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Panthalassa : High Tide

Chapter 1 - Attraction


October 1st, my nineteenth birthday was the day I started recording my first song at Land Ocean records. Alice had been furious that I had refused a birthday party in lieu of starting my singing career.

To say that Branson and Greg had been surprised at my appearance in their studio just over a month ago would have been an understatement.

Alice had made me wear a long black wig, done up with a plait, green colored contacts and what would become my signature, a mask that covered the area around my eyes. Greg actually had been affronted by it, saying that selling the image was almost if not more important than the music. Branson, always the quirky energetic guy, thought this gimmick would actually work out really well. Both of them, as artists, respected the fact I wanted my voice and music to be known on their own and that my personal life and my personality would have little to no bearing on my fan base.

Edward had thought up my stage name which I actually didn't initially like, but I got used to it rather quickly. was what I to be known by and the only origins that the public would ever know about me was that I was born in England and grew up in the Midwest.

Branson had taken to calling me Ann to make sure he didn't slip up. Jasper had acted as my lawyer and made the record company sign disclosure agreements. Neither Greg nor Branson were allowed to ever tell anyone my true identity. They were being paid a substantial percent of my earnings for their discretion.

The rest of my earnings were beings anonymously donated to the ASPCA. I had always had a small spot for creatures being abused. And animals didn't even have a voice. With all of that set up I had a couple other provisos that really got to Greg.

I wanted to do a throwback to the times before editing software and sound systems to help improve the quality of the songs. I wanted to record my songs in one take with the band Branson set up, which happened to be the other band signed to Land Ocean Records, the Shells. The guys in the band were really excited to work with me, and never once commented on my mask or the fact my hair changed color every other day as we worked together getting the composition right. Edward had to come in a couple days for our practices because I was having a hard time communicating the melody I wanted at the bridge of one of the songs.

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to record my songs live was that I didn't want to mislead people about what I sounded like. Eventually I would be performing in front of people in clubs and I wanted the same sound they heard in the song to be heard live.

Alice had placed herself firmly as my wardrobe and makeup artist, giddy with excitement over the future she kept seeing. Seth had volunteered to be a sort of body guard for me, as Alice foresaw massive mobs and paparazzi trying to get a single picture of me without my mask.

We finished recording the songs in the mid afternoon; we only got through the two songs we'd been practicing. We were going to start the next three I'd written. The family, although I didn't see them as often as they would like, was happy for me. Jasper kept sending me lyrics he'd written, and I'd have about 12 new songs by the time my original 11 were recorded.

I was driven vampire speed back to the main house for a small celebration. Small being the operative word, as punishment to Alice for all of her meddling I had demanded that only Esme and Bella could plan things for my party. It was a little hilarious to watch Alice squirm and make faces as she saw different outcomes for my party while she had been with me at the studio. Several times in the weeks leading up to my birthday I'd catch her frantically texting someone just after a vision. She thought she was being sneaky.

For the most part I stayed at my tiny place, Kevin and I were still together but we only saw each other twice a week, and now with me starting my recordings it might be just once a week. He wasn't happy about it. In fact we'd had a fight about how little we had been seeing each other a couple days ago. I hadn't told any of the family about it, as I felt it wasn't any of their business. But it bothered me that Kevin and I hadn't made up yet. I didn't really think of my family and I as having "made up" as I was still carrying around some residual resentment for their secrets and lies, but it was a comfortable truce.

Esme and Carlisle seemed edgy, as much as vampires could, that I hadn't really warmed back up to them. It must have been torture for them both when I kept refusing to accept the new family credit card, or stay at the house more than one night in a row.

There had been a small argument between Carlisle and myself through texts on that matter. The fight had gone on much longer than it should because I was having too much fun with it, as Carlisle couldn't call me because he was at work, and I couldn't (wouldn't) answer while I was rehearsing at the studio.

