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Loneliness or bad company, which one is it?

"Master Happy?"

"Yoshi… help…!"

The words Happy mumbled were said while he was whining. Yoshi's eyes opened wide when he realized Happy was all tied up and inside a wooden cage, just in front of him.

"Master!" Yoshi yelled "What happened to you?"

"I woke up like this…" Happy said moaning.

"Why am I free?" Yoshi didn't know, if someone was targeting Happy, for whatever reason, why wasn't he tied up as well? Were they afraid that he would wake up? No, whoever did it was subtle enough to tie Happy up, then… could it be that it was because he was not a Fairy Tail member? That seemed like the only explanation.

"Set me free…" Happy asked a little anxious.

"Wait…" Yoshi said "I want to make sure nobody is watching us."

Nobody seemed to be near by, but someone was sneaky enough to do all that without waking him so he had to be careful. There were no new scents around him, just he, Happy and the islands animals and plants. He didn't hear any unusual noise, no footsteps, nothing at all, just a breeze of wind going around them. When he felt sure that nobody was around he broke the cage with a simple kick and then he took off the ropes of Happy.

"I'm free!" Happy said with joy as he jumped "Thanks Yoshi!"

"We should be careful from now on." Yoshi said calmly while he frowned "Enemies could be around here."


Maybe I shouldn't tell him that he is being targeted for being a Fairy Tail member, if I do that then I will only worry him more about his comrades. It wasn't a good sign at all, the fact that he may be attacked because of being from the guild only made the prospects of everyone's safety worse. Happy was already too affected by the sense of guilty- and Yoshi thought it was because of that that he let his guard off and let himself be captured-, so increasing it would only make things even worse.

"Is something wrong Yoshi?" Happy asked.

"Yes, the fact that we are here is already wrong." Yoshi stated as he stepped forward "This island… is a dangerous place."

"It shouldn't be!" Happy protested "This is a sacred place for our guild! We were saved by this island…"

Yoshi looked at Happy confused, what did he mean by that?

Happy noticed Yoshi didn't know, that he didn't hear the woman's voice, was it because he wasn't a Fairy Tail member? If so, the path that the had ahead of them could be rather difficult.

"Never mind." Yoshi said as soon as he noticed Happy's concerned look "We're together, we're here for your friends, and we're taking them back."

Happy smiled faintly; Yoshi had good intentions and he could do a lot of things, but Happy felt more useless than ever and so his eyes looked at another direction, hiding his shame.


No more words were said on a while. The island was huge and there were no leads to anything.

After thirty minutes of walking around aimlessly they finally found some caves. At the entrance of each one of those caves there was a letter hanging in a board, from A to H, all of them indicating a different paths. Just as they were going to enter…

This island… I can feel great magical power coming from the land. Happy had fallen on his knees as the words echoed in his mind.

"Master Happy?"

Happy covered his face with his hands; if Yoshi saw how shocked he was he would only worry. But what he just experienced was something like a flash back, but how could he have memories from a place he has never been before? That was something beyond his understanding, maybe…

"Which one should we pick, Natsu?"

"Ummm… E! That must be 'E' for Erza!"

"Master Happy? What's going on?"

"Gotcha!" Happy said while making a mocking face "You worried over nothing!"

Yoshi's eyes seemed to flare as he hit Happy's head.

"Ouch… you don't have to be so ruthless!" Happy complained.

"Then don't make me worry sick!" Yoshi complained as well as he looked away "God! You are worse than Yoshis!"

"Do you hate them?"

The question struck Yoshi hard. When he said what he said he wasn't thinking, but it came just so natural that it worried him and it concerned him farther that he didn't deny it right away.

"Let's get it." Yoshi said instead "Which path?"

"Let's try the 'E' one."


Happy wasn't sure why, but he heard Natsu's voice saying that they should go that path, could it be that Erza was there like he said? Or could it be that Natsu himself was there? Or was it a trap? There was no way to tell, they just walked inside.

The entrance was like a tunnel that connected with another area. It was a bit dark, but not pitch black, so they could see a little while they walked around the cave. The rocks on the walls seemed sharp enough to cut through meat so they tried no to lean on them. It was a path of endless purple rocks; the were wandering around for five minutes, but it seemed like an eternity as there was no sight of light, until they could watch that it was leaking from somewhere ahead.

They hurried and then Happy found himself in heaven: there was a wide round space at the end of the tunnel they walked and in the center there was a table with fish on it. Even Yoshi drooled while watching the fish there. Then they glared at each other.

There were no needs for words they had something like a telepathic conversation that went like this:

"I'm your master… you should leave me the honor."

"Noooo, I'm your student and thus you should care about my well being, besides as your student I have to worry for my master, what if it is poisoned?"

"Then I'll gladly die for my student."

"No, master, I can't let that happen."

"Try stopping me."

Happy sprouted his wings with no second thought; he had the advantage, but Yoshi had also one leverage: he jumped towards the table and the he released his tongue.

Happy flew as fast as Yoshi's tongue reached a fish, but it was the same fish Happy caught.

"This is our showdown, master."

