please." Green eyes told me, and then looked at the person to his right. I continued to take everyone's order around the table; most of them ordered the same thing that green eyes did. Once there order was ready I took it out to them with the help of Angela, they thanked us and told me to leave the check. I took that as my queue to leave then which was fine because my shift was over in about 15 minutes anyway. Just before I left green eyes handed me $50.00 and told me that was my tip, I wasn't sure how to respond to that I just told him thank you and left.

The week continued just like that, everyday green eyes and his men would come in for lunch and leave me a $50.00 tip. It came in handy at the end of the week because rent was due and I was afraid that I was going to be short this month.

I saw them everywhere that I went, the grocery store, the mall, even when I was getting gas, it seemed like they were there. I was starting to wonder who they were, they were always dressed in suites and they had the "don't fuck with me" attitude.

The weeks continued the same way for almost a month, and then one day green eyes just came in by himself, it was weird to see him alone. He asked Bree to be placed in my area like usual; when he sat down I immediately got him his coke and brought it to him.

"Do you know what you would like today?"

"Let me have the usual burger and fries please."

"Ok will it be just you today or will the others becoming in shortly?"

"Just me today" I nodded my head and placed his order with the cook. Once it was ready I took it out to him and sat it down along with the check like I would if the others were with him.

"Thank you Bella, everything here looks wonderful as always." He handed me the usual $50.00 tip but this time I stopped him, he was only here by himself and the bill was only $6.00

"You don't have to give me that sir, your bill was only $6.00 and you always tip me so much."

"Nope you take that money, you have earned it. I can't imagine that a job like this pays well and when I go out and the wait staff is nice and polite I like to tip well. And please call me Edward, sir makes me feel old." I wasn't sure if it was meant as a compliment or an insult, I must have had a confused look on my face because he chose to elaborate what he meant. "I'm not saying that you are poor or anything, just that when someone is polite I like them to be rewarded for that, there are not a lot of people like that anymore."

"Ok, well thank you then, I hope you have a nice rest of the day Edward."

After my shift was over I decided that I had better stop at the grocery store so that we would have something to eat for later, while I was walking around I noticed one of the guys that is usually with green eyes. I didn't want to say anything to him because I wasn't sure that he knew who I was, he was tall around 6'3" had blue eyes and brown curly hair and when he smiled he had the cutest dimples. He turned my way and gave me a mega watt smile and waved, I gave a small wave back not sure if it was really meant for me or if there was someone behind me. I continued on with my shopping and came across someone else that was normally with green eyes, this guy had wavy blond hair, brown eyes and was about the same height as the other guy. I guess today was the day they all went shopping, the blond guy waved to me also so I waved back but then this little petit girl came up and wrapped her arms around his waist. She had green eyes, short black hair that was spiked, and she reminded me of a pixie.

I had finished my shopping just as the others did; I was standing in line waiting to check out when one of them started talking to me.

"How are you Bella?" The blond one asked me, his pixie girlfriend standing right next to him.

"I'm well, how are you?"

"We're great, this is my wife Alice. Alice this is our waitress at the diner Bella."

"Nice to meet you Alice," I said, she pulled me into a welcoming hug instead of just shaking my hand it was nice, I haven't been hugged since I was little.

"We are going to be great friends I can tell" she exclaimed. I didn't really know what to say, I didn't even know the blond guys name. You would think after coming in almost everyday for a month that at some point they would have said what there names were.

"Jasper we should have a cookout one weekend what do you think?"

"Sounds fine to me darlin', when were you thinking about having it that way I can let Edward know too?"

"I don't know how about in a couple weeks? Are you going to be out of town then?"

"Don't know have to ask the boss that, if we are we can either do it before or when we get back."

"Hey Emmett what do you think? Are you and Rose going to be around then?"

"Not sure, Rose is going to a conference this weekend for some mechanic thing but after that I don't think we have anything going on." I had just paid and was getting my bags together when Alice stopped me.

"What about you Bella, will you be free in a couple of weeks or will you have to work?"

"I have to work and I'm not sure what my step-brother Eric is doing yet either. I'm the only one working while he is still in school and he plays basketball for school, I don't know if he has a game or not but thank you for the offer."

"How old is your brother?"

"He's 17 and a senior in high school."

"You could always bring him with if you guys aren't doing anything its fine with me. Let me give you my number and then you can call me and let me know or tell Jasper when you see him again."

"Um ok sure," she told me to give her my phone and she would program her number in so I did. I left with my groceries and headed out to my truck, parked next to me was a black SUV, I couldn't see who was inside because of the tinted windows but it gave me the creeps. I knew that it shouldn't nobody knew who I was or wanted me for anything so I just let it go. As I was driving home I noticed the SUV behind me, my dad had always told me that if I felt someone was following me then never go home go to the local police station so that's what I did. Once I pulled in the SUV took off, when I was sure they were gone I headed for home again, this time nobody was behind me.

"Hey Eric I got some groceries, would you mind helping me grab them?"

"Sure," he was watching TV and helped me bring them all in.