The amount of hilarity in a nearly 400 year old man arguing with an eighteen year old over the use of the family fortune through text messages was massive. Sad thing was I could tell no one why I kept giggling whenever I checked my phone. In the end though, I won. At least until I was changed I was going to live off my money. The money from my trust and whatever I'd earned from 42.

Even then it wasn't really enough, but I had never needed much. And now Alice was buying all my clothes so I barely had any expenses at all.

I got out of Alice's bright yellow X-Edison z500, and followed her into Seth's house.

Light classical music was being played, and I could see soft lighting flowing out of the windows as I approached the front door. Alice was smiling at me, in her now typical self effacing way, holding the door open.

First thing I noticed was a whole set up for a band where Seth's entertainment center usually was, and a nice black dance floor in front of it where his couches usually were. When I turned my attention away from the display in the living room I nearly laughed as all of the vampire men were wearing pop-punk and gothic wear.

"I think I already like Bella's idea of a party," I blurted out. It got a laugh from Edward, Rose and Esme.

Carlisle had his perfect blonde hair spiked into a Mohawk, and metal chains going from his ear to his lip, someone had put heavy black eyeliner on him. While all of them were wearing clothes that would have been perfect in any goth club, I wondered if the various females in the house were enjoying the looks the boys were sporting far beyond the normal enjoyment I felt. Confirming this was Alice who was openly leering at Jasper.

I wasn't sure how a vampire orgy was going to make this a birthday party-

Edward burst out laughing and bent over his knees.

"We decided to put on a concert for you Evangeline," Carlisle spoke up, possibly seeing where my imagination was going, with the way Rose was now hanging off of Emmett. Suddenly I realized we were missing two people.

"Seth and Jake are going to be here in a moment, they aren't joining our band, sadly. Jake said something about not being caught dead in eyeliner," Jasper stated.

"Which is a shame," Ren lamented coming up to my left and hooking her arm with mine, "He would look really handsome in it."

"A Native American version of Captian Jack Sparrow?" I teased, while Bella handed me a glass of something fizzy.

"If that ends up making you happy babe I would be thrilled to oblige," Jake's booming voice came from the back of the house. Both Rose and Edward started making retching noises at that, which garnered laughter from Jasper and Emmett.

I threw back a sip of the sparkling juice Bella had given me, I frowned a bit as I realized it wasn't alcoholic.

When Seth and Jake walked into the room my eyes went wide. Their usual shaggy hair was cut short and they looked almost like Native American male models ready for a runway walk in their tailored shirts and slacks.

Seth was grinning wide when he rushed over to me, only to pick me up and swing me around causing me to laugh lightly. Esme huffed slightly having watched the remainder of my drink fly out of my glass.

"It's cool Esme, this is my place, hey Jake show her how we do it here," Seth grinned and put me down. Jake threw a towel from the kitchen to Seth and Seth just put it on top of the spill, not bothering to bend over and wipe it up. This only seemed to agitate Esme more. Not cleaning something properly must really get to someone who could see individual dust pieces as they floated in the air.

"So why are the natives dressed like the mafia, and you lot are dressed like…" I left the word hang in the air as I gestured to the vampires.

"One of your favorite bands was Green Day," Jasper said factually. I didn't bother asking how they knew that.

"So this is a Green Day concert is it?" I asked and Emmett blurred to the drums and started hitting a solid beat.

"Damn right little sis," Jasper winked at me, and Alice mock swooned at her husband as he picked up the base. The mock swoon turned into a real one as they started playing without any introductions. I was curious if Edward or Carlisle would be singing Billie Joe Armstrong's parts. Edward had such a clear and profound voice, while Billie had a sort of nasally stuffed up singing voice that was hard to replicate.

I was awed when Edward really got into it and they opened up with "Minority". Carlisle was really shredding the guitar and my mouth was agape watching the four of them literally rock out.

Seth grabbed me by the hand and we started doing a little Irish type jig to the song, but when the next song started I screamed and ran to "mosh" with Ren, Alice, and Rose at the front of the stage.

