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Part 19: The Second Feud

"You are not to insult my wife!"

The angry words caused Sora to immediately open her eyes, hoping that her vision was only a dream. She sat up breathing heavily and her face was covered with sweat. She was in her room and she hoped that her vision was nothing more but a dream. That it never happened. "A dream…" she whispered.

"It's hard to say it was a dream. If it is, the bastard would have never given you a deep cut." A familiar mellow voice answered. Not daring to look him in the eyes, Sora covered her face with her palms and cried softly. "I did everything to make the pain go away Sora. Does it still sting?" Tai asked, running his hand over at Sora's back to calm her down.

"You can never do away with my heart's pain Tai. He's gone. He's a whole new person. He has a new life and what hurts is that I'm not even included in it." She answered, looking up at Tai with sore eyes. Tai watched Sora as she cried on the bed. "I know I shouldn't say this yet since it might only add to your burden Sora…but…"

Sensing Tai's dilemma, Sora turned to him. "What is it?"

"My...my people has been abducted. Everyone we left behind was taken. My sister, my comrades…everyone." He said calmly but Tai's anger was building up inside him. "I'm sorry to say this Sora, but if my sister or any of my comrades are hurt, I would never spare his life." Tai gritted, referring to Yamato.

The news shocked Sora. It made her quiver in guilt. "This is my fault. I…I ruined your lives just because I want to save him." She said, referring to Yamato. "Tai, I don't know what to do anymore."

Tai apologized for raising his voice. He sat closer to her and held her hand. "I should return you to your real home." He whispered. "You've experienced far enough Sora. Forget him. Start a new life. There's no way you could turn him back."

Her eyes were strong. He knew she wasn't going to give up. "No! I have experienced too much, and that is why I'm willing to take him back. No matter what happens.  I've gone far enough just to give him up."

Tai hastily disagreed and tightened his grip on her hand. "You can't sacrifice your life for him."

Sora remained strong with her decision. "After I made my decision to come after him, it meant that I am willing to risk everything for him Tai. I love him."

"I know…" he whispered. "I know you still do." No matter how much Sora loves Yamato, Taichi is still willing to help Sora in every possible way, even if it pains him to do it. She means so much to him. The sacrifice I have to make… he thought.

"If you want to save him, we'll need help. Izzy knows a spell to reverse whatever it was that wench put upon Yamato. We need help to attack – " Tai was soon silenced by her warm and tight hug. "I owe you everything Tai… thank you…" How I wish you could return the favor by choosing me… He thought as he patted her head.

The sound of the castle trumpets roared as Muriko made he way to the halls. She knew she was coming back. For months, she's finally coming back.

The castle door was beginning to open and Muriko could see a small pack of people riding on horses slowly making their way.

"The princess has returned!" a soldier shouted, making Muriko's heart jump for joy. "Sora…" she whispered as a lad escorted her daughter down the horse. Both were happy upon seeing each other. "I'm sorry…" Sora whispered over and over again.

"Hush…you're here. And safe. Mimi! Good heavens! Come here!" Mimi soon cried and went into Muriko's waiting arms.

King Leonard soon appeared and hugged his daughter. "Thank heavens you're alive." He immediately studied his daughter's companions. "And who might you be?" he asked the three gentlemen.

Taichi answered. "The leader of the Villu bandits." He felt the gurads hold their swords. "I cared for you daughter." He added.

"What do you want in return for caring for Sora?"

Taichi looked at Sora. "I want you to save my comrades from the Celetites and save Yamato as well."

"I failed getting him back mama…" Sora said. "But he needs help! They are evil people. We need to save Taichi's comrades. Father please…" Sora pleaded.

The King, after contemplating, nodded his head. "I will help. We need to avenge the people who died fighting for what is right."

Muriko led Sora, Taichi and the others inside where they were fed and dressed in proper clothes. Sora smiled a little upon seeing Taichi in clean clothes. He approached her. "I hope your smile means I look nice in these."

He still managed to make her laugh. "Sora." She stopped laughing and looked at him. "I don't want you to participate in the fight." He said quickly.

"I want to!" Sora defended. "I need to Taichi. I want to be the one who will save him."

Taichi slapped her face. It didn't hurt much, but it made her left cheek a little swollen. "I know you love him, but you can't die if he is indeed saved. Please listen…" he whispered, slowly hugging Sora. "I bet that bastard would have said the same thing…"

"If ever someone appears here…" he continued, "Perhaps that witch, you need to counter attack her Sora."

Sora looked up at Taichi. "With what? She's powerful. I'm a mere person." She said.

"I know." Taichi replied. "That is why I'm going to give you half of my energy."

Sora walked away from him and shook her head. "You can't. You're going to help get Yamato. If you give me half of your magic, you'll be half weaker."

Taichi smirked. "You need to have some sacrifices for love right? Besides… I'm still good at close combat. I'm going to transfer it now, okay Sora?"

She was left with no decision. So she stood close to Tai and did as she was ordered. "Close your eyes." He whispered, cupping her face. He placed his forehead on top of hers and chanted over and over again. Sora could feel herself getting warm and her she could feel a tingling sensation in every part of her body. It was like energy was running inside her. After a long while, Taichi opened his eyes and gazed at Sora's peaceful face. He wanted to kiss her now. Just before everything goes back to normal. And so he did.

The kiss surprised Sora. It lasted for only a brief moment. "Was that part of the ritual?"

"No…"he said. "I just want to kiss you one last time before everything goes back to normal." Taichi whispered. "I have a strong feeling that Yamato will come back… and that you'll be happy. So I am going to fight for your happiness Sora. No more tears." His words caused her eyes to form tears again. "What? You're crying? I thought I just said no more tears…"

Sora smiled a little. "Thanks Tai."

Back in the Celetites, King John already knew of Leonard's decision. He laughed madly and drank his wine. "Enjoy the last days of being king Leonard. You will slowly lose."

While most of the soldiers are training for the coming war, Yamato remained in his room, contemplating. He frowned. The woman with red hair…she looked vaguely familiar. He remembers something important with her. "She must someone of importance in my life. I just don't know if it's good or bad."

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