Greetings, all! I return after a summer of collecting and editing and forming and thinking and deleting and reforming to present the novelization of Kingdom Hearts II!

Now, just as before, this story is not the game transcribed. That wouldn't work on paper. This is Kingdom Hearts II, touched up, polished, added to, and removed. It flows better, it works better, it's just an all-around improved story, to the best of my little ability.

(For the enjoyment of all, I will tell you one of the things I -have- removed: ATLANTICA! You can thank me in advance ;) )

Lastly, before we jump in, allow me to take this moment to remind you that this novelization(and my previous one of KH1—which you should absolutely read before touching this one-) is slowly creating a mythos of Kingdom Hearts, totally devoid of any game/info released after re:Chain of Memories(except for, perhaps, 358/2 Days). This series will have its own KH3, and its own prologue story(based on what little knowledge we had, back when Birth By Sleep was only the secret trailer at the end of KH2, and a glimmer in Nomura's eye)

So, as always, settle down with your favorite beverage of choice(hot chocolate always works well) in the welcoming embrace of a ridiculously comfy chair, and enjoy the story of Kingdom Hearts II.

Chapter I: Prologue
~A scattered dream that's like a far off memory~
~A far off memory that's like a scattered dream.~
I want to line the pieces up...

Before, it had begun with a young boy, floating in darkness. Now, it began with a young girl on a lonesome beach.

All alone, she sat, fiddling with a small charm, awash in the glowing sunset. The ocean, huge and calm, stretched out before her. Unnoticed, the rolling tide crept in and swept a lone shell back out to sea.

(or had it always been there?)

Suddenly, the girl is no longer alone, and the beach is no longer a beach. It is instead a bent and curved tree, several star-shaped fruit hanging from its tropical branches. The girl is joined by two boys, one spikey-haired brunette(the bright boy), and one silver-haired boy with mint eyes(the dark boy).
The Ocean, however, was still there.

As the three sat and watched the sunset, the girl and the dark boy dissolved into wisps of sand, and the bright boy was left alone on the tree. With one mighty leap, the bright boy jumped, leaving his dissolving island behind, and landed on hard, dark-blue stone. Another world. Two companions, a knightly dog and a wizarding duck, now stood at his flanks.

Before him, a grand castle stretched high into the clouds. Between the castle and he twitched an army of small, black demons with glowing-hungry-yellow eyes.

With his two companions by his side, the bright boy took a long, Key-shaped sword in hand, and faced the hoard of monsters. As he fought through them, slashing them into a dark mist, the bright boy climbed higher and higher into the castle—until he reached the tallest room of the highest tower. There, he found the girl, limp, on the ground. He stumbled to her, tried to shake her awake.

angels in flight

The bright boy looked over his shoulder and saw the dark boy standing before a glowing machine. The dark boy turned, staring his opposite down, and reached out his arm for him, invitingly. Behind the dark boy, the mechanism became a giant wave, and behind the bright boy, the world became the beach again.
The dark boy's hand was still outstretched.

Charging forward, the bright boy headed toward the wave, but instead met the dark boy's sword with his own, now back in the castle. As the bright boy sliced at the dark boy, the latter leapt away, his body dissolving around him, revealing the dark man underneath, all dripping shadows and drowning darkness and white teeth across a dark face.

The bright boy charged, slashing, and opened a great Door. Light poured through from it, covering the dark man and swallowing him whole. Through the Door, the bright boy saw the dark boy one more time. The dark boy, however, closed the door between them—ashamed of himself.

Although the darkness was gone, the girl was still asleep. So the bright boy took his sword in hand, and stabbed himself through. His heart lifted from his body, releasing the girl's own captive heart. Satisfied, the bright boy disappeared.

But the girl, not standing for either of their hearts to be separated, called the bright boy back from the darkness. But neither could stand for the dark boy's heart to be separated as well, so the bright boy left the girl back on the beach, and faded into the distance to find their dark friend.

angels in flight

The girl never left the beach, she never stopped waiting. The days turned to weeks, turned to months, turned to years, and the girl stayed on that beach and waited. She changed, she grew, she matured. But her two boys never returned.

Same girl, different story. A shadow of the girl sat in a white room, all alone. In her lap she held a sketchbook. She draws in it to pass the time. She draws to not forget. She draws to show that she isn't alone.

In her pictures, she draws a spiral, glass staircase. The bright boy and his companions were climbing it, casting demons back into the dark. White rooms on glass stairs, filled with demons. A man in a black, hooded cloak gazed down at the bright boy. Another man, cloaked in red from head to toe, glared from his single, uncovered, eye. Across the white room, a man in a black coat with a long scythe smiled maliciously.

The bright boy charged, the scythe man swung.

Elsewhere, the dark boy clashed with the dark man still inside him.

Both boys charged up the glass stairs, sometimes ascending, sometimes descending.

The shadow girl looked up just as the bright boy entered her lonely room(making it not so lonely anymore). Her sketchbook now showed the bright boy in a glass pod, with the petals of a flower decorating it.

Just as the bright boy stepped into the room, the pod encapsulated him and the shadow girl whispered.

angels in flight

The bright boy's eyes closed, and he fell and fell and fell and fell and fell. He fell across the never ending ocean to a small island. To the beach.

The shadow girl closed her sketchbook.

The bright boy lay asleep on the warm sand, the girl holding his right hand, the dark boy holding his left.

The boy fell again, then, through the sand—but it wasn't the boy. It was his shadow.

The shadow boy fell through darkness and water, coming awake on a circled, stain-glass platform, etched with the image of the bright boy.

"What's left of me now?"

Welcome to Nothing's Onslaught.
Welcome to Kingdom Hearts II.

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