Reversed Misfortune


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A day doesn't go by when you aren't on my mind.


Chapter two: A misunderstanding in paradise

Lightning lay quietly on Serah's bed, unable to fall asleep, her eyes shut tightly.

It was mostly because it was way too early for her to be in bed since she normally didn't go to sleep until around midnight along with the fact that the mattress was way too soft for her. She wasn't used to it nor did she like it.

It was like she was sleeping on one massive uncomfortable cloud from hell.

She tossed and turned constantly, hoping to fall asleep some time soon, preferably before Snow would decide to join her for the night, something she was dreading with all her heart and soul. Turning side to side once again, she ultimately ended up with her face mashed against the equally soft pillow as she felt it slowly deflate with a soft poof.

What the hell possessed Serah to buy this stupid mattress?

Lightning glanced to her right where a small clock stood on a nightstand. It's already ten? She sighed deeply as she turned to flop on her back once again, her face to the ceiling, and not the slightest bit tired even after all that tossing and turning.

When Lightning heard the soft click of the doorknob turning, she quickly flipped her body away from the door, pulling the thick floral blankets over her head in one fluid motion all before a figure walked into the room, closing the door quietly behind them. The person walked with heavy footsteps that echoed throughout the room. It was very obvious that it was Snow since there was unfortunately no one else in the house.

Her trained ears followed the sound of the footsteps as he walked into the bathroom to wash up. About five minutes later, Snow got out and joined her on the bed. Lightning scowled as she felt a deep dip on the left side of the bed as she involuntarily slowly slid closer to him, her back facing him. Curse this stupid mattress.

Trying to fall asleep once again, Lightning shut her eyes closed with as much force as possible and prayed for sleep to overcome her.

Suddenly, just when Lightning was starting to feel herself falling asleep, a pair of strong thick arms wrapped around her tiny waist. Her eyes shot wide open as she jumped slightly in his grasp. Snow was startled as well when Lightning flinched and started to pull away from him.

Snow leaned in closer to her as she felt his warmth approaching. She bit her lip as he closed the distance between them. "I'm sorry, baby. Did I wake you?" Snow whispered lovingly.

Lightning bit down even harder to prevent herself from saying anything that she might regret later. She desperately wanted to shout out "Don't call me 'baby'!" but she had to remember who she was right now. She was Serah Farron; wife to Snow Villiers, not Lightning Farron.

"Um… d-don't worry about it…" Snow tightened his hold around her waist as she felt chills up and down her spine as she tried to distance herself from him and his arms around her. He leaned in closer to her, so close she could feel his hot breath on her neck. Lightning felt like she was suffocating in Snow's love for Serah as she urgently wanted to escape his rib-crushing embrace.

I swear to freakin' god, if I wasn't supposed to be Serah right now I would—

"Now that we're finally alone we can finally put that plan into action…" Snow whispered in a deep voice. Lightning managed to whisper a puzzled "huh?" before he explained further.

"You know," he smiled. "… the one to make a big, happy family?" Snow finished his sentence with a soft kiss on her neck as Lightning could take no more as she jumped out of his grasp and out of the bed. Snow stared at his wife with wide eyes, confused, his mouth slightly agape. Did he do something wrong? He remembered how Serah didn't mind it last time. He was positive that she even enjoyed it.

Lightning was beyond pissed. And not only that, she was also completely mortified and scarred for all eternity. There were just some things about Snow and Serah's married life that she did not ever need to know.

"Baby…, what's wrong?" Snow asked worried. "I thought you said that—"

"Stop!" she interrupted. "Just stop for a second…" No more, she did not want to hear anymore of what Snow and Serah had done together before. Just the thought of it made her sick. Sure, she had promised Serah that she would do her best to keep this secret hidden, but there was just no way in hell that she would be joining Snow in bed to do that.

Snow stared at Lightning with a puzzled look as he tried to reach out for her. "Baby, c'mon, come back to be—"

"I—uh—I'm sick," Lightning quickly lied. She coughed multiple times into her arm to back up her poor lying skills. "So I'll just… uh, sleep on the couch tonight."

Once she said that, Snow seemed all too eager to get out of the bed. He practically leaped out of the covers. "I'll join you!"

"No!" Lightning shouted lowly, a bit too quick and a bit too much like how she usually talked. Snow stared at her in disbelief as she cleared her throat and tried her best to mimic Serah's voice.

"Wouldn't want you catching it…" Lightning said sweetly. "Darling," she added with a hint of attitude and sarcasm. "Don't worry, I'll be fine."

"O-okay… if that's what you want…" Finally, the idiot understood. "Good night, then."