The best part of them playing Green Day songs was the fact Edward had to curse when the lyrics caused for it. I took a glance at my sisters and saw all of their eyes had gone black with lust.

From there the evening seemed to becoming a waiting game to see which couple would think they had spent sufficient time with me on my birthday. I silently made the gamble that it would be Rosalie and Emmett. And not long after my cake had been cut and the small mound of presents opened, which much to my annoyance had been gifts of money, did I see Alice grab Jasper and disappear under the pretence of getting me more punch.

Seth and I shared a smile when Bella and Edward stole away under the pretense of going to find Jasper and Alice. Emmett and Rose didn't even bother and just grinned at me then ran off. I sighed with humor and waved my parents and Ren off.

Still tired from my long day I got up and stretched.

"Is it wrong that I am excited to go "on tour" with you when you do eventually get famous?" Seth asked crumpling up the last piece of wrapping paper I had wildly flung away from me while opening my presents.

"No. I mean I know Alice has seen it, but until it happens it kind of seems like it could just be a dream."

I strolled away from the dining room table and went back to the stage set up. I picked up the guitar Carlisle had been playing and strummed it. Seth flicked the power on for the set up and the guitar roared to life.

I indulged in a fantasy I once had when I was little, looking out from the tiny stage in Seth's living room I replaced the cream colored walls with rows and rows of fans. When I was little they had been cheering my name, but now they would be cheering some made up name, and somewhere in my brain it felt wrong. It felt like I'd be cheated. But that little fame monster was squished out when I closed my eyes and took a calming breath.

Seth gave me a cheer and I grinned at him.

The first chords of the song had been taught to me by Jasper, and I had taught it to Henry the guitarist of the Shells. But somehow, when I played it, it sounded better, clearer.

I had sung the 'Ocean' song as it had been named, well over a dozen times, and it felt renewed, like this truly was the first time this song had ever been heard by anyone. Seth was watching me, his deep brown eyes smiling warmly up at me, and it strengthened me.

When I finished he clapped and whistled for me. I curtsied and laughed when he shouted "Encore".


"Seriously though… hours?" I asked astounded.

"Well," Seth cleared his throat and took a long swig of his beer finishing it off, "Nessie and Jake do need some rest." My face contorted in disgust of its own volition, but Seth kept talking.

"The others don't really need any… so it could last from minutes to hours. Rose and Emmett have actually been known to misplace time altogether. According to Carlisle they were once gone for almost a week."

I couldn't hold back the flabbergasted laugh.

"A week with nothing but…" my words trailed off and rather than say the word I did a little pelvic thrust from my spot on the deck chair. Seth laughed at my antics and swallowed audibly before setting his now empty beer down.

"I suppose… for them it isn't hard to get lost in time when you are spending it with the one person that matters more than… anything-everything," Seth sighed.

The small amount of light leaking out from the house played on his tanned skin.

"Is that… what it's like when a wolf imprints?" I was curious. I'd never asked Seth of Jake about it.

He shrugged one shoulder, "Only Edward could tell you the differences in a vampire mating versus an imprinting. Most of my people would say that imprinting is more profound. But-" he shook his head and reached into the cooler for another beer. I wasn't about to let it go.

"But what?"

"I know how Jake feels about Nessie, how Sam feels about Emily… and it's not exactly like I don't want that but it almost seems like they are prisoners of their imprints. The imprints seem to be helpless against the devotion we wolves offer, but it-" he struggled and looked away from me again.

"Takes away their choice?" I hedged.

"Something like that. I worry that I'll imprint on a girl who is a complete moron, and I'll be helpless to see it, because she'll be my everything. If I could meet a woman and get to know her, then imprint," his gaze slowly turned back to look at me, and I felt goosebumps erupt over my arms at the way he looked at me.

"That's why you've stayed single? Ren told me you don't want what happened to your sister to happen to any other girl…"

He broke out into a large grin and leaned back in his chair.

"Emmett would have you believe I couldn't get a girl," he joked.

