Emmy and Oogiejess, Best Vore Friends.

Jessy's house 9:26 pm.

It was just another day at the house of the Krellborns. Inside her bedroom Jessy was on her back in her bed with her stomach rubling very loudly, she hasn't eaten much since her parents left for a vacation and they had made her a small dinner, but is was't a big feast and her stomach was growling for more food. "Man," Jessy said "If my stomach get's any louder i'm going to have..." he voice trailed off as a sudden idea struck her.

"Emmy!" she said She ramaged her stuff to find her phone and called her friend "Hey, Emmy, wanna come over?" Jessy asked "Sure!" Emmy's voice said "I'll be over soon." Unknown to Jessy her pet plant Twoey overheard the girl and a sly smile creped over him before he silently left, with her stomach growling loudly.

Later on Jessy was about to go outside to meet Emmy but then remembered something "Oh nuts, where did i put my Oogiejess potion?" she left to find it but Towey seized his chance to have some fun himself.

Emmy walked up the porch of the house of her friend with a smile on her face. She reached for the door and she was about to turn the knob when her belly started growling, making very loud nosies. She rubbed her compleatly empty stomach and said "Maybe i should have eaten something before coming here a long time ago." she said "But i bet Jessy won't mind sharing some of her food." her stomach growled loudly like a lion's roar and she opened the door.

"Jessy?" Emmy asked "Jessy where are you?" as she looked for her friend she didn't see some vines behind her "Jes-" suddenly a vine wrapped itself around her mouth and her body before Twoey pulled her up to his face "Nice to met you Little Supper." Emmy tried to talk but with a vince covering her mouth she couldn't say a word "Oogiejess always talks about how good tasting you are." the plant told the girl as he tied her arms, legs and a gag around her mouth to keep her quiet "Let's see how good tasting you really are, i'm gonna keep you myself but i'll let you out... when i remember."

He stuffed the terrified girl into his mouth and swallowed her whole, sending her down into his stomach as it expanded due to her. Twoey rubbed his belly as the paniced girl kicked and sqrimed inside him "She's right, you are good." inside the plant's stomach a bound and gaged Emmy looked around as she tried to loosen her ropes and gag but failed then she started crying and crying.

Jessy had just turned into Oogiejess after drinking her poition. Her stomach growled very loudly as meny voices inside her shouted "WE WANT EMMY!" "Ah, don't worry, Emmy's coming and she'll be inside soon."

Then she thought she heard Emmy crying and she/he said "Little Supper?" The monster ran towards the sound and gasped when she/he saw Twoey rubbing his round belly that the sound was coming from "Little Supper!" The monster exclaimed in shock she/he ran to the belly of the plant and rubbed it, placing her/his ear (If any) on the plant's stomach and said "Little Supper, Little Supper are you All right? Little Supper?"

Inside the plant's stomach Emmy, still crying and frightened, heard her friend and tried to call out but with a gagged mouth she couldn't make a sound so she kicked with her tied feet.

Oogiejess felt the kick and heard her 'Little Supper' inside the rounded belly. She/he sighed happily then faced her pet with a mad look on her face "You ate my Little Supper! Spit her out now!" Twoey wrapped his vines around his stomach and said "Why should i? She should be my Little Supper too." "She's my only Little Supper and NOBODY calls her that but me!" The monster said "Give me back my Little Supper now!" Inside the plant's stomach Emmy kept crying and crying, the sound of Emmy crying made the monster very upset and angry at her plant. "She's my Little Supper now." Twoey said, moving away from the monster while his tummy jiggled with Emmy inside "No she's not!" Oogiejess shouted "You're even scaring her! Give her back NOW!"

But Twoey refused and ran away, with Emmy muffled shouting inside his stomach "LITTLE SUPPER!" Oogiejess shouted as the two ran "Don't worry, i'll save you!"

