First Days And New Appearances

"I wonder what ever happened to him." Lennox Scanlon, now 16, didn't realize she was talking out loud.

"What happened to who?" Her friend Drew asked,plopping a squat beside her best friend in 7th period English.

"No one." She looked away,knowing for sure that her friend since 2nd grade would be able to see her tells. But then again,turning her head was one of her tells. Dammit!

"You're lying. Who? And you're...glowing? I haven't seen you glow since they announced that Pluto wasn't a planet! What's up and what's his name. Bet you I can remember him." Drew say matter-o-factly, like she owns the entire place.

"You wouldn't. You guys were only in the same class once,in first grade. An experience which,sadly,I was excluded from." Lennox whispered as the teacher, , walked in.

"Well." Drew whispered out of the corner of her mouth,completely ignoring the chubby teachers introduction. "He's blonde. That's your type. And he's smart,too. That's your type,too. and blonde. Likes to take charge..." She trailed off,looking at the sky, even though it was being concealed by the chipping concrete ceiling.

"Wait! How'd you know all that? About my types and stuff?" Lennox looked down at her notebook, trying to create some espionage in this "secret" encounter.

"Please,that's how you would describe every guy you've dated. So...ROMAN!" Her voice rose a bit when proclaiming the name,and some people stared at her funny. She stared right back at them until they became uncomfortable and looked away,rubbing their neck,chin,and,hair,trying to forget the encounter had even encountered. "He is a nice choice,X. He's so incredibly crispy now! You and him could become the A Team again!" Drew looks excited, but the look of disbelief in Lennox's eyes tell her she's about to be shot down.

"It was kindergarten. No one got a ring in the end,for your information. And we can't be the A Team without Becca and Ty!" Saying her old frenemy's names reminded her-she had heard Aunt Mel talking about them to the head of education board. Oh,yeah, Becca and Ty now went to online high school because Becca got preggers with Ty's kid in the schools' Janitor's closet last year. Can anyone say lawsuit?

"Well,too bad,she's knocked up. And he couldn't possibly be any more obnoxious than he was back then." Lennox soon found out first hand just how wrong the Oriental girl was. Lennox accidentally bumped into him in the hallway and he was complete pain in the ass.

"WATCH IT,I GOT CLASSES TO GET TO!" His voice brings back memories from that first day of kinder, except something changed this time- he doesn't apologize. He doesn't go after her. She tried to convince herself,with tears forming in her eyes,that he would've treated her better if he knew who she was. In her defense, they did run Table A together for a whole 9 months!

"Xy? What's the matter?" Drew asked obviously at lunch time that same day, sinking her teeth into a burger.

"Nothing." The dirty blonde answered back to her best friend,her voiced cracked. Damned voice. Damned Roman. Damned Drew. Damned delicious Chick-Fil-Le, making her happy.

"It was him,wasn't it? The bastard!" Forever alone people who were obviously listening in on their conversation gasped. Such language. But Lennox wasn't phased. She understood Drew came from a background that required her to be tough on everyone and everything.

She was born on the southside of Brooklyn, New York. She was five when her brother died of mysterious causes. She was adopted by the McLean family of a suburb, but they soon labeled her as a piece of street garbage. She found out when she was 12 that her brother was still alive, but they refused to give her back. The two groups were now in an intense custody battle of the 15 year old girl.


"Oh, sweet baby the almighty Lennox turning down the chance to be right" Insert eye roll from Lennox herself here. "Man,you must really like him..." Drew popped a Molten Hot Wings Ruffles chip into her smirking mouth and suddenly cursed under her breath. "Damned Angry Birds. That's why my friend HERE is eating you." Lennox looked down at her Chick-Fil-Le for a moment, then sunk her teeth into one of many chicken nuggets. Too bad. Guess we know who really stole the eggs, huh?

"Whatever." She brushed it off nonchalantly, and popped one of her chicken nuggets in some honey mustard, then sandwiching it in between two chips. Drew laughed at her friends bad eating habits. "Whmat?"Lennox asked her, mouth full. Drew burst with uncontrollable giggles and Lennox smiled,with a closed mouth of course.

"I'M SORRY!" Roman had tried to call after her, but she was already gone. A sense of daja vu washed over him and suddenly he remembered her. He couldn't help but sing the A Team theme song. And he couldn't help but blush when his friends harassed him about it.

He couldn't help but feel almost STUPID-what a horrid word- to the fact that he had been so shocked at how much she had grown. I mean, she wasn't the gentle little Queen of Table A was Lennox. A fierce junior who now might have the slightest grudge against him. No problem. He could fix that,easy. Roman would just have to put his ear to streets and listen for the latest Lennox news.

God,when you say it like that, it sounds kind of stalkerish.

And that's Chapter Two! Sorry it took so long!