Okay... I'm catfreaklol and well I like the movie Chicken Run. I decided to make a story based on it, but I didn't know how. Then one day, while I was looking at all the stories... I came across a story call Rooster Run by SomeRAndomGal. Well, that story was based on the movie, but through Rocky's eyes, so I got the idea to one like it and this time through Ginger's eyes. Since I'm new to this website and is 13 years old please R&R, it will be a lot of help to me and know my errors. :)


So, like yeah, I'm Ginger and I obviously live in a chicken farm. Since we're chickens, life is just, well, laying eggs, getting plucked, and then getting roasted into the oven.

'Are we still on, hen?'

'Yes we're on. Spread the word Mac.'


This plan has to work. It has to be worth more than one bag of seeds and a whole lot of trouble. Come to think of it, I wonder how the rats are so sneaky… well they are rats. I hope they bring a big light weighted spoon. I guess I will head to hut 16 for our meeting. Great... It's gonna take me an hour to keep the chickens quiet. Think, Ginger, think! Oh I know what to do.

'Everyone, BE QUIET!'

Wow, that actually works… for the first time. Now time for me and Mac to tell our latest plan. I just hope I don't end up in solitary confinement again.

'Ok, Mac, would you like to explain our new plan?'

'Aye… Ok everyone, look … This is Ginger and over here is the spoon. Ginger runs to the spoon and makes a hole. Then we go under after her.'

'Hmmm, not bad. I guess we can give it a try.'

Seriously Bunty? Give it a try? Well, I know how you feel about this and I understand. Now to look for the rats and tell them the location of the spoon.

-At Night-

Great. Mr. Tweedy is guarding the fence again! I will just have to wait, wait, wait, and NOW! Phew! That was close. Okay, here's the spoon and now to dig! Oh come on…I will to have hide. The dogs have a lot of senses and Mr. Tweedy had to turn around. Oh good… okay to continue digging. Now, time to see if we can fit. Okay, if I can fit, they can fight too, right? I signal them to come over, so they can go under the fence. They made a little bit of noise, but good old Bunty shushed them. Even from far away I can hear Babs whimpering. Ok, so Bunty is going under first.

'I'm stuck.'

*sigh* Seriously Bunty? Oh well, I guess I will have to come over and help. Oh no! The dogs caught us! Great! They are barking too.

'Get back'

Looks like I will end up in solitary confinement once again. Now to push Bunty back into the fence and NOW TO RUN!


Yeah Hmmm Mr. Tweedy! It's me again! I'm getting tired. I wish there was a hiding place. Guess I will go up the stairs. Great! I'm trapped. Hey, there's a gnome behind me. It's good enough for a weapon… ah never mind the dog bit the head off. Huh? The door just opened and a lot of bright light is coming out. *GULP* Mrs. Tweedy!

'Mr. Tweedy'


'What is that chicken doing outside the fence?'

'Oh-he he, I don't know love, I – '

'Just deal with it-NOW!'

Okay Mr. Tweedy you are now frowning at me, but trust me ending up in solitary confinement won't stop me from trying to escape the farm! Oh yeah and congrats for getting in trouble with Mrs. Tweedy!

'I'll teach you to make a fool out of me!'

You are already a fool. Now where is that chalk to keep track of time.

'Now let that be a lesson to the lot of ya!'

Great! Now's he is screaming at my friends. What's next? No chicken escapes from Tweedy's farm?

'No chicken escapes from Tweedy's farm!'

Right as always. He should say something very different besides that old phase…*sigh* BUT YOU'LL SEE MR. TWEEDY! WE WILL ESCAPE!