With a swift "good night" from Lightning, she casually walked out of the room with a smaller blanket in hand that she grabbed from the edge of the bed. She ran to the nearby bathroom along the hall and scrubbed her neck with soap and water with all her might before heading to the living room downstairs.

I swear, I am going to show that Maqui a whole new meaning of pain once I get my body back!


Serah clutched Lightning's cell phone tightly as she, once again, attempted to dial her phone that was in her sister's possession.

This was at least her third attempt to try and get in touch with Lightning since she woke up. Hope was still asleep in the other room, thank god. Serah desperately hoped that he would stay asleep until she could get Lightning to pick up her phone, not wanting Hope to overhear their conversation. But the fear of him waking up any minute never left her as she dialed the number again and held the phone to her ear, anxious.

"Serah here~" Serah realized a heavy sigh as she listened to the same voice recording again. "Sorry I can't get to the phone right now. Leave a message and I'll—"

Serah closed the phone shut as her head met the cool surface of the dining table as she groined onto it, the table muffling her voice. She really, really needed to talk to her. What could she possibly be doing now?

"Why won't you answer my calls, sis?"


Lightning shifted to her side as she pulled the blankets closer to her body. Tucking the warm blankets around her, she refused to wake up and get up, her bed way too comfortable to leave despite the fact that she was already half-awake. She let out a soft yawn and gently stretched out her limbs before settling back into her soft blankets and comfy bed.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, she felt large hands over her closed eyelids.

"Good morn—" Before the person even had a chance to continue, Lightning's experiences as a soldier kicked in as she reached behind her and grabbed his arms and forcibly threw him off of her, flipping him onto the clean hardwood floor. As soon as his back hit the floor, Lightning quickly got out of her bed and placed her foot to his neck, causing a painful grunt to escape from his lips.

Once Lightning saw who it was that she had tossed onto the floor, she froze momentarily before as she removed her foot from the base of his neck.

"Snow? !" Lightning said surprised with a hint of anger laced in her voice. "What the hell are you doing in my room? !"

Snow groaned in pain as he tried to pick himself off the floor. "Y-your room?" He choked out. "You're in the living room… don't you remember, baby?"

Baby…? Lightning quickly scanned her surroundings only to remember her current situation and who she was supposed to be.

"Oh, silly me! I forgot… sorry…" Lightning reached for Snow as she helped him off the floor and eased him carefully onto the couch.

"Jesus, honey, I never knew you had strength like that," Snow said out of breath as he relaxed onto the couch, obviously still in a lot of pain.

"Actually…" Snow started as Lightning glanced at him, his tone greatly worrying her. "It kind of reminded me of sis and how she used to punch me all the time when we were l'Cie…" Crap… not good. "And did I hear you swear earli—"

"Light!" Lightning quickly interrupted, catching Snow off-guard as he stared at her, stunned at her sudden outburst. "Uh, sis taught me a few of her moves before… just in case, you know, if something were to happen I could defend myself… And you scared me earlier so I couldn't help myself…" Lightning said sweetly and very Serah-like.

Snow nodded with his hand on his chin, deep in thought. "Hmm… yeah… that makes sense." Thank the Maker that this oaf is a world-class idiot, Lightning sighed as he happily bought her lie.

"Ha, leave it to sis to teach some self defense moves when you have a hero like me~" Snow said proudly with a hearty laugh.

Lightning controlled her annoyance for the blond as she tried her best to laugh along with him.


After washing up and eating breakfast together like how married couples were supposed to (unfortunately), it was almost twelve and Snow had just gone to work to help PSICOM and some other soldiers from the Guardian Corps expand their civilization in the vast new world. Snow and the other former l'Cie had been a great asset to the military once they got over the whole fugitive and "enemies of Cocoon" phase. The past l'Cie were helpful since they were already familiar with the land of Gran Pulse.

At least I won't have to spend an entire day with him or I might kill him or myself, which ever happens first.

Lightning made her way to Serah's closet as she pulled the doors opened only to frown upon the contents of said closet. All the clothes that hung from the hangers were all very frilly; many with an array of decorative floral prints on them, and very feminine; all way too feminine for Lightning's taste.

"What the hell am I supposed to wear?" She had never realized how many articles of clothing Serah owned but she had a feeling that the closet packed with clothes and shoes was just the half of it. Lightning spotted a dresser off to the side that was probably filled with even more clothes. Lightning walked to said dresser in hopes of finding something more suitable and comfortable to wear.

Before Lightning even went to pull the top drawer open, she noticed Serah's phone on top of the dresser. She picked it up and found five missed calls that were dialed from her phone. She immediately guessed it to be Serah's doing since her phone was now in her possession.

