He jumped just as the last bell rang at school….sighing in relief at the fact that Lissa had a Hymen Club meeting today, he raced for his car. Dodging random students as he wove through the hallways of Pallos High, his breathing became shallower and shallower with every pace. This wasn't because of the physical task of sprinting through the hallways, but rather because of his intense fear of his own girlfriend. He had to see her tonight at her kickback, and he knew that she was going to want to hook up.

Making his way out to the parking lot, he thought he could literally hear the angels singing when he saw his car. He started up a sprint, coming dangerously close to injuring several students. He was reaching out for his car door, just a few short feet away, when he felt himself collide into someone like a wall of bricks. Falling to the ground, he managed to roll out of the way of his unfortunate victim.

"Watch where you're going, cretin! God! What's your glitch?!" A high pitched voice squawked at him. Guilt overcame him-he had just knocked over a girl! He was a big guy fresh off of the football team…! His only hope was that he didn't injure the poor girl. He rolled over, so that he could get a view of the victim. A girl with red, long hair and a face like a bunny rabbit was glaring at him from her place on the ground beside him.

"Oh, my God! I am so sorry! Are you alright?" Jake hurriedly got on his feet to help the girl up. It was then that he noticed her friend, who was cracking up over the whole incident. She was a girl slight in frame, with long dark hair and large, familiar brown eyes. Lord. Where had he seen those eyes before? They held so much mystery; so much beauty. (In other words, the girl was a total looker.) He reached his hand out to the girl on the ground and pulled her to her feet.

"I should be fine...just a little bruise!" The girl happily screeched.

"I am so sorry! I was just trying to get to my car…" He wanted to look at the girl while he apologized to her (so that it was sincere) but he could not stop staring at the dark haired girl. He had to know her name. "I'm Jake, by the way." The power of suggestion was a beautiful thing.

"Tamara. The asshole who thinks injuries are funny is Jenna." Jenna Hamilton! That's who she was. There were some pretty nasty rumors going around about her…something about trying to kill herself? People are animals.

"Nice to meet you Tamara…" he transformed his mouth into his infamous smirk and looked Jenna in the eyes, "and Jenna. I have to go escape from my girlfriend now. But it was nice…running into you?" He laughed at his own pun. "Bye, ladies!"

He made sure to be extra observant as he WALKED to his car. He reached his car door, and from a distance he heard Tamara's distinct squeak saying:

"Ohmigod Jenna! He was totally checking you out!" His ears perked, so to speak, trying to hear Jenna's response. In a melodious voice, she said

"Not a chance, Tam. That's Jake Rosati. Besides, he has a girlfriend."

He got in his car, and as he waited for his engine to warm up he couldn't help but think that Jenna had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen, and he wanted to see them more often.

"Hey babe! I missed you so much at school today!" Lissa's ditzy voice reached his ears through his cell phone.

"'Liss, you saw me before like every period today." Unfortunately, He added in his mind.

"I know baby, but we didn't really get to spend any time together. But we have my party tonight, so we'll have all the time in the world then." God, was she trying to be seductive? It was far from working.

"Yeah, about that…" Just as Jake was about to give in to his selfish wishes, he remembered Matty's text. Be there or I'll kick your ass. Well, fuck. "I totally cant wait. See you there Liss. Gotta go." And with that, he hung up the phone.

Ding Dong.

Kill me now. He thought.

"Jakey!" Lissa's ditzy voice drifted out to him. She jumped on to him, wrapping her legs around his waist. Caught of guard, he quickly grabbed her legs to keep her from falling off of him.

"Hey, 'Liss." Mistaking his grip on her legs as an act of passion, she began to kiss up his neck, towards his lips. Looking around to see if anyone was staring at them, he attempted to move her off of him. "Woah, 'Liss, you know I'm not into PDA." With you. He added. Downturning her lips into a small pout, she hopped off of him, releasing her hold on his neck. It was then that he internally groaned at her choice of apparel for the night.

While Jake was rocking a casual look, featuring dark skinny jeans and a V-Neck T-Shirt with sneaks, Lissa was "sexified" from head to toe. She was wearing an EXTREMELY small skirt, a bikini top, and heels. Wow. He really was dating a whore.

Jake was a red blooded male. And like all other men, he didn't mind a little skin now and then. Lissa, however, was a completely different story. Every time they had a date or a public outing, she would wear the skankiest outfit she owned to impress him. If she really loved Jake, she would feel fine rocking the casual with him day to day. That was Jakes thought, anyway.

Realizing that she was noticing his staring and taking it the wrong way, he coughed awkwardly and rushed out, "IHaveToPeeByeLissa" and ran as far from his girlfriend as he possibly could. Having prayed for any familiar face, he was ready to praise the Lord when he saw Matty.

"Dude! It's about time you got here!" Matty slapped Jakes shoulder with one hand while his other hand held his cup of cheap beer.

"Yeah, sorry about that. I was trying to stall before I saw Lissa.." It was at the end of his sentence that Jake looked around to absorb his surroundings. When this party was called a "kickback", it was NOT an exaggeration. There were 20 people there, tops. Awkward. A familiar high pitched squawk shook him out of his reverie.

"Cupss Uppppp Laadiiiieeess!" Jake turned to see Tamara, the girl he had run into earlier that day, holding up her Red Solo Cup with two other girls she probably didn't even know, snapping a pic with her phone.

Wait…if Tamara is here, that means that Jenna is most likely here somewhere.

Jake turned back to face Matty once again.

"Did you invite her?" He inquired. Matty winced.

"I actually invited her hot friend…and I guess she came along. She's kind of obnoxious, isn't she?" He laughed awkwardly.

"You don't mean Jenna Hamilton, do you?"

"Yeah, that's her! Dude, how'd you know?" Matty asked.

"Just met her today. How do you know her?" Jake prayed that the answer he thought was coming would never surface.

"Well, dude, between you and me…I might be kind of into her." Jake groaned internally. There went that chance. "We banged at summer camp."

"You WHAT?!" Jake nearly spat out his beer he had just acquired.

"Yeah, it was one of those things that just kind of happened…" Matty sniffed his armpits. The dude always did that when he felt uncomfortable. Jake was at a loss for words…thankfully, however, Matty was immediately distracted by a popular girl from our school as she practically begged him to grope her. That was the thing about Matty. While Jake was equally as popular as Matty, his friend had this easy going, if not careless, attitude with girls that tended to attract the school whores. Jake, on the other hand, was the type of guy that wanted a solid relationship. Just not with Lissa.


Speak of the devil.