Yoshi pulled his tongue back expecting to make Happy go backwards, but unexpectedly Happy let the fish go and instead took the chance to grab ten others while Yoshi swallowed his only fish.

Nicely done. But Yoshi didn't give up, he quickly run towards the table and ate the seven remaining, so he only had to take one from Happy to be on equal grounds.

Yoshi saw Happy at the end of the room with only one fish remaining: both of them ate at tremendous speed and so he could not let the last fish to go through his mouth. He prepared himself to attack, but then the fish was tossed.

Happy winked.

"There, take it."

It's a trap! He must have done something… or did he not? Is this a physiological test? Maybe he thought I would think that he did something to the fish when I didn't so I would decline, but what if he figured out that I would think that he thought that I would think this? Man…! I hate this kind of mind playing! It's so cruel! What should I do? Should I eat it or has Happy done something to eat? Does he have the ability to poison food by looking at it?

"Why are you spacing out?" Happy asked with his eyes wide opened and a poker face "The fish is right there."

The son of a bitch did it again! I don't know if I should…

"You should eat it, master Happy."

"Good grief."

Gotcha! Now Yoshi knew that Happy didn't do anything to the fish, so he reached it with his tongue… but something was off. Happy didn't move an inch; when they entered the area and saw the fish Happy was as quick as his tongue, so why wouldn't he react now? Why stay idle as soon as you are told to have your favorite food. It was, indeed, very off.

So instead of eating it, Yoshi walked towards Happy and offered him the fish with his hands while bowing.

"Here you go."

Happy ate the fish in a matter of seconds and Yoshi's eyes opened wide.

Did he just toy with me? He must have known that I would notice his lack of reaction and then give him the fish… Master Happy is most impressive.

Yoshi was, once again, overestimating Happy: Happy merely felt like sharing- for real- with Yoshi, but he also deeply regretted, so when he was offered to take the fish back he was quite happy, still he didn't want to seem to selfish so he didn't move, and he thought Yoshi would eat the fish, but things turned unexpected.

"Thanks for the fish Yoshi!" Happy said joyful.

"You're most welcome." Yoshi said, praising him on his mind.

After they ate they prepared to continue their path down the cave, but as soon as they were to enter a new tunnel they heard a sound.

"I lose…"


The deeper they went it the worse the flashbacks came, it was like he was there before, but he couldn't make any sense of it. Every step that he took alongside Yoshi made it even worse, things started to get blurry.

"Master Happy, stop hiding it." Yoshi said as he grabbed him and put him in his saddle "I'll carry you, but please tell me what's happening."

"It's like… I've been here before…" Happy tried to explain "but I can't… I just can't remember the whole thing, because I've never been here… I don't get it… I'm scared."

"Don't be." Yoshi said firmly "I'm with you."

Those words were able to comfort Happy and he smiled as he started to fade away.

"Rest, I'll guide us out."

"Yoshi… thank you…"

Happy couldn't take it anymore; he just collapsed on Yoshi's saddle.

Yoshi kept moving forward, a little bit concerned about what happened to Happy, but if this was the guild's sacred island it was possible that, at least once, Happy went there and then forgot all about it, so the memories that rushed into his head could be his own of a past he left behind. That was the logical explanation, but nothing about Happy's memories followed Yoshi's cold logic. There was a reason, but it wasn't anything Yoshi could figure out on his own, yet he believed so and it made every step easier, as he felt no reason to panic. His senses were sharp and he could hear the footsteps.

"Who's there?"

Yoshi was shocked when a cat appeared at his back: he wasn't Lily nor Charle, he was a whole new cat. He seemed self conceited, he had a dark fur, wore only a t-shirt and his face's expression was outright annoying, exploding with arrogance.

"Nice job noticing me." The cat said "You're very impressive."

"You are merely unskilled." Yoshi said while turning around "You didn't hide your presence well. Who are you?"

"The name's Lector!" The cat said.

"And what are you doing here?"

"Now that's a secret, but it has something to do with the guy you are carrying."

"Like I'd hand you master Happy!" Yoshi said while taunting to fight "Come on! Wanna get some? I'm waiting!"

Lector sighed as he closed his eyes for a second; he was looking down at Yoshi and that pissed him off, he as ready to beat the crap out of him, but as soon as the cat snapped his fingers the cave started trembling. A trap? Yoshi didn't think it twice; the exist wasn't really far away, he was able to smell the breeze from the outside, so he ran through the exit while rocks fell behind him.

As soon as he got out of the cave he thought it was weird that Lector did what he did, he probably buried himself on those rocks too, unless he had figured out another escape route.

"Cats are annoying." Yoshi said "Worse than Yoshis…"

There I go again… He never felt ok by saying those words, but they came anyway.

Yoshi took a deep breathe and he prepared to keep moving forward. He didn't suspect, he knew Lector was still alive and he was going to piss him farther, and he wasn't alone. There were others in his islands.

"Fairies are falling, tigers are rising".

Those words echoed on Yoshi's head and soon he collapsed on the floor: he didn't understand why, he merely fell without any logical reason and soon he would pass out.