AN: I haven't read the rest of the series {I only read Generation Dead; Looking for the rest of them} so sorry if I'm behind on stuff that happens. Adam is dead but Pete doesn't have a scar from 'Smiley' {Quick Q: Did Pete die in the first book? It's been a while and the details are fuzzy} and the zombies are still being mistreated. Enjoy Chapter Two!

Pete POV

Pete hated himself.

Why? Because he nearly died.

That girl Bethany had flipped him and his heart nearly stopped.


That had been the good thing. He couldn't imagine being like those undead creeps that were popping up like moles in his town.

The bad thing was he had gotten beaten up in one blow by one of those undead creeps. And the thing that was worse than that was that he had gotten beat by an undead creep that was a girl.

He could remember sending a punch and she caught it instantly.

But that wasn't the biggest surprise. She flipped over him and brought him flying with her in the air. She landed on her feet with ease and she body slammed him into the floor. He felt parts of his chest break and his heart slowed.

And then he heard her voice.

"Get up." She had ordered. He was crying so hard and the pain was so excruciating that he hardly noticed she was speaking.

"Get up." She commanded once more, this time more forceful and louder. The funny thing was that he almost obeyed her. His insides agreed with her and he nearly let his body rise to her calling voice.

But a little voice in his brain told him, "Since when do you take orders from dead freaks?"

That made him feel stronger but it wasn't strong enough to get him of the floor on his own. He saw her face out of the corner of his eye. She was crouched down over him, her eyes intently focused on him and she quickly shook her head.

Was he dead?

Was she saying that he had died?

But those thoughts went away when he felt his body being carefully flipped over.

Lights shone in his eyes and they asked him if they could hear him. He nodded weakly and he then cringed in pain. That girl was half his size and a tenth of his strength by the looks of it but she had definitely broken a lot with that stunt. He looked without moving his head and he saw that the dead kids that attended his school were by the two dead kids that had been brought as the demonstration. The Lazarus guy had his arm wrapped around a blank Bethany.

Then Bethany broke away from him and ran to where they were about to cart him to the emergency room. The EMTs backed away respectively and she said, "I'm sorry that happened. I will show you why I thought it would not affect you."

She raised a hand and Lazarus walked towards them.

When he arrived, she held out her arms in front of her. Pete heard Lazarus say, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

She nodded but Pete was still puzzled. That changed when Lazarus flipped her over and body slammed her the same way that Bethany had body slammed Pete. After barely a minute, she was back on her feet.

She said to Pete, "Lazarus and I have been doing that exact thing for a while now. Neither of us was ever affected and you were alive so I thought that you would have no problem stopping me. I'm very sorry."

He said nothing and they left to go back to the other worm burgers. He saw Adam, Phoebe and Tommy out of the few standing next to the scientists that had come with Bethany and Lazarus. The scientists appeared to be talking rapidly with the principal while the coach was yelling at the tops of his lungs about how that zombie just put down one of his best players for the upcoming season.

He then saw Bethany push the scientists protectively behind her. She put a hand on the coach's shoulder and he tried to shrug her off. But her grip was firm and she still held him tightly. She then moved her hand to his neck and held him a good half a foot off the ground.

Pete could hear her voice say, "You can talk to me that way but no one else. My scientists are good people, unlike you. You are a disgrace to the living as you refuse to make amends with us. I will tolerate this abuse but be warned. If you talk this way to any of the other differently biotic kids, my scientists can't stop me from hurting you. Do I make myself clear?"

The coach was turning red and he refused to answer her. He was being stubborn as usual and Pete was proud of him for standing his ground to the zombies. However, Bethany didn't share the same appreciation.

She moved her thumb to his Adam's apple and squeezed. "Do I make myself clear, sir?"

The coach's face went purple and he nodded as best as he could. She released him and he fell to his knees, gasping for breath. He shot a dirty look at Bethany as she walked back to the other zombies and Lazarus lunged at him.

Bethany and Tommy held him back but Pete saw Bethany's jaw clench when the coach taunted Lazarus with insults, "Yeah. You know better than to mess with the normal people, sonny. Go back to your freaks and learn how to die properly."

Bethany's eyes widened at the end of his statement and Adam restrained her when she started pushing against her worried scientist chaperones.

Adam let go when she settled momentarily and she took her chance and ran at the coach.

She grabbed his throat with one hand and held his arms together with the other. She then kicked him in the tender parts and the coach let out a howl. She then let go of his throat and began hitting him with flurries of hard kicks and rapid punches.

Colette and Adam grabbed her and she fought against them while yelling at the coach, "You deserve to rot in Hell, you pig-headed, dim witted, zombie hater!"

The coach paid no mind as both he and the principal left the gymnasium.

Pete saw the female scientist pull something out of her pocket. It was a syringe and a very sharp and long one at that. She sunk all eight inches of the needle into Bethany's neck. The last thing Pete saw was Bethany slumped in the other freaks' arms.

He felt sorry that she had to have that done but something wasn't right. Pete thought that zombies weren't supposed to feel. He guessed that whatever that scientist had been explaining had let those two feel anger.

If that was her promising not to kill him, what would happen if she did promise to kill?

And what if she tried to kill him?