EDIT: (APRIL 21ST, 2016) hello everyone. its been almost five years since i first wrote this fanfiction. right. five years. thats wild. as i posted in GED, i would like to place a small disclaimer here: THIS IS A FANFICTION I WROTE WHEN I WAS THIRTEEN/FOURTEEN YEARS OLD. i have had five years to develop my writing skills and looking back on this fanfic is EXTREMELY PAINFUL. i am leaving this fanfiction up for the people who did enjoy it and people who want to look back on it, but i would like to place a few things here to let you know what youre getting into

honestly this fanfic would have been better as an original story than a higurashi fanfic. its set in a complete AU version of hinamizawa that i based off of what little we know of hinamizawa history. so yes. this is almost my complete fantasy that has been combined with the world of higurashi. and its. questionable in quality. please feel free to read this fanfiction but keep in mind this was written by a fourteen year old. for perspective, i was in middle school.

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Crimso's Notes:

Hello, and welcome to the first edition of Crimso's Notes! Now you may be wondering, what's Crimso's Notes? Well, since this is an AU, I put notes here that can clear a few things up for you. So let's start out with this.

1: This fanfiction is in no way related to Green-Eyed Demon, though some elements are shared.

2: This is an AU fanfiction, and the main difference here is that Onigafuchi never changed its name to Hinamizawa. As such, old customs are still in use, like the old Watanagashi festival.

3. This Fanfiction is MionXKeiichi.

4. Updates may be irregular, more so than GED, due to the amount of time I have to finish this fanfiction.

Well with that, let's go!


Blood Flows Black

The loud and rather obnoxious sounds of a rushing car ripped through the normally peaceful air like thunder. A young boy with messy brown hair glanced to his side, to the street that was usually abandoned by all life. Not many people came this way, which is why the sound of a car was rather startling to him. Realizing that it wasn't much of a threat at all, the boy turned around and continued on his way down the alley, holding a model gun at his waist side. He grinned sadistically at the thought of shooting another person with that fake gun, and hearing their surprised gasps and cries of pain. Even if it wasn't a real gun, it still hurt to be shot by it, after all.

Small, echoing footsteps could then be heard by the boy. Quickly, he dashed into the shadows, trying to make himself invisible to the person walking by. If they knew that he was the cause of the recent model gun shootings, he would surely be in a heap of trouble he knew he didn't want to go through. He kept his body perfectly still as he stared at the man that walked by, taking absolutely no notice of the boy hidden in the shadows.

After confirming that the figure had disappeared, the boy continued on his way through the alley. Hopefully he'd run into someone to shoot, hopefully an innocent young child that would be unable to defend his or her self. That was the kind he liked to shoot best, because they were usually the ones that would scream out in shock. He liked to hear them scream, to hear them panic because of a single shot he had made with his model gun. It was all too thrilling for him.

Glancing about the area to make sure that nobody else was there; he dashed off to a more populated area, hoping to find a child that was all alone, with no one to defend them. He let out a sigh as he pushed his back up against a darkened wall; waiting for someone to come so he could shoot them. He twirled his gun in one hand, bored. He didn't want to have to wait. He just wanted them to come so that he could experience the thrill of injuring someone once again.

It wasn't that he found pleasure in someone else's pain. What really got him was the idea that he was being feared, that he was the bad guy in this situation. It was like a movie to the boy. He was the bad guy, who everyone was scared of, who no one could defeat. He was the more powerful one in this situation. It was like an adventure, something that the boy thought he needed more of.

There was really nothing in this old city. Sure, many people from around the world wanted to visit it for its sights, but the boy was unable to see what was so great about it. All he had done in his life was sit down in school and study for tests. His teachers and his parents had praised him, and at that time, that had been enough for him. However, that did not last. He had begun to grow bored of the city life, bored of studying every single hour of the day. He needed something in his life… something to make it less boring…

And now, he had something exciting in his life. Many children were now being told to travel home in groups because of fear that this boy would come out and shoot them, injuring them. Of course, it wasn't like he hurt them too badly. It was just a slight sting, but it sure made the boy happy. He loved the idea of being feared.

"Come on, now… someone should be coming at any time," he whispered to himself as he held the fake gun a little higher.

He felt as if he were in an action movie now. He had seen many movies in his life, and found them to be the only thing he appreciated in life. Seeing the bad guys and the good guys fight with epic movies and the most advanced, extraordinary weapons was thrilling. And now, here he was, in his own little action movie, in which he was the bad guy, targeting little kids who now feared him.

