So Go On

"You're *special*, Hugo."

As. If.

You've always been the

OdD oNe OuT

:Blending in to the background:


In the light of your family's glory


T!e!d!d!y's strong again

Victoire's finally victorious

Molly has her ~ Daddy ~

Dom found strength in her /w:e_a}k|n=e's.s;

Freddie's free from Uncle Fred

*Louis* really is ~beautiful~

Lucy made a mistaek

James found himself

Roxy ~!~ shines ~!~ now

Rosie closed her [||books||]

Albus isn't just a ~s~n~a~k~e~

And little {{Lily}} isn't so little anymore

But you?

You're still not *special*

And you never. will. be.

You used to be the ONLY ONE

Without problems

Now you're the ONLY ONE

With problems

[[Lalalalala...they can't hear you!]]

- But you have a talent -

Something nobody else can do

You hear .voices.

But you're not c~r~a~z~y

{? ? ?}

You can hear the :wands:

Like Ollivander

And they w`h`i`s`p`e`r to you

A very rare talent indeed

A very *special* talent

So go on

Stand out ^above^ the rest

I told you Hugo was special!

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