Twoey, with his belly filled with Emmy, hid under a bridge while he felt his stomach's 'prisoner' wriggling around inside his belly. "I think i've lost her." the plant said "Now i can enjoy my meal as much as i want in peace." Inside the plant's tummy Emmy cried and sobbed, getting her gag wet with tears. Twoey drummed his vines across his belly.

Suddenly Oogiejess attacked the plant, jumping on top of his head to knock him out and the plant fell down, knocked out cold. His belly wriggled and moved as the orb was tossed and turned inside. Oogiejess went to the plant's plump belly and placed her/his hands on it "Little Supper, i'm so sorry for all of this." Oogiejess's own belly rumbled and the movement in the plant's belly shifted.

"Don't worry, I'll get you out of this stomach. I might be a monster but i'm a protective predator and i'm not going to let this keep us apart." Oogiejess got a can of Dr Pepper Soda, turned it into a shooting gun, shook it and shot soda into the plant's mouth. The soda went down the plant's neck and into the stomach.

Inside the plant's belly Emmy was covered in soda and she muffle shouted in shock and confusion. Outside Oogiejess shook Twoey's belly and it let out a huge rumbling and bubbling sound and the bulge inside the stomach shifted upwards and the sleeping plant Burped Emmy out.

Emmy, still tied up and gaged, was happy to see OogieJess but her shouts of joy were muffled by the gag around her mouth. Oogiejess went to Emmy's side and rubbed her head "I'm so sorry for what had happened to you my dear Little Supper." The monster untied the girl's mouth and Emmy said "Thanks for that. What was wrong with your pet? I thought you said he was harmless." "I guess me saying how wonderful you were to eat was he got carried away." Oogiejess said as she/he untied the ropes.

Emmy hugged her best friend and she/he hugged her back "I'm still so glad your safe my dear Little Supper." Emmy let go of her friend and smiled at her. Then her stomach growled and rumbled very, very loudly "My poor Little Supper, You must be so hungry after what had just happened." "I've been hungry all day," Emmy said rubbing her belly "I wanted to eat at your place but now..." "How about we eat here instead." Oogiejess said "Make some food appear and i'll feed you myself."

After Emmy made a buffettable full of food appear Oogiejess fed Emmy with as much food as she wanted. With each new food Emmy's stomach grew and expanded. When there wasn't anymore food Emmy burped loudly and Oogiejess rubbed her friend's full stomach "Wow, you were hungry weren't you?" Oogiejess asked as she rubbed her friend's very pot bellied stomach.

Then Oogiejess's stomach growled and rumbled, wanting Emmy inside more then ever. "Now that i'm fed how about i feed you me?" She asked "I thought you'd never ask." Oogiejess said then she/he got an idea, a way to eat her Little Supper. She/he got some ice cream and covered Emmy all over in the dessert "You look so good." Oogiejess said "I'm so glad were friends." "Best Vore Friends." Emmy said as Oogiejess picked her up.

Oogiejess placed Emmy into her mouth and swallowed her easily since the ice cream made her slip right into her stomach where Emmy landed with a plop inside her second home sweet home.

After letting out a burp Oogiejess gave her engorged belly a few gentle pats and Motherly said "How's my adorable Little Supper doing inside her Mommy's belly? Are you cosy?" "Sure!" Emmy said "It's so good to be here, i've really missed being here." "And my bugs missed you too." Oogiejess said as she/he hugged her stomach as Little Supper wiggled around inside. Inside Oogiejess's belly Emmy shifted as the bugs gave her a hug like greeting a family member.

Oogiejess giggled as she/he stroked her stomach then Emmy yawned and said "Can i go to sleep?" "Of course my dearest Little Supper." Oogiejess said motherly, rubbing her swollen gut protectively "I'll keep you safe and sound inside my tummy, and no one will hurt you." Unknown to Oogiejess someone was watching from the shadows as Oogiejess kept cradling her giant gullet "Inpressive," she said "Just the very Predator i need for my island."