A Debt

Chapter 10: Task

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Chapter: Task

'And there I got my wand, myself and completely no idea on how should I face this task. Really Hermione's right I should start thinking things out.' Harry James Potter is a regular Hogwarts fourth year with regular teen problems, or maybe considering him a little above average problems. Masquerading through life and death situations is his daily dosage of thrills. 'Now what can I say I'm that cool.'

"Ahem" glancing back he saw Daphne eyeing him indifferently. "Really, this is how you want to win the tournament. Flashing absurd poses in front entire school. Are you really that desperate?"

"What? No I'm not."

"So?" she asked dropping comfortably on her favourite bean bag.

"So what?"

She rolled her eyes, "So what's the plan? How will clear the maze?"

Harry shrugged, "Got no clue, ask him. He's supposed to be the Godfather."

Sirius Black the infamous prophecy-maker of Marauders as usual didn't bother with fucks of anybody's life and kept flipping through his Sports Illustrate. "How come we don't have swimming costumes like these in Magical Britain?"

Harry sniggered while Daphne huffed, "Will stop ogling those illicit shameless women. You are supposed to be the head of an Ancient and Noble house. At least pretend to be one."

Sirius raised an eyebrow, "It's just a swimsuit. Did see what that French Champion wore for second task?"

Harry jumped in defence. "Now Now Padfoot we all know that kind of effect will be there no matter what she wears."

Daphne drawled, "Admit it Harry she did that on purpose, just to show us Hogwart's girls down."

Harry groaned, "Not again, listen I know you and her don't look each other in eye. Now can we get back to discussing about how can I cross that maze alive." Daphne wanted to protest but Harry zipped her.

Sirius shrugged, "You could always blast your way through you know, Marauder style."

Harry snapped, "And how exactly will I do that?"

Sirius suddenly had a gleam in his eyes, "Exactly, you will go boom boom boom."

Harry had foreboding feeling that things were indeed going to explode.


"I heard you are having quite an adventure in our school." The brunette asked over wind as they stared at the bottomless lake.

"Excuse moi" The blond asked innocently as she sharply analyzed the other girl. Though being three years junior in age and experience, she radiated arrogance and authority to almost rival her.

"Quit with that fake accent and innocent looks. We both know you can speak perfect English. It's not that hard to look through your mask." The blonde's eyes narrowed in frown as she dropped her usual mask.

"What do you want?"

"To know why you chose him of all?"

Fleur turned towards her companion, "Now you have completely lost me. What are you exactly asking?"

Daphne said it blunt and simple, "Why are you using Harry? He surely wasn't on your list before."

"Greengrass, I shall ask you rather. Why Harry? He surely shouldn't matter to you anyway? I haven't seen you anywhere with him. As for me well I can say we're both helping each other." Fleur shrugged casually.

"He is a friend, and friends look out for each other. You on the other hand act like a stranger with him even if believes in you." Daphne accused easily.

Fleur clenched her fist, "I never act like a stranger with him. I genuinely respect him and want him to be my friend."

"And yet you use fake accent around him with that stupid aura. Afraid that he might leave you like others?" Daphne smirked victoriously.

"Have you ever lost a friend because of what you are? Because you can't control what's happening with you all the time? Because they classify you as an oddity for you being just you? because you have that princess dreamland life, they say..." Fleur went back to staring at the lake.

Daphne for the first time didn't have a reply.

"They hate me. Call me names, names that pour out with pure loathing. This aura I never asked for it, it's my heritage. A gift of nature that runs in my family. Yet you like others easily accused me of blinding him with my aura. Have you ever asked him about this first? Or was this an automatic assessment based on me being a Veela.

If that's so, well then let me make it clear on my side, that no I've never ever used my aura on him. He is my friend of his own choice. No force no pressure.

I actually invite you come to our practice sessions. See for yourself the truth of your mindless judgment. Have a nice day Miss Greengrass. Au Revior." Fleur got up. Straightening her long school skirt, she left Daphne in thought of what to make of this talk.