I had just started to make dinner for the two of us when there was a knock at the door, I wasn't expecting anyone and asked Eric if he was but he said no. With caution I looked threw the peep hole but I didn't see anyone there. Just as I was about to turn away there was another knock, I opened the door to find a little boy holding a package.

"Hello, can I help you with something?"

"Hi, are you Bella Swan?"

"Yes, why do you ask?"

"I was told that I needed to give you this package, my name is Tyler and I'm 6 years old." He sounded very proud when he told me this.

"Ok well thank you; do you know who it was that gave you this package?"

"No the man just told me to give this to you but he didn't tell me his name." I thought that was odd, who would let a 6 year old kid outside without supervision.

"Where are your parents? Do they know that you are over here?"

"My mom is with her boyfriend inside and I don't have a dad. They were arguing so I left and went to sit outside my door when the man came up to me. Do you know what's in the package?" He seemed like a nice kid but his mother needed a good smack in the head for letting her child out without supervision in this area.

"No idea, how about I walk you back down to your apartment and see if they are done arguing."

"That's ok; they usually take a while before there done. It was nice to meet you Bella." With that said he started back down the hall. I took the package inside and placed it on the kitchen counter and went to get a knife so that I could open it. Inside were pictures of me, I was waiting on Edward and his men, driving home, grocery shopping earlier today, while I was talking to Alice and her husband, everything that I have done for the past few week there were pictures of. I wasn't sure what that meant for me, I didn't have any idea who would want to do this or why.

"Hey what cha got in there?" Eric asked coming up behind me, I screamed not knowing he was there.

"Damn you scarred the shit out of me. I don't know just some pictures, not sure who sent them though." I didn't really want him to see them but he grabbed them from me before I could stop him.

"Um, do you have a stalker? I mean these pics are all of you, there is even one of you sleeping! Do you sleep with your blinds open at night?"

"I don't know and no I don't, I make sure they are shut before I go to bed at night. I'm going to take these to the police station. I want you to come with me I don't have a good feeling about you being here alone until we know more about this."

"Ok let me get dressed then we can go." When he left I looked at the box again to see if there was anything else, there was a note in the bottom that said 'watch who you keep company with, I will be watching you.' That was cryptic but still didn't tell me who this could have been, but it did tell me why just not who I shouldn't be around.

When we got to the station we were told to wait for an Officer Mike Newton, he would be able to help us out. When he came out there was something about him that I didn't trust but I didn't think that I would have much of an option so Eric and I went to his office.

"What can I help you two with today?" He asked us with a sneer on his face; it was like he was saying that we should get whatever was coming to us.

"Um, I received a package tonight from someone but I have no idea who. This little boy dropped it off he was only 6 years old, when I asked who the person was he just said that it was a man but he didn't know who it was. I brought everything with us but I really have no idea who would do this or why. I haven't made anyone mad that I know of and the people that I do know wouldn't do this to me." While I was talking the officer was looking at the photos and reading the note that was in the box. He didn't show any facial expressions so I wasn't sure what he was thinking.

"Well you must have made someone mad or they wouldn't have taken all of these photos. I do notice that you talk to this group here quite a bit do you know who they are?" He was pointing to the photo of Edward and his men.

"The group that you are pointing to they come in to the Diner almost everyday for lunch, I don't know them outside of there, except the one time in the store but that was the first and only time that I have talked to them outside of work."

"Do you know who these men are?"

"No, I don't even know there names except for the one with blond hair I know that his name is Jasper and his wife's name is Alice but that is all that I know why?"

"These are the Cullen's, I'm sure you have heard about them?" Yeah I have heard about them, I nodded my head to the officer. "Then you know that they are no good, they will only get you into trouble if you are associated with them."

"Ok but why would someone come after me? I don't talk to them unless I'm working."

"I don't know, are you more friendly with one? Maybe someone in the family is doing this to you because you are choosing favorites?"

"No, I'm only there long enough to take there order and deliver it."

"Unfortunately there isn't much that we can do for you, if you get anymore packages then call us." Eric and I got up and left the station, when we got in the car and where on our way home he finally decided to talk.

"I don't trust that cop, he was quick to point fingers at these Cullen's, but if you don't see them out of work."

"I don't know! Why would someone come after me if the only thing I do is wait on them? I don't want to give up the table either, they tip me $50 everyday no matter how small there bill is."

"Wow $50 every time, no wonder you have been able to get more food and not worry about the rent this month. How many days a week do they come in?"

"About 5 or 6, they don't come in on Sunday's but sometimes on Saturday's they do. When they don't come on Saturday I still make $150 a week in just tips from them alone."

"Damn, I wouldn't want to give up that table either." We finally made it back home, just before going into the house I noticed that there was a piece of paper taped to the door.

"Hey what's this," Eric grabbed the paper off the door and started to read it out loud. "Going to the cops was not the best move; remember I said that I would be watching you." Eric looked at me with fear in his eyes which must have matched my own. "I think this person is serious, we need to find out who is doing this to you."

"Yeah" when I went to put the keys in the lock the door opened up, walking inside the apartment was a total wreck.