"Emmett is an idiot." I replied instantly.

Seth and I stared at each other for a moment.

"I heard that," I hear Emmett shouting from somewhere in the woods.

"And he sucks at playing the drums too," I continued, pretending I hadn't heard him. Seth's smile grew and he nodded seriously.

"It was the only thing we thought he wouldn't be horri-" and suddenly Seth and his chair were missing from next to me. His beer bottle landed a meter away thudding loudly on the porch.

I could see shadows on the lawn, two wolves and two pale white vampires playing with them. A small wave of nausea hit me after I realized Seth had shifted, and I turned away from the lawn to see Ren and Bella, looking more like sisters than mother daughter, watching the spectacle on the lawn.


Kevin's hands were gently caressing my lower back as he lowered us to the bed. My mouth felt fuzzy, and my head felt numb. And although I wanted this, I truly did, I felt like I was on fast forward and I couldn't slow down to enjoy the moment.

Seconds before we had been sitting on my couch, I was singing one of my new songs for him while I muddled through the chords on the guitar. The next thing I knew his full lips were on mine, his hands gently winding in my hair.

"Ange," he whispered with a low growl that had my eyes rolling back in my head with pleasure. Something about that tone made my body feel like jello.

He was ever so gentle and delicate; Kevin kept watching my eyes the entire time, to ensure his motions, his touches, were alright with me. I could have stared into his eyes all night. And with all the coaching I'd been getting from the support group, and the pep talks I'd been giving myself my body and mind were ready for him.


He held my hair when after we'd finished I ran to the toilet and vomited. I fought the tears back, my body though satisfied seemed to carry the residual stress from the last time I'd been with a man. I didn't want Kevin to think it reflected on him in any way. After all it must be a huge dent in your ego when the girl that claimed to have enjoyed your love making almost instantly runs for the toilet once the mattress stopped moving.

I rested my head against the pale porcelain of the seat and sniffled loudly. Kevin had wrapped a towel around himself, and draped another over my shaking body. His calloused hands, firm and strong, were gently massaging my back.

Telling him I was sorry would be redundant and seem like an excuse. What girl wouldn't be sorry in this situation?

When I felt better I cleaned myself off in the shower.

I was sitting on my bed wrapped in my fluffly robe waiting for Kevin to finish showering when I got a text from Ren.

Everything alright?

I scowled at the phone, and instead of texting Ren I texted the reason my friend knew something could be amiss.

NO spying Alice. I quickly sent to her. I paused a second then added: You PERVERT.

Letting Ren know I was fine I set my phone down and laid back on my bed.

I felt… I wasn't sure how I felt. What Kevin and I had done was natural for a couple…in love. I mean I did love him. I loved being around him, he made me smile and I felt safe. But I supposed I felt dirty, or as if I wasn't myself anymore. This wasn't a normal way to feel, I was sure. Then again what was normal for a girl who'd been abused and neglected?

Kevin kissed me goodbye before he left, promising he'd see me next week. It seemed so far away.

"I'm sorry I have to go…" his whispered into my ear as we hugged by my door.

"You can't help when a foal is going to be born; it's anytime in the next week isn't it?"

"Yeah…" He sighed heavily. He looked completely regretful that he had to leave.

"You know, you could tell my mom I got sick-"

"She wouldn't believe me." I dryly chuckled, as he started swaying us back and forth.

"I wish you could come with… a whole week at the ranch. I know you'd love it." Kevin cooed enticingly.

"Your mum and dad would make me have a separate room," I stated.

"It would be like high school, sneaking around in the middle of the night. And actual romp in the hay…" he poked me playfully in the side. I leaned away and quirked a brow at him.

"I meant- like in high school as a reference to the typically assumed activities that high school students when dating-"

"Keep talking hot stuff," I poked him back now, his back pedaling was cute. He sighed and rested his forehead against mine.

"I really want you to come down," pleading now, his embrace tightened a fraction. When he slackened we each took a half step back.