Thinking a little deeper into his role in the action movie he pretended to be in, he remembered something he had long forgotten about, something that may have been keeping him from going further into this so-called movie. The boy's parents were a huge fan of the horror genre, and got him to watch some horror movies and read some horror books. He was never a fan of them, however. Some of them were just completely messed up. In fact, these horror books scared him to death. He hated the idea of gruesome murder and violence, which was probably why he hadn't gone berserk on his victims yet. Then, it would be no different from the horror books that he feared so much. He was just doing this for the thrill, after all. The last thing he wanted to become was a psychotic murderer, like in those books he read.

He shook his head. This was just a game, his own little action movie. He didn't need to think about where it could lead. Those horror books were just too much for him, too much for him to want to remember. He clenched his teeth at the memory, and his grip on the model gun tightened. Right now, he had to focus on his victim. His victim could be appearing at any time, after all.

Soon enough, a group of children walked by, all of them looking around with a look of fear in their eyes. He let a smirk grow on his face as he sensed the terror within him, knowing for a fact that they were scared of him. And in his mind, he thought that they had every reason to be scared of him. He loved the look of fear in their eyes; it made him feel that much more powerful. He didn't even need a real gun to do this much damage to them!

He turned his body and raised the model gun in the air as he prepared to shoot. He had to make a quick escape, as he knew it was highly possible to get caught in this situation. As quick as he could, he fired a shot at one of the kids, then moving to the next kid, and then the next kid, and then the next. He didn't get a chance to look at their surprised faces. The next thing the boy knew, he was running away as fast as he could, his figure still engulfed in the darkness of the alley. Luckily, their startled cries were loud enough for the boy to hear, causing him to grin with his victory.

And so, the evil villain leaves with four victims injured! Where shall he strike next? No one knows! the boy thought as he continued to run. He grinned as he looked behind him, just to make sure that no one was following him or had seen him. He had once again made a perfect escape, with no one catching sight of him.

Letting out a sigh, he sat down against the alley's walls. He had gotten four people today, and that was enough for now. Unfortunately, he had been hoping to break his record of six kids in one day, but it seemed as if that wasn't possible. Shooting those kids was a huge risk. He felt beat.

With another sigh, he stood up. He glanced to his side, staring at the small blue bag that hung from his shoulder. With a quick motion, the boy opened the bag and put the gun in. He had to go home soon, or his parents might question what he had been doing. The boy zipped the bag up and repositioned it so that it was more secure on his shoulder. No one would ever suspect a thing. No one would ever guess that it was him that had shot the children. He was probably one of the least suspected kids.

However, just as he was about to leave the alley, he froze. He could have sworn he just heard small footsteps coming from nearby, footsteps too light to belong to an adult. Turning only his head around, he spotted a young child walking his way, her head positioned downwards as she glanced at the stone beneath her. The boy couldn't help but grin as he saw her. He had finished for today, but that girl was just too easy of a target. How could he leave her unharmed?

Glancing at his bag one more time, he jumped back behind a garbage can, into the shadows. As fast as the boy could, he took the model gun out of the bag and portioned it once again. He had to make this quick, his parents would be worried about him if he wasn't home soon. He let out a grin as he directed the gun directly above the girl's stomach. He could feel the pressure on his shoulders to get home, but he knew that he had to take this girl down. It was just too easy! This girl was a fool for walking all by herself in an alley! She deserved it!

Just as he was about to fire, however, he thought he saw the girl glance his way and he stumbled. The position of his gun shifted and he accidently fired out of shock. The next thing he heard was the girl screaming and yelling as loud as she could, clutching her right eye.

The boy could sense an uneasy feeling in his stomach. He had never shot anyone in the eye before. He had only ever aimed for the stomach or the forehead, but certainly not the eye! Panic arose in him as he watched the girl cry out in pain, holding onto her eye. He could see clear tears leaking down her face, and for once in his life, the boy felt terrible for person he had injured.

Then, the boy remembered something. Once, in a horror book his mom had forced him to read, a demon clawed her former's friends eye out, causing her to scream and cry out in pain and horror. The scene before him was no different. Here, he was the demon who had taken someone's eyesight away, and the girl was the poor, helpless friend. His action movie had suddenly turned dark. He was never supposed to hurt someone this badly! The boy thought about whether or not he should help the little girl, but his mind was all confused and in a mess from the incident. If he were to help her, then he would reveal himself to her! Then they'd all know whom the boy who had been shooting people was, and he would get in a heap of trouble. But at the same time, he'd feel like a monster if he didn't help that girl! He'd be just like the demon in that story, not even bothering to help the person he had just injured.