"Holy hell, I really think that we should call the cops Bella, I know that the note said not to but we don't have any choice now we have to have someone come and look at this or the landlord is going to have a fit. I can't fix any of this damage either."

"Yeah, I'll call them now," I went to grab the phone when I noticed that the cord had been cut. "I don't think they want us calling the cops Eric, they cut the phone line." Before I knew it he was out the door knocking on the neighbor's door, when she answered he asked her to use the phone. Officer Newton showed up with a couple more officers, he introduced them as Amun who was his partner and Corin as she prefers to be called. They went over everything in the apartment and called the landlord to have him change the locks on the place before they said we could start to clean up. I also showed him the note that was on the door, he just said that there still wasn't anything that could be done until we figured out who it was that was doing this. I was ready to breakdown and cry when Corin came over to us and started to talk.

"I know that I'm not the person on this case but I will try and find out what I can for you, if anything like this or you get anymore info call me personally. I'm going to try and get the case transferred to me if I can ok?"

"I would feel more comfortable with you if that will help you get my case. There is just something about officer Newton that I don't trust."

"Understandable, can I have my superior call you if he has any questions?"

"Yeah that won't be a problem, if I don't answer my cell have him call me at work." I gave her my cell and work number, the only time that I didn't answer was if I was at work or in the shower. She took them both along with the information that she gathered here in the apartment and left with the other two officers.



When I went back to work the following Monday the Cullen's came in but this time they had women with them, one I recognized as Alice but the other I had no idea who she was. She looked like a model that was ready to go out on the runway, long straight blond hair, and blue eyes. I had asked Angela if she could take my table for me so that I could go out on break, I didn't really want to give up the table but with everything that was going on I need to take a break. When I was done I took care of the other tables first and then took care of them.

"Hey Bella! Did you find out from your brother if you guys will be coming to the cookout?"

"Um no, we had something happen this weekend that we had to take care of. I appreciate the offer but I don't think that we are going to be able to make it I'm really sorry."

"Oh poo, I was hoping that you could come, we can always do it another weekend that you would have available." Shit she is a persistent little thing; I wasn't sure what to do.

"Um, I work everyday so I don't really have time off or anything, but thank you again for the offer. Did you guys need anything else?" I asked trying to change the subject back to why they are here and off of the cookout topic.

"What happened this weekend that would affect something in the future?" The blond asked me rudely, I didn't know who she was.

"Rose! Sorry about her, she's just normally this bitchy," Edward told me while glaring at Rose.

"I just have to work and I can't afford the time off, I don't mean to offend anyone I'm really sorry." I left to o back to the kitchen, when I came back out I ran into someone's rock hard chest.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to run into you," I said looking at the round.

"No problem, don't mind Rose she's very protective of the family. Once you get to know her she's not so bad, she's also Emmett's wife. Don't let her get to you or influence you on not coming to the cookout, I would really like for you to be there. It will give me a chance to know you outside of work."

"I'm sorry I just don't know if I would have the time."

"I hope that you will reconsider it if you do find that you have the time." He walked away then leaving me in the hallway of the kitchen.

Everyday that week I would see one of the Cullen's outside of work, even Rose, and they would ask me if I was available every time I told them no. When they came into the Diner it was the same way, but just Edward would ask me, when I told him no he would get this sad look in his eyes. I felt bad about turning them down but I didn't want to cause any problems for myself and we still didn't know who it was that was after me.

When I got home on Friday I could see that the door was partially open, I knew that Eric was still at school for basketball practice so it wouldn't be him. I called Corin right away and told her that I thought someone was in my apartment; she said to go to the neighbors and stay there until she got there. About 20 minutes later she knocked on the door letting me know that she was there; I followed her into the apartment and just started to cry. We had just finished cleaning it up from the last time that someone wrecked it only to have the damage done even worse this time. Everything was destroyed, the couch was ripped to shreds, every dish and glass was broken, lamps were broken, the carpet was cut up, and someone took red paint and wrote on the wall. The wall said: I told you that going to the cops was a big mistake but you went to them anyway, now you are going to pay. My first instinct was to call the school and see if Eric was still there but I knew that I wouldn't get anyone because he would be there with the couch and other players only the administration staff was long gone by now. I told my concerns to Corin; she got on the phone right away to someone.

"Hey Edward it's Corin, I'm here at Bella's house and it's been destroyed again, she said that her brother is at basketball practice. The note on the wall said that she was going to pay for going to the cops and is worried about her brother, can you come over here? Great I'll see you in about 15 then."

"Edward is on his way here now he'll stay with you while I go to the school and get your brother. We also need to contact the landlord again, I'll let Edward deal with him, he seemed like a real piece of work the last time and I don't think he'll be very happy about this happening again." I knew that she was right so I called up the landlord; to say that he was pissed was an understatement. When he came up to the apartment to see the damage done his face turned an odd shade of purple. Before he could say anything there was a knock at the door, I went to answer it and got the shock of a life time.

"Wh…what are you doing here?"

"Corin called me and said that your house had been broken into again and she called me to stay here with you."

"Edward right on time, the landlord just got here and he is a bit pissed about the damages done again." So this was the person she called, great just great.

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