Two figures were walking side by side through the dark streets of New Mombasa. One was a Spartan and the other an ODST. After several seconds the Spartan glanced at the ODST before talking.
"I fucking hate you" said the Spartan and the ODST swung his head round to look at him.
"What?" asked the puzzled ODST.
"I said I fucking hate you, you bastard" repeated the Spartan, though throwing in some swears for good measure.
"Where... where is this coming from?" asked the ODST. The Spartan was quick to answer.
"Look at you. Standing there next to a real Spartan like it means something. Well it doesn't. Pretending to be a Spartan, like me. But you're not a Spartan. You're just an ODST" said the Spartan. "Yeah but I'm not pretending to be a Spartan" replied the ODST calmly. The Spartan was just as menacing in his reply.
"Good, because I could have you executed for doing such a thing. Only one of us would be within their boundaries to kill the other. Can you remember which way round it is?" he asked.
"Yes..." answered the ODST quietly.
"Good, because we wouldn't want any little accidents to happen now would we?" said the Spartan.

There was silence for a few moments before the Spartan decided to enjoy himself again.

"Did you see the UNSCs most senior ODST Officer on the news last night?" he asked.
"No" replied the ODST.
"Neither did I" said the Spartan calmly. The ODST was getting frustrated.
"You know, from what I can recall I think I signed up to be in the ODST. I'm not pretending to be anything; I don't even want to be a Spartan, who would? You get taken from your parents during childhood and undergo genetic altering which puts you in years of great pain and can kill or deform you" he said angrily, but the Spartan was quick to retort.

"CAN kill or deform you. But quite frankly, even if I was deformed, I'd still love being a Spartan. I can flip tanks over, punch a spaceship to death and I can beat a grunt to death with his own skull. Meanwhile, what can you do? You can fill out parking tickets, direct people to shelters and fall out of spaceships. Maybe you're useful in battle, but only as cannon fodder" he said.
"You said it yourself, we're useful" responded the ODST.
"But not very" replied the Spartan. Now the ODST was angry.
"Will you just shut the fuck up, I mean-"
"How dare you swear at a Spartan!" he interrupted. "Me. A seven foot tall, 1000 pound super soldier capable of jumping metres into the air and driving any kind of vehicle, human or not. The only vehicle you can drive is a go kart"
"And they're fun to drive!" shouted the ODST, trying to make the argument a little less hostile.
"What do you think would win in a fight? A go kart or a tank?" asked the Spartan.
"Um..." began the ODST, but was interrupted again by the Spartan.
"I would win. Do you know why?" he asked.
"Because you're a Spartan?" asked the ODST.
"Because I'm a Spartan. Now piss off, before I punch you to the next continent with my fists powered by my highly powered Spartan biceps" said the Spartan.
"Okay..." said the ODST before slowly backing away and walking in the opposite direction.


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