Hi? Question Mark because I've never written for this show before, but I deeply enjoy these people together so here.

As Lennox walked down the elementary hallway,she felt an overwhelming array of emotions.

But mostly fear.

That's when a blonde haired boy walked up behind her and tapped her shoulder. She immediatly turned around,her hair following suit.

"Um,do you know where the kindergarten room is?"

"You're in kindergarten?"

"Why else would I ask you where the room is?"

"Oh. Sorry." The then full blonde looked away,tears forming in her eyes.

He reached for her shoulder,but the hallway was filled with sniffles and the echoing sound of her flats running towards the classroom.

"I'M SORRY!" The boy yelled,reaching out his arm.

A deep sign and some steps later, you would be inside the bright and noisy boxy kinda room.

"SHUT UP! YOU LITTLE DELINQUENTS!" Everyone sat down in .5 seconds,not willing to be sent to the principals office."In this class,we will have assigned seats. This is the order..." The redhead teacher trailed off, looking down at a yellow and green striped clipboard. "Let's see..At Table A will be...Roman,Lennox, Rebecca,and take your seats." Shuffling of little feet was heard as the children ran to get the seats they wanted. A smug Lennox smiled at her right and instantly frowned at her classmate on the left.

"Hello." The young one said awkwardly,waving his hand. She looked away,an obvious look of disdain on her face. "Listen,i'm sorry for the hallway. But me and you, we run this table. And if we let up,those IDIOTS will take our spots. Then we'll end up taking kindergarten over again. Is that really what you want?" Roman ended his speech with a glance towards Rebecca and Tyler,who were kneeling on their chairs,pencils in their noses,making goddamned OTTER noises.

"At least they know what an otter sounds like." Lennox caved and looked up at the smiling blonde boy.


"Ok,ok,we get it." They both plopped down in their seats,feet in front of them,with a disturbing kinda splat! sound.

"Nice." Roman said,watching them scramble to get their crayons out of their Dora and Diego backpacks.

"Thanks." Lennox said,blushing hard."I got it from my grandma. She does that to everybody at family reunions."

"Oh. Watch this." Roman grabbed a ruler from inside of someone cubby and broke it because he hit it so hard on the desk."INSIDE THE LINES!"

Table A managed to get their work for the day on Mrs. Crabtree's desk before 10:00 AM.

"Oh,gosh,this is AMAZING!SPECTACTULAR! I love you." She kissed Table A's foreheads and shouted to the rest of the class:No snack for you losers! ONLY FOR THE A TEAM!

The A Team? Possibly. Both of the little blonde smartie arties thought,rubbing their chins.

But there was one thing that they both knew-piled on top of all the others.

Kindergarten was gonna be a good year.

Yeah,man. Kindergarten was a good year.

If only they still had naps and dinosaur coloring in middle school.*sign*

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