On one hand she felt idiotic for mindlessly judging the Veela, and on the other hand she felt like brain-dead fool for falling for the blonde's well calculated act. What was the truth? Asking Harry was just way too awkward. And besides she knew what happened after Hermione accused Fleur in front of him. No she wasn't taking any chances, not just yet.


Hermione was off again on her morning ritual lecture of speculations on how the thrice damned reporter was literally breaking every law illegally and immorally, to get the bullshit that she printed.

"Are you all right?" said Ron, frowning at her. "Yes," said Hermione breathlessly. She ran her fingers through her hair again, and then held her hand up to her mouth, as though speaking into an invisible walkie-talkie. Harry and Ron stared at each other.

"I've had an idea," Hermione said, gazing into space. "I think I know...because then no one would be able to see...even Moody…and she'd have been able to get onto the window ledge...but she's not allowed...she's definitely not allowed...I think we've got her! Just give me two seconds in the library — just to make sure!" With that, Hermione seized her school bag and dashed out of the Great Hall.

"Oi!" Ron called after her. "We've got our History of Magic exam in ten minutes! Blimey," he said, turning back to Harry, "she must really hate that Skeeter woman to risk missing the start of an

exam. What're you going to do in Binns's class — read again?"

"Nope I got my schedule fixed." Harry checked his new wrist watch curtsey of Daphne which he would never publicly admit. Before Ron asked for clarification Professor McGonagall came walking alongside the Gryffindor table towards him.

"Potter, the champions are congregating in the chamber off the Hall after breakfast," she said. Harry gulped the food before replying, "Thank you Professor I'll be there."

She nodded in agreement, "I hope you are prepared well for tonight Potter. I never wanted for you to be in this situation, but…please do try to be safe and make your parents proud tonight. My good luck wishes are always with you Potter and I will definitely try to keep your back."

Harry felt genuine gratitude for the older Scottish women, for she maybe stern but was always the first to look out for her students. "Thank you Professor McGonagall, I will try my best."

She gave him one of rarest smiles, "Oh of course you will. Have a good day Mr. Potter."

Ron turned to him as she left, "Mate don't you feel she's been a bit weird lately."

Harry quirked an eyebrow, "What do you mean?"

Ron shrugged, "Nothing much just that she has been acting more motherly over you."

Harry gave him a bemused look, "I never noticed that. She has been like this to all of us."

"Dunno," said Ron. "Harry, I'd better hurry, I'm going to be late for Binns. See you later."

Harry finished his breakfast in the emptying Great Hall. Fleur plopped in the seat just vacated unannounced, "'ey 'arry… 'ow are you feeling?"

"Excited, anxious, eager, thrilled, energised, wound up, awesome…"

"I get it, it is worst don't explain further." she eyed him carefully, he was never this agitated ever or at least in front of her. "Did I do somezing?"

"You can speak perfect British English." he stood up and headed to the chamber.

She knew that girl did do something, what exactly did she say "Wait Harry what happened?"

"Was it a test? Did I pass or fail? Go on tell me am I worth it?" he kept moving and vanished behind the door.

She wanted to stop him, but just stood there. What had happened in the past week? Even if that girl said anything of their past conversation, it definitely would never inflict this reaction from him. For all she knew him there must be a reason and a big one at that.


Meeting with the Weasleys had gone quickly. Bill and Mrs Weasley were visiting; Charlie wanted to come but was busy in Romania and had wished him luck. The other champions also had their family visiting them. Viktor clearly had his dad's face and his attitude. Cedric, well he already met Amos Diggory, who seemed unexpectedly surly looking at him. ("Not so full of yourself now that Ced has caught with you, are you?" Mr Diggory looked him down while Cedric glared at his father, "ignore him".)

Fleur, naturally was almost her mother's clone with a few features from her father's side. But that wasn't important. She was with her mother, and it seemed they weren't on much friendly terms with each other. He knew that extreme stiff discipline, constant show of power and authority. That regular stare down at others classifying them insignificant floor crawlers. Well Fleur indeed had her own version of Dursley it seems.