Maybe this whole action movie wasn't right for him. He was too soft on the inside to be a villain, to continue on with this story. Giving one more glance to the screaming girl, he knew that he had to get out of there. He couldn't stand hearing her scream any longer. Quicker than ever before, the boy stuffed the model gun into his bag and took off, without giving a second thought. He couldn't get in trouble, even if he knew it was causing that girl pain. There wasn't much he could do about it, anyways. What was done was done.

The boy quickly made his way to his house. He practically slammed the door open, his eyes wide with terror at what he had just done. Playing villain was a stupid thing to do. He should have known that his actions would lead to such a terrible mistake.

"Hello, Keiichi!" cried his rather eccentric father as he looked up from the book he was reading. "Are you in a rush for any particular reason?"

The boy glanced over to his father, trying to relax his expression to make himself look a little calmer. "H-Homework… big test," he managed to lie, though his voice was shaking and stuttering, so it was quite obvious that he had made that up on the spot.

His mother, who had also been reading, gave her son a worried look. "Keiichi, is that really it? You never act this way when a test comes around. You're always… much more calm," she spoke.

The brown-haired boy, named Keiichi, bit his lip. He knew that his lie was obvious, but what was he going to tell his parents? He didn't want to admit to them about the whole incident with the model gun, but he knew that his previous lie had fell flat and there really wasn't any other reason the Keiichi his parents thought they knew would look so freaked out. "Uh… there really is a test. And I have to study! You know what will happen to me if I fail this test, so see ya!"

Without letting his parents speak another word, Keiichi dashed up the stairs and slammed the door to his room shut. He pressed his back against the door, as if to prevent anyone else from getting in. He was breathing heavier than ever before, a look of pure horror painted on his face. If he saw himself in a mirror, Keiichi would probably doubt that the reflection belonged to him. He never imagined that he'd have such an expression on his face.

But what was he to do now? He had injured a little girl, and he had to take responsibility. Otherwise, he'd be just like the demon in the book. He bit his lip as he walked away from the door carefully, moving to a cabinet located on the side of the room. With a swift move, he opened the cabinet and grabbed a box that was inside it, the one that his model gun had come in. Then boy reached inside the box and grasped onto the manual inside it, which included how to use it as well as safety warnings.

Keiichi quickly flipped to the page inside the manual that had information on injuries caused by the model gun. Scanning over a few unimportant details, he finally reached a single sentence, the single sentence he was looking for.

"WARNING: Shooting someone in the eye can cause blindness."

At that moment, Keiichi knew. He had done something beyond what he had intended to with his little action movie. Sure, model gun pellets hurt, but they never really caused severe, permanent damage. On the other hand, hitting someone in the eye, like he had accidently done, causes damage forever. He bit his lip as he let the reality of his actions sink in. This was not an action movie, with fictional characters, actors, and special effects. This was real life. What was done was done, and the damage he had done to that girl could not be undone.

He dropped the manual to the ground, looking down at his feet with an unreadable emotion on his face. Then, he turned himself around and walked towards the door, not even bothering to pick up the manual or the model gun's box. What did it matter, anyways? He had to tell someone about what he had done; otherwise he'd feel guilty for the rest of his life. First, he knew he had to talk to his parents. They were most certainly aware of the recent model gun shootings, but neither of them had ever suspected that their son was the culprit. Now, Keiichi knew he had to break the news to them.

When he came downstairs with a dark look on his face, his parents instantly knew something was horribly wrong. Their son never looked like that. Usually, he was cheery about getting a good grade on an assignment or rather serious, especially when it came around to studying and school matters. There actually wasn't much he talked about aside from school, really.

"Keiichi, is there something wrong? You look awfully… dark," his mother commented, observing his face with a worried look on her own.

He could only nod.

His father raised an eyebrow. "Come, Keiichi, you're never like this," he told him, patting the spot next to him on the couch, as if telling him to come and sit down next to him.

Keiichi obeyed his father, and sat right down next to him on the couch with his bangs shadowing his eyes. Where was he to begin? He opened his mouth to try to speak, but no words came out. Either he couldn't think of the words, or the words just refused to come out. He couldn't figure it out. Deciding it was just better to keep his mouth shut, Keiichi bit down on his lip and simply waited for his parents to say something. Perhaps that would make things a little easier.

