I do not own MTV's "Awkward", but there is a certain couple that as inspired me to get back on fan fiction after way too long. Lets just say that MTV has taken a little too long on this one, and I've lost my patience. I think you all know who I'm talking about. :D

He was running. The world kept twisting and turning around him…first, a tree would fall. Then, all of the sudden, the forest scene would change into a traffic crowded road. Next thing he knows, he's in an endless hallway. The scenes around him keep changing, and he keeps running.

Everything comes to a halt.

There's a light. A light at the end of the dark tunnel. And in the bright haze hecan make out a figure… a petite frame, obviously belonging to a girl. She runs towards him, taking on a motion unseen. She was so graceful. As she came closer, her dark ponytail swishing behind her became visible…her slight frame became more defined. Her face was delicately carved, with big and round brown eyes and heart shaped lips.


Jenna Hamilton.

He felt a slow smile come to his face. He sent out his hand, as his legs would not seem to carry him to her. She approached, and for one sweet moment their hands touched, leaving a tingling feeling in his heart that he knew could never be recreated. Not even by the blond haired girl that he couldn't fully recall the name of.

The scene around the two of them changed-it was like an old film. In a black and white picture, he saw the two of them at that one blond girl's party. The view of them talking and laughing wasn't one of their own, but of a third party. Suddenly, the video seemed to do a 180, turning around to the face of the viewer…


His best friend, Matty.

His best friend Matty, who was extremely angry.

Jenna began to slowly slip away, and yet he felt as if she had never been with him in the first place. She was being dragged back to the light from which she emerged. He felt himself being pulled, scratched. Next thing he knew, he was underwater. He was drowning. He could see her light above the water, a light that his outstretched hand couldn't quite reach. He tried and tried, but someone had his ankle and was pulling him further into a place unknown. He screamed for her. Bubbles flew around his face. He saw her light right out of his reach. He put forth every bit of strength he had into reaching that light. He needed her…the girl. The dark hair, her ponytail. Or was it blond and sleek? Was he imagining the dark eyes, or were they a pale blue? The light started morphing into something different…something more blinding. Something that pierced his eyes and made him want to scream.

All of his fears had suddenly come true. And the worst part was that he didn't know what they were in the first place.