Out of all the missed calls from her, Serah only left one message.

"Sis! Where are you and why aren't you picking up? Please, please call me back when you have the chance!"

Lightning pulled the phone away from her ear as she quickly dialed her number, waiting for Serah to pick up.

She picked up by the third ring.

"Finally!" Serah gasped on the other end. "Oh, I was so worried!"

"Sorry… what did you need to talk to me about?" Lightning asked as she moved to sit on the bed, sinking deep into the soft mattress.

"I need you to come over right now, sis. It's very important that you do." She explained.

"But, Serah, I—"

"Oh no! I have to go! I'll talk to you when you get here," Serah said quickly in a hushed voice. "See you!" With that said, Serah ended the call as Lightning pull the phone away from her ear as it returned to the home screen.

"—have nothing to wear."


After basically raiding and digging through her younger sister's closet and dresser, Lightning finally decided to settle with a pair of white skinny jeans and a peach-colored ruffle top that was decorated with floral prints. And because Lightning refused to wear any of Serah's god-forsaken sandals, she had settled on wearing a simple pair of brown boots she had found hidden all the way in the back of the closet. And since Lightning couldn't care less about Serah's long unruly hair (bed hair was the worst), she just tied it up in a lazy ponytail after finally managing to brush down the messy loose curls.

Once she was dressed and ready to go, Lightning left and traveled a few blocks down the street and took a taxi she saw along the way. When the driver pulled over to her apartment, she got out and walked into the building and took one of the elevators up to the thirteenth floor. She walked down the empty hallway and currently stood in front of her own apartment door, feeling a bit strange and out of place. But then again, this whole ordeal is just strange and unusual, Lightning thought with distaste as she rang the doorbell.

Lightning didn't have to wait long as the door quickly opened the second her finger left the doorbell. "Sis! I'm so glad you're he—" Serah paused midsentence as she examined Lightning up and down with an unreadable face.

"… W-what… are you wearing?"

Lightning walked passed Serah and into her home. "The only clothes you owned that I felt comfortable walking out in public with," Lightning answered in a bored tone.

"Those boots do not match those clothes!" Serah shouted, horrified, while pointing at Lightning's attire. "Why are you even wearing boots in the middle of summer? !" she asked. "And that shirt is just hideous! Where did you even find that? I could've sworn I donated it," Serah cried. Just when Lightning thought she was done criticizing her appearance, she gasped loudly. "And my hair! What have you done to it? !"

Lightning huffed in annoyance. "I tied it up because it was annoying me." There was a reason why Lightning never allowed her hair to grow past her shoulder blades. "Just be glad that I didn't cut it all off like I originally planned to do."

Once Lightning was positive that Serah was done panicking, she stared at herself—er—Serah—wow, this is going to take some getting used to—and raised a brow.

"Where did you get that shirt?" She asked accusingly. "And I've never seen those shorts before."

Serah wore a stylish and simple cream-colored top that slid off one of Lightning's pale shoulders, a strap of a gray tank top peeking out. The ends of the shirt hugged the waist perfectly as the peach-colored shorts went nicely with the shirt; all while making Lightning's long legs stand out. Serah also styled Lightning's hair so that it was all held together in a loose small bun that hung just slightly below her left ear. Thinner and smaller strands of hair were left as they were.

Serah laughed nervously as she scratched the back of her head. "Yeah… about that… after I tried to call you this morning I saw your clothes and it was just an utter catastrophe!" Lightning crossed her arms and shifted her weight to her left leg, waiting for Serah to continue her explanation, her lips pursed.

"I mean, I've never seen so many grays, whites and blacks before in my entire life! And don't even get me started on your awful collection of tee-shirts and sweatpants," Serah said while flailing her arms everywhere, emphasizing her point. "So, I did you a favor and quickly went out and brought you some new clothes~"

In response, Lightning lightly smacked her face with her palm as she let out a long sigh. "Serah… there was nothing wrong with my clothes."

"And there is nothing wrong with mine," she countered sweetly. "Oh! But that wasn't why I called you over for!"

"Then what did you need to tell me?"

"I wanted to talk to you about—" Suddenly, the door opened, interrupting Serah, as a familiar figure appeared at the front.

"Hey, Light! I brought you the groceries you said you wanted."

Lightning turned around, immediately reacting to her name being called and that voice. When her eyes met his kind emerald green, hers widened slightly as a result.

"Welcome back, Hope." Serah said happily with a wide smile.

Hope stood where he was slightly confused, his hands full of plastic grocery bags as he looked back and forth between an overly happy 'Lightning' and a very shocked 'Serah'.

Oh, crap


Chapter two [END]


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