As you've probably have realized by now this story's been dead for several months. I have had a lot of struggles with writing chapter six, some reasons were legitimately out of my control while a few others weren't so. I won't make any excuses, regardless of their validity, because I'll just come out and say this now:

I won't be finishing this.

Now before you say anything, allow me to explain chapter six's development.

For a long time after publishing the first five chapters I found my creative mindset lacking. Those first five chapters were essentially written within a week, which accounts to over 20,000 words, the longest piece I've ever written. Then I spent some time with family for the holiday season so I found myself too preoccupied with festivities than with the story. I got some work done but not much.

Eventually though I got hit hard by university. As I mentioned in my EQD comments, I was struck by depression twice and I felt no motivation to continue my work. This bout of depression lasted for a long while before I recovered. While my university work had me busy, I managed to get a lot done with the chapter, eventually ending up with some 16,000 words just on the chapter alone, not including the various research, notes and general timeline that I wrote up. Things seemed good and I was about ready to publish it, when I realized that much of it wasn't what I had originally set out to do: essentially in the chapter I made the marines fall deep into the 'Soldiers/Humans are heartless bastards' trope, which for various reasons created problems not for how readers would react, but also for how the story would later develop. I intended to display the marines in a good light and try to show that as much as they weren't happy with being in the Everfree, they'd be willing to fight through to the end if they needed to.

Instead they became even more two-dimensional and all of my pre-readers agreed with me. So I deleted half of it and rewrote it.

At one point it came back up to 14,000 words limit (which it still wasn't quite finished) when I somehow lost the USB pen which held the chapter in progress and pretty much all of my other notes that I had on the story, including proper translations (which were a bitch to get without friends who know the languages). You can imagine my frustration at this point.

Luckily I did have part of the chapter saved in the Doc Manager that Fanfiction uses, so I hoped that maybe I could get it all done eventually.

Yet as I was rewriting it for a second time, I began asking myself what I was doing exactly: I was writing a story that I would enjoy reading immensely, but I realized it was not one that I could write.

I know it sounds weird, but I found that as hard as I tried, the story just never looked complete; something was always missing, something that I could always improve. I felt that the first time rewriting this and the second time doing this. At this rate I'd never get it done, but I what I can write I feel wouldn't do the story justice.

I hate even considering to abandoning the story, but I really can't really bring myself to continue the story in a way that the story deserves. So no more point to just saying 'just hang on, it'll come soon', because it won't. My life's getting more and more hectic and I'm never satisfied with the story.

However, that is not to say that I'm leaving this story for dead.

If any of my readers have a good writing skill, I am more than willing to give away my story, some of my surviving notes, and the general outline of Colonization. If need be, I can even give my non-completed sixth chapter and have it be edited/rewritten by a new writer and have him/her continue the story. Just send me a PM if you're interested

I am planning to write new stories (probably not on Fanfiction, likely they will be on Fimfiction) and I do intend to write some form of HiE story in a somewhat serious manner.

Once more, I am really sorry for this turn of event. I'm to blame for this mess, but I hope that we can all get something out of it. Here's to a promising future for Colonization: First Contact.