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So much has happened since Black's death, the cops ruled it as a drug deal gone wrong but I knew different. The good thing was they never suspected Edward or if they did they didn't come knocking on our door for him. They did come to the house when they found Eric, I told them that we had a fight and he wasn't answering his phone but I thought it was because he was mad at me. I played the part well or at least the cops thought I did, Edward told me not to start up an acting career because I sucked. I was finally able to have a funeral in my own way for him, Edward had told me what they found and that there wouldn't be anyway to move him without doing damage to Eric's body.

That night Edward came home we made love until the early hours, what we forgot was to use protection. The doctor told me while I was in the hospital that the antibiotics would make my pills ineffective and they did.

About 6 weeks later I started to feel like shit, I was throwing up all the time and moody as hell. One night Edward went to grab my boob and I cried it was so sore, he was just as shocked as I was and told me I need to see the doctor if they were hurting me so I did. When the doc asked if I could be pregnant it was like a light went off in my head.

I told Edward what the doctor said and I thought he was going to float away on me; he was so happy he called his parents and told them right away. They were just as happy as him and came over the following morning. Everyone else was happy for us also; it was a nice feeling to know that my child was welcomed into the family like I was.

Nine months later I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, we named him Mason Anthony Cullen. He was born at 11:30 pm, weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces and was 22 inches long. I was in labor for about 22 hours with him but I would do it all over again.

He's going to be turning 2 in a few weeks, and he looks just like his father. He has my hair color but Edward's eyes, when Esme showed me a picture of Edward as a baby; Mason looks just like he did.

I'm due again in 4 weeks. This time it's a girl, we're going to name her Sasha Marie Cullen, Edward hopes that she's a mini me, but personally I hope she has his eye color.

We got married the week after my casts came off, which was good because I didn't want to have to look for another dress. It was a simple ceremony with just family and close friends but it's what we both wanted. Alice and Rose looked beautiful in their dresses and when I finally got to see what mine looked like on, I felt like a princess.

For the honeymoon we went to Italy, he showed me everything, where he grew up and what the hot spots where then. It's a wonderful place to go and I can't wait until we go back and can take the kids with us.

The following year for our anniversary he took me to Hawaii, I had never seen such clear water. It was wonderful and I had the most fun since Italy, Mason was still too little, so Esme took care of him while we where gone. This year we wouldn't be going on a trip because it was going to be too soon after having Sasha.

Edward was still going strong in the mafia world; in fact things seemed to be getting better for him. The other families heard about what happened and now they work with him when they can. I guess it has something to do with power but I'm not really sure.

I haven't gone back to work and don't plan on it either, yes I still help out Edward from time to time but mostly I just stay at home with Mason. I love being able to stay home with him and not have to worry about missing anything. I would have to say that life if good right now and I can't wait until this little one gets here, and then I think life would be just about perfect for me.


My life was great; I had a wife, son, and a daughter on the way. My life in the mafia world was going great too, people now knew I meant business and when I say don't fuck with my family they know the lengths I'll go to get my revenge.

The wedding was what Bella wanted and I couldn't have been happier watching her walking down the isle to me and knowing that she was mine forever.

The day she told me she was pregnant I thought I would explode I was so happy. I hadn't even thought about the birth control thing until she mentioned it, but I was grateful that it wasn't in effect. Mason is a mini me except his hair color, that's Bella's, but he's still a great kid and he's smart too. Bella works with him during the day doing numbers and letters, at the rate he's learning he'll be reading before he even starts school.

Sasha I'm hoping looks just like Bella, though I know I'll have to make sure the guns are loaded when it's time to let her date. Bella and I have already had many arguments over when her dating would be appropriate, I said never, but she said it wasn't going to happen. I knew she was right but I didn't want to think about anything like that now, she wasn't even here yet.

I took Bella to Italy for out honeymoon and Hawaii for our anniversary, this year I was going to take her to France but Sasha will be too little still so next year maybe. I can't wait until the kids get older and we could go to Disney World, I've been there before and I know the kids would have a blast.

Right now my life is perfect I think, and it's only going to get better.



It's been an amazing ride. Thank you everyone for the reviews.