His mother let out a large sigh. "Well, Keiichi?"

Keiichi's teeth remained on his lip and he said nothing.

"Does this have to do with school, Keiichi?" his father asked him. "Although, Keiichi, you've never gotten this upset over school before. You're usually nice and calm about it."

Keiichi shook his head. Words failed him once again.

"Well then, what is it? You… you know, you've never really talked to us about anything aside from school before," his father asked him, curiosity in his eyes as he stared at his son's dark expression. Never in his life had he imagined his son with that kind of expression on his face.

Keiichi knew that they weren't just going to guess what was wrong. Neither of them suspected that he was the cause of the model gun shootings, and such would never come to their heads. It just didn't seem like the Keiichi they knew. So that meant that he would be the one to tell them, he'd have to tell them with words. He opened his mouth, trying to force words out of his mouth. But what was he to say? Where was he to start? Should he start telling them about how he got bored of school, or should he just cut it and confess that he was the one who did all the incidents? He didn't know.

"Well, Keiichi?" asked his mother.

The pressure was just too much. He knew he needed to tell them, but he couldn't spit it out. Glancing from his mother to his father, he opened up his mouth to try to speak. Still, he didn't know what to tell them.

"Just tell us!" cried his dad.

"I did it," Keiichi spoke, not allowing himself to think anymore deeply into the matter.

His parents blinked at him in confusion. "Did what?"

Keiichi clenched his fists. "I did it! I did everything! I was the one who shot the kids! I was the one with the model gun! I was!" he cried out. He could sweat trickling down from his forehead. He felt as if he was going to die of shame at any moment, and he shut his eyes so he couldn't see his parents' disappointed faces. He practically blocked out any sound. He knew his parents would scold him, and he knew his punishment would be severe.

Silence followed, silence that only made the boy feel more tension in the air. His eyes remained shut, and his fists remained clenched tight.

"Keiichi…" his father finally spoke. "Why?"

He shook his head as fast as he could. "I don't know! I was just so bored of school, and so bored of getting good grades, that I felt like I needed some more excitement in my life! I-I thought that I could create my own little action movie in my head, and I thought that I could make my life more adventurous and exciting if I did it! B-But then I shot this girl in the eye, and then… oh gosh, I don't know!" he blurted out all at once, allowing the words to flow out of his mouth without even thinking about it.

More silence followed.

"Keiichi," his father's voice said, "I'm disappointed…"

Keiichi just nodded his head, a few tears coming out of his eyes. "I know, dad, I know you're disappointed in me. I'm disappointed in myself…" he said, his voice shaky and rough. "I'm sorry…"

"No," his father spoke, startling the young boy and causing him to look up at his dad with curiosity in his eyes. "That's not what I meant. I meant that I'm disappointed in myself," he explained to his son.


"How long have you been like this, Keiichi?" his mother asked.

Keiichi glanced towards her mom, seeing that she didn't have a single bit of anger in her eyes. "…I don't remember when it started. Maybe it was a month or two ago…"

His father sighed, placing a single hand on his own forehead and rubbing his temples. "…Then I should have noticed a long time ago. I'm a failure as a father," he murmured to himself.

His mother gave him a sorrowful look. "This is our fault, Keiichi. We… we should have known that you weren't happy with just good grades. After all… no child is truly happy with just that."

Keiichi was stunned, to say the least. He thought that his parents would scold him and give him harsh looks, but this was the opposite. Why weren't they treating him like that? Didn't he deserve worse? He looked down at his feet as he tried to understand. It wasn't that he was unhappy with the outcome. He'd rather have this than being punished severely any day. He was just shocked.

"Listen, Keiichi, you go to your room. Your Father and I will figure this out," his mother said, kindness in her eyes. "We'll come up with some way to make sure you aren't bored… and to put more adventure in your life."

Keiichi simply nodded and obeyed. His parents would figure things out for him. He didn't need to dwell on the matter any longer. All he had to do now was to stop shooting the model gun and return to his normal life until his parents could decide on something to bring more adventure in his life. Surely they could come up with some way. They were his parents, after all.

Grumbling, he threw himself on his futon and went over what he had to study for math. Surely, his parents would come up with a way to make his life more exciting than doing math homework every day. He was sure of that.

However, what Keiichi didn't know was that the adventurous life his parents were about to give him was much, much more than what he imagined.


