Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a maiden named Snow White. She was the most beautiful maiden in all the land. She hoped that someday her Prince Charming would come and whisk her away to a happily ever after.

Of course, life isn't always a fairy tale come true.

Snow White woke up one morning and looked out the window. To her surprise it was raining fire and brimstone from above, and the sun was huge and looming over everything. She screamed so loudly that the forest surrounding her forest cottage shook. Out of the forest came her best friends, the seven dwarves, each carrying a of a different color.

"Quick, hand me your keys!" shrieked Snow White. Doc handed her his white key, Sleepy his blue key, Happy his yellow key, Sneezy his green key, Bashful his orange key, Grumpy his red key, and Dopey his violet key. She held them aloft, and shouted "In the name of Rassilon, I have the power!"

Suddenly she began to glow, and the keys fused together to make one giant, rainbow key. She hurled it out the window and struck the sun. Everything became washed in fiery light…

and they all lived happily ever after.