He had excused himself for last minute preparations. And now here he was on the seventh floor in front of the room of requirement. The door carved itself out as he reached for the knob. Quickly turning around he opened the door and suck in.

"Hey there pup whaz up!"

"Hello Harry good to see you."

"Hey there minion…"

"…Yeah we've been waiting for you since forever."

He turned around and beamed them, the people who he entrusted his life with, literally. "Hey there guys, Remus, Padfoot, Twins it's been so long." Harry declared dramatically.

"Harry we met yesterday." Remus sighed.

Sirius shook him hard, "Wake up Moony, you are going to lose yourself. It's been 26 hours since he met us. 2 hours extra."

Twins droned, "Yes it's been ages…"

"…as in really that long since last whack him blue."

Harry ignored Twins as he chirruped, "So where is it?"

Sirius got that impish grin, "Getting impatient are we?"

With a grandiose wave of wand Sirius presented, "

Messrs. Moony, Padfoot and…well Twins

Purveyors of Aids to Magical Mischief-Makers

are proud to present

the prototype version of a claimed State Of Art.

Feast your eyes…"

The cloth slowly rolled down smoothly to reveal the Technology which would be at zenith of hybrid between magic and machine.

Sirius came beside a dumbstruck-speechless-mind-blown-Harry Potter, "So Pup wanna test it now?"

"Fuck Yeah!"

"Excellent. Boys get to work…"


The stands had begun to fill; the air was full of excited voices and the rumbling of feet as the hundreds of students filed into their seats. The sky was a deep, clear blue now, and the first stars were starting to appear. Hagrid, Professor Moody, Professor McGonagall, and Professor Flitwick came walking into the stadium and approached Bagman and the champions. They were wearing large, red, luminous stars on their hats, all except Hagrid, who had his on the back of his moleskin vest.

Bagman greeted them with usual enthusiasm, "All are here except Mr. Potter, has anyone seen him?"

McGonagall gave him a bemused look, "I expected you to bring him here. " He shrunk uneasily under her stare. McGonagall pursed her lips, glaring coldly, "And by chance have you asked the Weasleys?"

Bagman drooped his shoulders further, "I couldn't find him so I gathered rest and waited for him here."

McGonagall quickly marched to the Weasleys who were with rest of the champions' family.

Bagman checked his watch, "I better hurry and start the announcements." and rushed to the podium.

"Sonorus," and his magically magnified voice echoed into the stands.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the third and final task of the Triwizard Tournament is about to begin! Let me remind you how the points currently stand! Tied in first place, with eighty-five points each — Mr. Cedric Diggory and Mr. Harry Potter, both of Hogwarts School!" The cheers and applause sent birds from the Forbidden Forest fluttering into the darkening sky. "In second place, with eighty points — Mr. Viktor Krum, of Durmstrang Institute!" More applause. "And in third place — Miss Fleur Delacour, of Beauxbatons Academy!"

Bagman peered through the crowd looking for Harry (as if he was waiting there), "It seems we will have to wait a few more moments for Harry Potter. He must be on the way."

Amos Diggory snorted, "Afraid, I tell you, to face the real challenge. After all he is nothing more than a small kid." But Mrs. Weasley didn't seem to agree, so were the rest of her clan.

Cedric walked into the Quidditch field, which was now completely unrecognizable. A twenty-foot-high hedge ran all the way around the edge of it. There was a gap right in front of them: the entrance to the vast maze. The passage beyond it looked dark and creepy. But that wasn't all, Fleur well in short was ready for war.

Silver gauntlets, blue-ivory arm guards, and matching shin guards all came with Beauxbatons logo. Her hair was tied in a tight bun with one strand hanging just out of the eyes. Finally there was standard combat gear given to each student. Krum on the other hand wore only arm guards with wand holster over the standard gear.

Cedric didn't have some big ancient family with fancy heirlooms, though he expected the school to provide him something. And what of Harry?

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