"You know my recording is just getting into full swing…" I softly spoke, the anxiety working its way through my voice.

Nodding Kevin let his frown slip from his face, and his kissed me again before straightening his shoulders.

We said our goodbyes and I saw him to the front of the building before I went back inside to get an afternoon nap.


It was close to Thanksgiving when my last song was being recorded. The family had mostly left for La Push already, and I was to fly out and join them to days before the holiday. Carlisle and Esme were staying back with me. Which was a little weird, because they had arrived early in the morning at my place and as it was a sunny, but chilly autumn day, were awaiting my return. Our flight was a red eye flight so we didn't have to worry about the sparkle factor.

It'd been five months since I learned about the initial reason I became part of their family. And that wound still hurt, but it didn't bother me as much anymore. I had a life outside of them now. When I had spent those ten months with them they had been my world. And I forced myself to grow up, which looking back had been a good thing, although it had royally sucked.

The way Esme treated me was subtle, so much so sometimes it felt like nothing had happened. But when I asserted my independence and refusal to be used by them, but instead help them when I would be needed, I earned what Edward called "overwhelming amounts of respect" from both her and Carlisle.

Esme, when human had let herself be maneuvered much like a child, even in her adult years. She confessed to me one night after dinner that she didn't worry about me any longer. She knew I was made of much stronger stuff than she had been. In a way I doubted it but I wasn't about to correct her, as I she was referencing the fact she'd given up on life in a situation where she thought I would have fought onwards.

She was still my mum, but she didn't coddle me, or tuck me in (as it would have been odd since I was living in an efficiency apartment). But all the same I didn't need her to be there, I wouldn't have minded her being there to say goodnight to but now text messages and phone calls fit the bill.

My relationship with Carlisle was awkward. His betrayal had stung the most, and I still got angry when I thought about how much I'd trusted him and he'd let me down. But I loved him, like only a daughter could love her father after he'd messed up so horribly. I doled out plenty of sarcasm with him, and purposefully brought up religious notions I had no education about, making grandiose remarks about faith just to see if I could get a reaction.

If I ever got into a shouting match with him it would top my list of accomplishments, above recording an album, and surviving a werewolf attack. The little monster inside of me which I mostly ignored seemed to enjoy when people that had hurt me were suffering. And on the outside it didn't look like Carlisle was suffering at all, so the monster went hungry.

Edward hadn't said anything about my inner beast reveling in goading others on, but I was pretty sure it wasn't healthy.

I was still anxious about my record, and the finishing that would be going on the week after Thanksgiving. I wouldn't be there and it drove me a little crazy. The songs were like my little children and I was letting someone else polish them up. Analogies aren't a strong suit of mine.

I should have tried to sleep on the plane, but I couldn't. Jasper picked us up, and I slid into an easy slumber once he started using his ability on me. I didn't even consider resisting.

Meeting the Quileute's for the second time a year later I saw subtle changes. Paul and Rachel's little boy was getting big and he had a sassy mouth I was sure he got from his father. Sam and Emily's boys were much more respectful; their little girl who'd just turned seven loved clinging to me. She kept calling me the 'white angel', which would have been cute if she had been younger and didn't know my full name, but as she was old enough to know better it just seemed too childish.

Charlie gave me one look over then sent a glare in the direction of Carlisle.

"I told you to look out for her," he grumped, his grey speckled beard bristling.

Bella came up to my side, "Dad, leave it. We told you about the… real werewolves." Bella's dad nodded and his brown eyes met mine before he sighed heavily.

"I did hear… I was sorry to hear about your dad," Charlie awkwardly shifted.

Shrugging I looked around those gathered before we sat down to the Thanksgiving dinner. All of the Quileute women and the imprints were shuffling around various dishes, the Cullen women helping out at a human pace.

I sat between Seth and Charlie for the meal, and it felt nice to eat with a table full of people so full of love for one another that it reminded me of the last time I was here. The Quileute's really did know how to make someone feel at home with them.