A few days had passed since the incident with his parents, and Keiichi had returned to his boring life of homework and studying. He was currently seated on his futon, scribbling down the answers to his math homework. He let out a sigh of boredom as he worked on a particularly easy problem. There really was no fun in tests, and the praises were now getting really old. He dropped his pencil down on the paper, having finished the problem, and then stood up.

He walked down the stairs, perhaps to get something to eat from the kitchen. He wasn't really sure what he was doing. He just wanted to get away from his homework for a little bit before he started up on his other assignment. Mumbling to himself, he opened up the refrigerator and took a look inside of it. There really wasn't much to eat.

"Hey! Keiichi!" his father called out to him, wearing a particularly excited grin on his face, strangely strong for even him.

"Hey, Dad. You look awfully happy," he commented as he closed the refrigerator.

His mother smiled happily at him, though hers seemed a little less intense. "Keiichi, come sit down with us. We have some news to share with you."

Curious, Keiichi nodded and went to sit down on the couch next to his father. He glanced from his mother to his father, wondering to himself what they had to talk to him about.

His father's grin grew wider, if that was even possible. "Well, your mother and I have come up with something to keep you entertained and give you an adventure for the rest of your life!" he cried out.

Keiichi looked rather calm as he announced the news. His father was probably just exaggerating, like usual.

"We're moving!" his father cried out, throwing his arms up in the air and spreading them wide apart to emphasize the surprise.

Keiichi blinked at them, shock on his face. "What?" he gasped in disbelief. He had always lived in this dirty old city. Of course moving away would give him an adventure, maybe for a few days as he tried to figure out his way around town and perhaps meeting a few new people, but moving away just so he could find such a small adventure seemed a little like they were overdoing it.

His mother smiled at him. "I know, I know, it's quite a shock, but it's surely a place where you could have fun. After all, you said you wanted to have a real adventure, like your own little action movie, right?" she said, her tone soft. "This is surely a place where you'll have an adventure."

Keiichi didn't seem all that convinced. "What city are we moving to, Mom, Dad?" he asked them both, turning to look at his dad in the eyes before returning his gaze to his mother once again.

His father gave him a mischievous grin. "Son, we aren't moving to a city!" he cried out.

"Excuse me?" he spoke, glancing at his father briefly to show him the surprise clearly visible in his sapphire-blue eyes. He had always lived in the city. Was he suggested that they were going to move to the country?

His mother giggled. "Onigafuchi," she spoke.

Keiichi turned to stare at his mother, his eyes growing wide when he heard her. "Can you repeat that, mom? Did you really just say we're moving to a town called 'Demon's Abyss?'" he spoke with disbelief.

"THAT'S RIGHT, SON!" laughed his dad as he gave his son a hearty pat on the back. "We're going move to Onigafuchi, the town of the demons! They say that that place is infested by demons, and we're going to go move there and find out for ourselves! In a town said to be cursed like that, you're sure to have a great little adventure!"

The boy could feel himself freeze to his seat. The town's name meant Demon's Abyss, and it was infested with demons. Sure, it was interesting, but that was not a place where he could make an action movie! If he were to make his own little movie in his head there, it would be a horror movie, in which the main character dies horribly after being torn apart by crazed demons! That was one he didn't want to experience, for sure.

Then he remembered the story about the demon, the one where a demon tore her friend's eye out, and went insane. Demons were horrifying, dreadful creatures with no sense of humanity or emotions. He would surely die if he went there! Were his parents really going to risk that, just for a little adventure?

His father laughed again. "Well, son, let me tell you something. You'll get used to it when you move there, and besides," he looked at his son directly in his eyes, without a single trace of fear in his, "demons don't exist."

Still, he couldn't bring himself to feel any better about the situation. He was sure to die.

"Well, well! Your mother and I have to make some preparations, so let's get going, Aiko!" he spoke, hopping up from the couch with glee. "Keiichi, don't worry, just trust your daddy on this one!" he said, shooting his son a huge grin.

Keiichi paid no attention to him. He was still lost in his own thoughts.

"All right, Ichirou," his mother said, standing up from her chair as well. "And Keiichi, please don't be afraid. It'll make a great adventure!" she spoke, smiling with kindness and joy Keiichi would doubt to see from someone who was about to move to a haunted village.

"Maybe for you guys," Keiichi whispered under his breath as his parents walked away.

Still, he was afraid. What if demons really existed, and what if he was really going to die there? He gulped, playing with the collar of his shirt. This could be fatal for him.

And at that moment, he was sure. He didn't want to get into the adventure his parents were about to give him, even if it was more exciting than doing homework.


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