That night there was a bond fire, the vampires went off to hunt together, Ren and Jake had gone off to be with the other wolves and imprints, which left me with "the old men" as Charlie joked.

Billy taught me how to play cribbage last time and had to re-teach me, so I played with them late into the night, comfortable and full.

"Are you getting a cold Eva?" Billy's ancient voice broke me from my concentration.

"No why?" I asked, and the urge to sniffle was brought to my notice.

"You've been sniffling a lot," Charlie commented, while making his move.

"I have been pretty stressed lately, it isn't unlikely that I'd get sick, but I think Alice would have seen-you know," I thumbed my cards absentmindedly.

"Maybe after this game we should all turn in," Charlie suggested covering a yawn with a fist.

"Losing that badly huh?" Billy joked.

Charlie hurumphed and leaned forward resting his elbows on the low table we were playing at.

I lost all four games we played, no real surprise there.

I listened to Charlie's snores as I was in the guest bedroom at his and Sue's place on the Res. Sniffling I cursed the fact Billy was probably right about me being sick. I got out of bed and carefully shuffled down to the kitchen, poured myself a glass of orange juice and grabbed the Kleenex box off the coffee table before heading back to bed.


The wind was wiping and it caused chills to go up my back. It was a nice sunny day as I trudged along behind Jared and Embry. Seth was horsing around with Quil and Jake in front of us. Bella was behind me holding Edwards hand and talking quietly about god knows what. I, personally, was excited to get to try cliff jumping. From how Seth described it, it seemed like a cheap, yet fantastic thrill.

It was only cold when the wind pushed at me, almost making me wish I didn't have to peel off my coat.

Jake shouted as Quil surprised him and pushed him off the edge, my gasp was simply out of instinctual reaction to seeing somebody being pushed off a cliff.

"Did you seriously try this Bella?" I asked her. Looking in the distance along the coast I could see waves crashing violently against the rocky wall.

It looked rather like a shocking thing to willingly do, fling yourself into the ocean where so many things could go wrong. My mind was quickly changing into the "not so sure this is a good idea" category.

"I did," she sighed, and scrunched up her eyes trying to find that fuzzy human memory.

"According to Jake the waves the day Bella did it were much bigger," Edward added.

I scoffed at him mentally, and asked him if he knew Bella was crazy when he decided to marry her. He shoved me, causing Bella to raise a perfect brow at us.

"You'll be down there to catch me?" I asked unsure, carefully edging closer to where the wolves were stripping off their shirts.

"Seth already is," Edward reassured me nodding to the edge. Embry startled me when he gave a loud cry and ran from the higher spot and leapt. He looked like a tanned flesh rock hurtling through the air, and he had about as much grace as one when the waves swallowed him.

Instinctually I backed up, right into Edward.

Looking down into the water, I couldn't see Seth or Embry, OR Jake. I saw the water rushing up to me as if I was already falling and suddenly my knees hit the ground.

A buzzing noise filled my ears as I taking in deep breaths.

"Alice had said she'd be okay…" I heard Bella's concerned voice murmur.

"She said she thought Evangeline would be okay, she couldn't actually see around the wolves…" Edward whispered back.

Shaking my head I stood up, Bella helping me. Craning my neck out, my pony tail fell in front of me. This time I could see little things bobbing in the water. I saw Jake climbing the side of the cliff as easy as if he'd been walking.

A gust of wind and the sharp smell of salt water stung my nose and I sharply backed away again.

"Sorry," I murmured looking up into Edward and Bella's concerned faces.

"Fearless Evangeline…" Edward hummed full of humor, Bella punched his arm for me, and I gave her a crooked grin as my stomach rolled when I heard some violent waves below crash against the stone again.

"An Angel that is afraid of heights," Edward mused.

"It's not the height," I breathed, then closed my eyes to calm myself, "It's the falling."



AN: Beginning of the second arch of Eva's life with the Cullen's. Now she is on the path to become a famous singer, I wonder how she'll handle the fame?